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Supplier of Promotional Items

Giftwrap is South Africa's leading promotional items supplier and wholesaler of quality items and gifts. We offer a wide range of branded promotional goods that will suite your pocket and expectation. For the best in promotional items and gifts in South Africa. We deliver nationwide to your doorstep. We offer bulk order discounts - enquire online or through our call center. Our promotional items can be silk screened, pad printed, engraved and embroidered depending on the product. Visit our Home page here = GiftWrap

Promotional Gifts and Items for Your Business

Promotionial Items

Extensive and aggressive marketing is the need of the hour for business entities in this cut-throat competition in the market. Various marketing techniques and practices are applied by most of the business entities for promoting their brands and creating a particular image of their business. However, such techniques consume most of their budget.

Some routine ways of promotion and marketing include advertisement through print media, digital or online medium. However, one of the most effective and cheap ways of effective promotions comes in the form of promotional gifts. This is one such technique for the promotion of brands that has been popular with the marketers since quite a long time. Many companies have been using promotional items with their logos and names, often along with the taglines, imprinted on them as gifts to their clients and/or customers.

The reason because they work is that people simply love to receive gifts. Many small business owners tend to ignore the importance of this marketing and promotional technique as they feel it won't bring fruitful results for them. However, as a matter of fact, it can actually be an effective way of branding the name of the company and maintaining long term relations with the customers.

The impact of the promotional gifts on the customer depends a lot on the item gifted and its quality. A low standard item used as a promotional tool will not only leave a negative image but also hamper the chances of maintaining profitable relations with the customers. If you are looking for high on quality promotional gifts with branding customization at the most reasonable rates, Gift Wrap is your one-stop shop. You can get valuable promotional gifts for your customers in large quantities without burning a hole in your pocket.

Let's have a look at the reasons why Giftwrap is the best choice to get your promotional gifts for your business.

No Compromise on Quality

- The main objective of Gift wrap is to satisfy their customers with premium quality items that you can use for the branding of your business. All the products available at Giftwrap whether for the corporate, promotional or domestic purpose are made with high-quality material that makes them the most durable products.

Easy on Budget

- Buying items on Gift wrap on bulk will save you a lot of money. If you are starting up a business, you will need a good amount of promotional gifts for the promotion of your business and creation of an image. Hence, the best place to get the required items for promotion is, undoubtedly, Gift wrap as they are offering the most valuable promotional items at the most reasonable rates.

Quick Delivery of Promotional Items

- Gift wrap ensures that the products ordered by the customers reach them in quick time. They understand the importance and value of the time of their customers hence the items purchased by them are delivered as earliest as possible.


- Apart from gifts for promotional purposes, you can find various other items at Gift wrap that you can buy at the most reasonable rates. From domestic use items to corporate gifts, products from all the leading brands can be found on Gift wrap.


- Probably the best feature Gift wrap offers its customers is customized engraving or printing on the products. You can get the logo and name of your brand engraved on the products and use them for promotional purposes.

Read on to know some of the best products that you can get from Gift wrap at the most economical rates and use them for your brand's promotion.


You can get ashtrays in different styles, sizes, and designs with custom engravings from Gift wrap. From classy looking glass ashtrays to stainless steel ashtrays, Gift wrap has multiple products under ashtray category. You can select the type of ashtrays you want to gift your clients and/or customers and get them at the most reasonable rates from Gift wrap.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are one of those items that you can find in almost every household. They make for a very good way of promotion of your brand; you can get the logo of your brand imprinted on the bottle openers in different sizes, styles, and designs and gift them to your customers for the purpose of promotion.


Balloons make for a must-have decorated commodity in almost every party. They are mostly used for attracting the kids and enhancing the decoration. However, they can also be used effectively for the promotion of your brand. You can get balloons of different colors and sizes from Gift wrap and engrave the name of your brand on them.

Cell Phone Accessories

Almost everyone owns a cell phone these days and is using different accessories with them. From attractive back covers, cell phone protectors, and cell phone/I-pad stands you can find them all at the most reasonable rates on the Gift wrap. Get your logo and name of the company engraved on the accessories and use them as an effective mean of promotion.

Cricket Bats

Cricket is one of the most popular sports played across the globe. Gift wrap offers small wooden cricket bats with pad printing that you can use for promotional purposes.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras make for a great utility for those who cannot afford expensive digital cameras. They can be effectively used for capturing moments and making them into lifelong memories. Gift wrap offers its customers disposable cameras of different types that you can buy for promotional purposes.

Gift Boxes

Pretty looking and vibrant gift boxes can add to the value of gifts. Gift wrap offers its customers the most attractive boxes for packing the gifts. A huge variety of gift boxes is available at Gift wrap that you can use for your brand's promotional purposes. CD Gift box with dots, handmade polka dot box, Pen gift box, endowment gift box etc. are some of the varieties you can find at Gift wrap.

Jewelry Boxes

Women are never satisfied with the amount of jewelry they have. Jewelry boxes can come in really handy for organizing their jewelry properly. Gift wrap has numerous beautiful and classy jewelry boxes for women for keeping their jewelry in a safe and tidy manner. You can either buy a fold out jewelry box or two-compartment jewelry box with your brand's name engraved on them or use them for promotional purposes.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are used to freshen up the atmosphere and eliminate the bad odor. Gift wrap has Rose-Scented Car Vent Freshener and custom shaped air freshener for you to make a pleasant impression on your valued customer by using them as promotional gifts.

Belgian Chocolates

No one can resist chocolates. Belgian chocolate is something that no one can say no to. From the tempting soccer ball chocolate to delicious whistle chocolate, you can get them all from Gift wrap and use them as promotional items to be gifted to your customers and make long-term fruitful relations with them.

Beach Accessories

A trip to the beach is incomplete without certain beach accessories such as beach tents, mats, and buckets etc. These items need to be of the best quality for making your stay at the beach the best one. You can get the items mentioned above at the most reasonable rates. The beach tents are waterproof and made from high-quality material that makes them durable and long lasting. You can engrave the name of your brand on the beach accessories for spreading the name of your brand.

Book Lights

Gift wrap offers extremely handy and useful book lights to its customers. You can use them for reading your favorite book even when there is dim or no light. The book lights come in clip and power button that provides a dual function of handling the book in an effective way while making it easier to read. They can be used as an effective way of promoting your brand by printing/engraving your brand's name and/or logo in them.

Boot Organizers

Boot organizers make for a very useful commodity to organize your shoes in the best manner. You can easily arrange your collection of shoes in the variety of boot organizers available at the Gift wrap. Available in different styles, sizes, and designs, boot organizers offered by Gift wrap make for a perfect item to be used as promotional gifts for your brand.

Business Card Holders

With the advent of technology, most of the people are using smartphones for managing their business contacts. However, the importance of business cards is still prevalent and this is why business card holders can be the best way for promotion of your brand. You can get sleekly designed business card holders made of fine quality material from the Gift wrap at the most reasonable rates for the purpose of promoting your brand.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Eco-Friendly Gifts, undoubtedly, are the best way for brand promotion as they serve the dual function of spreading the name of your brand while preserving the atmosphere. Gift wrap has eco-friendly pens, gift bags, notepads, and shopping bags for its valued customers at the unimaginable low rates.

Electronic Candles

Electronic candles can not only be used to lighten up your rooms and create a certain ambiance but also be used as an effective mean of brand promotion. Operated by batteries, the everlasting candles can work for a lifetime. Gift wrap has beautiful red electronic candles made from wax that give them real like feel for its valued customers.

Hospitality Toiletries

Bath and body, dental floss, shaving kit, and toothbrush kits are the hospitality toiletries offered at the Gift wrap at the most economical rates. These items can be effectively used for the purpose of sustaining the customers and making long profitable relations with them.

Lip Stick Cases

A perfect gift for ladies, apart from lipsticks, can be attractive and accommodating lipstick cases. You can get fabulous lipstick cases with customized pad printing in red and black colors for the purpose of promoting your business in the most effective way. The lipstick case available at Gift wrap is also equipped with a mirror that makes them even more useful.


Every smoker has a lighter with them. You can gift your customers by getting classy and elegant looking lighters from the Gift wrap. This will not only be a useful commodity for them but will also make for a very effective way of promotion of your brand.

Logo Door Mats

Apart from offering the basic purpose of keeping the dirt and dust that comes with our shoes out of homes and/or offices, door mats can also serve as an effective mean of brand promotion. Logo door mats at the Gift wrap are specifically developed for this purpose. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles, you can get the name and logo of your brand customized on them and use them as promotional gifts.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are extremely popular with girls and kids alike. Christmas teddies, snowy teddies, teddy bears, lion soft toys and many other types of soft toys are available at the Gift wrap. They are made of 100% polyester and are available in different colors with the option of branding tags.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes make for an ideal way for organizing your stuff at home and/or your workplace. You can store the toys of your kids and other essentials in the storage boxes that you can get from the Gift Wrap. They can also come in really handy with their branding option to be used for promotional purposes for your business.

Apart from the products mentioned above, various other items are available at the Gift wrap that can be used as promotional gifts by the companies for gaining recognition. They are the best in business owing to their customer support services, quick delivery of products, and surprisingly low rates.