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We use flashlights for our homes and they are also kept in offices as well. Talking about Flashlights, Giftwrap offers five different types namely the Flash Light Torches, Headlamps, Lanterns, LED lamps and Maglite Torches. When it comes to Flashlight Torches, you can find the Black and Silver Hand Torch, the Dynamo Torch With Wrist Strap, Coast Torch and various others. Moreover, as far as the LED lamps are concerned, you can find the Multi Function LED Light, which is a white round multi function LED light that has 24 bulbs and with a hanging attachment. The LED light comes with batteries included. On the other hand, in the Headlamps category, you can find the 5 LED Headlamp which is a Black 5 Bulb LED headlamp that comes with an adjustable battery but the batteries are not included. The choice in Flashlights at Giftwrap is incredible and you can easily choose an item that suits your needs because there are so many options to skim through and choose from. The choice will ultimately be yours but know that every product offers a different purpose so make sure you are choosing your options wisely.