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For those who are looking for a nice jug, Giftwrap has an interesting collection to offer. We need jugs to place in our homes and offices alike and for those who want a nice jug, Giftwrap offers the jug carafe, milk jug and the 1 liter jug carafe. The 500 ml jug carafe is a simple jug that can be used as a beverage holder and has a wide bottom for you to enjoy more water in it. This is an ideal jug for day to day use and for pouring water and liquids. The other jug is the milk jug. This is a small sized milk jug ideal for home use. You can use this jug to pour milk, the choice is yours. Essentially, this is a ceramic milk jug that can hold milk and you can use it to pour it in your homes and offices. Finally, the jug carafe is a 1l glass carafe beverage holder that has a wide bottom. This jug is ideal for day to day use.