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Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are an essential for those who do hazardous work. For someone who is looking for a nice pair of safety gloves, they need not to look any further as Giftwrap has a good collection to offer. Giftwrap offers the Red PVC gloves, which are an open cuff and comes with smooth palms. These are ideal for construction and mining and they come in 120 pairs per box. The second are the red PVC gloves; these are an open cough and rough palm pair. There are 72 per pair. The third and final one is the chrome leather gloves. These are made out of leather and these are elbow length gloves. You can find at least 60 pair per box. Gloves are an ideal and should be worn any time and every time there is a danger to your hands. If you work in such an industry and want to wear something that ensures the safety of your hands, look no further and get one of the amazing gloves at Giftwrap. These gloves are affordable and ideal for day to day use.