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With many years of experience in providing clients with relevant, useful and reliable promotional items and advice, GiftWrap has become South Africa’s biggest and most innovative promotional gift wholesaler, importer and manufacturer. We sell branded gifts online, making it easier than ever before to stock up on those premium corporate personalized gifts that are guaranteed to get people talking. And that is exactly what you want promotional products to do. Promotional items have a long history in the marketing profession and they remain as popular as ever. GiftWrap stocks the biggest selection of promotional items and we offer an additional service of adding personalized branding (including logos and details embroidered on products).

Why Promotional Gifts?

The meaning of personalised promotional gifts takes many forms. For some companies, the giving out of items to promote their company happens exclusively at events such as expos, trade shows, and the like, while other companies use these items as incentives all year round to attract potential business.

When people talk about corporate gifts or promotional items it means that something that a business gives a person for free, or as an incentive if they have purchased a certain product or used a specific service. There are many purposes attached to this practice, such as luring customers or promoting certain services or products, or as a way to thank loyal customers for their support.

What makes GiftWrap stand out as a top corporate and promo gift supplier is that we have an exceptionally vast range of products on offer, and we provide services to allow you to personally brand your promotional items. Branded incentive gifts have been proven to be exceptionally effective when it comes to marketing your business, which is why they are a smart investment to make.

The Most Successful Corporate Gifts Ideas

The number of items that can be used for the promotion of your business might seem staggering and it can be difficult to choose. What is important is to select promotional gifts that not only are something that will be liked by your clients, but which also reflects the image of your company or the industry that you are involved in. There are however a range of corporate gifts that have stood the test of time and which are popular year after year. Some of these are:

  • Caps
  • Chocolates
  • Conference Bags
  • Keyrings
  • Lanyards
  • Pens
  • Rulers
  • T-shirts
  • Shopper Bags
  • USB flash drives
  • Water bottles

What each of these items has in common is their ability to be successfully branded with your company logo, name or slogan. By taking advantage of GiftWrap extensive catalogue of products on offer and our branding services, it is possible to successfully promote your company. In this way, any potential or current customer who received these items will not only get something that they will like, but through customised branding, your promotional gift will remind them of your business every time they see or use it.

Premium Personalized Gifts for That Touch of Class

If you have loyal customers that have been with you for years and which have used your services or bought your products again and again, then you will want to reward them with something truly exceptional. In this case, a regular branded pen, mug or standard gift will not do. GiftWrap keeps an exceptional range of premium items that are perfect to give your more high-end clientèle.

Just some of the premium items you can choose are wine glasses, pamper gift sets, chocolates, conference bags and a whole lot more to show your appreciation to your customers. If you are having trouble deciding what would make a good product to choose, GiftWrap can help you select just what will fit with your business and which your client will love. Through our quoting we will help you get the best high-end executive gift to fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today!

Contact Us to Revolutionise Your Marketing!

Any business that wants to make an impact and stand out from their competitors in the modern marketplace needs to invest in promotional products. The good news is that we make it easy to find the right items to help you get a leg up on your competition. GiftWrap has years of experience in providing the best quality and top trending products, helping numerous companies make a memorable impression and to improve their business through smart promotional and corporate branding of the right promotional gifts.

Branded gifts are a proven tool in any businesses marketing strategy and they have become more and more popular for their effectiveness. This is especially true if companies take advantage of special occasions, holidays or anniversaries. However, they are also good to use as a continued marketing item to lure and keep customers. What makes them so exceptional is their ability to create a positive relationship with your client from the start who will love to receive them.

The 3 Secrets to Promotional Product Success

Every company that has successfully promoted themselves through the giving out of free products knows that there are three important things that changes the gift from just a gimmick into an exceptional marketing tool. At GiftWrap we have seen our loyal and returning customers used these three important factors again and again. They are:

One: Make sure that your promo item is memorable. This is very important and you should choose what you want to give to your clients with care. Offering something that is unique is one factor to make it memorable, and the second is to ensure that it is distinctly recognisable as coming from your company. This is where properly branding your promo item with your company logo, slogan or name is so important and will make sure that your client will be reminded of your business every time they see or use it.

Second: Gone are the days when you could just give out a flyer or business card to attract a client, as the modern day customer wants something that is useful to them. The most effective gifts are things that your customer will want to use over and over again such as pens, drawstring bags, mugs and more. If you give your customers something that is sure to be useful they will want to receive it, making it a great incentive for them to use your services or buy your products.

Thirdly: The third factor for a successful marketing campaign is to continue to give promotional items to your clientèle. This is so that they not only are lured to your company, but are also enticed to continue to do business with you. This can be done through loyalty rewards, items to celebrate special events and anniversaries, or promotions on certain services and products. GiftWrap has such a large array of products on offer that you are truly spoilt for choice and can get exactly what you need to, as well as customise your branding to take full advantage of these three important aspects of successful promotional marketing.

The Power of a Branded Business Gift

Did you know that it has been proven that if a person receives a branded corporate gift from a company that they will think positively about them each item the see it? Branded corporate tailored made gifts can take many shapes. Branding can be printed on gifts such as pens, water bottles and flash drives, and they can also be embroidered onto t-shirts, caps, jackets and scarves, as well as a whole lot more. Companies all over the world know the importance of using branding to help their business grow, and it has become the number one way to lure and keep customers in the modern global marketplace.

Branding can take many forms in order to make an impression. What is important is to take advantage of the promo mechanise on offer to select what best suits your company in look as well as its ability to be customised with your company’s logo, name or slogan. As a wholesaler, GiftWrap has the advantage of having a truly phenomenal range of products on offer that are of the best quality and at great prices. This allows you to factor in your needs for truly memorable product marketing items, as well as the budget that allows you to cost-effectively take advantage of this successful way to promote your business.

Contact us today to find the best promotional personal branded items and start benefiting from this proven successful approach to marketing!

Use The Power of Promotional Gift Giving

The history of using promotional gifting both personalised and unbranded, dates back to the 1900s. For the last centuries, business owners have played around with different techniques and the popularity of certain products over others has shifted and changed as industries and technology has evolved. What was evident from the start was the moment business started to give people something that they would like and which had their company name on it, it would immediately create interest and affect the growth of their business positivity. This is because people have always enjoyed getting things for free, especially if they are useful.

However, it is not just about marketing, as promo gifts can really change the way that you do business by having a profound effect on the way that you interact with your clients and reward them. Building a good relationship with your client base, especially when done through the giving of gifts, is the best way to show customers that their support is appreciated and to let them know that they are important. Through using the services of a wholesaler, such as GiftWrap, it is possible to use this tool in a cost-effective way, allowing you to take your customer services and relationship further, allowing you to be on the forefront of your place in the industry.

What makes us so exceptional is that we know the importance of specialised gifts to help your businesses boost its presence within the modern marketplace. For over a decade GiftWrap has provided the items of an exceptional quality and at competitive prices to allow companies to be able to take full advantage of our range and branding services to change the way they do marketing.

But Firstly, What Are Business Gifts?

A business gift is considered any item that a company gives to their client for free. No matter what it is, it becomes a promotional item. The most obvious of these are of course the ones that have been customised with the company’s personal branding. These times of items are also the most effective to use as a marketing tool to continue to remind your customer of your business.

Why Do Businesses Give Promotional Products?

Giving our promotional products has been proven to be the best way by far to spark the interest on new customers, and as a way to reward loyal clients, as well as encourage them to use other services or buy certain products. A great thing about giving out promotional gifts and branded corporate items is that it can be done in a way that is affordable for your business. This is because there is such a large range available, and by perusing through GiftWrap’s extensive online catalogue, you are sure to find something to fit your needs and your budget, from small items such as keyrings, lanyards, USBs pens, to shopper bags, umbrellas, banners and a lot more items of various sizes.

When a company gives gifts it becomes a very important part of their marketing strategy. So not only are you showing your gratitude, but you are also giving your marketing a massive boost. These products are great for branding and go a long way in making your company as a well-known name. This benefit can only be enjoyed when you have branded the item you are giving. At GiftWrap, we supply both new items as well as ones that have been proven to be effective again and again. Through our products and services, you have the perfect opportunity to be creative in a way that is going to make a lasting impression.

The Power of Branding

Adding a few details to the products you give away can make a huge impact. Research has shown that company branding on a promo gift makes it exceptionally more effective as it will make sure that your company is not forgotten. This type of marketing is effective, but only when done right. If you need help with your branding, we can assist you both in the selection of your promotional and corporate gift, as well as with the design of your branding to ensure it is as effective as possible to make a memorable impression.

A Few Reasons to Give Promotional Items...

Companies will always benefit by giving gifts, provided that they are chosen carefully, are of a good quality and are branded with their logo, name or slogan. This is especially true if they are purchased in a cost-effective way through a wholesaler such as GiftWrap. Just some of these benefits include:

  • You will see a noticeable increase in your brand awareness and recognition, helping to improve your company’s standing in the modern competitive market.
  • The promo item you have given your client will be a constant reminder of your business and your relationship with them. This is especially true if the item is branded.
  • It is proven that giving your costumers something for free creates a positive relationship and creates an impression that the company is successful as they are willing to spend money to get more business.
  • Branded corporate gifts are much more cost-effective than other marketing campaigns such as online advertising, video commercials and print media, especially when bought in bulk from a wholesaler such as GiftWrap.

Shopping for Business Gifts Online

As professional corporate gift and promotional item supplies, GiftWrap has an extensive range of products on offers to allow you to find exactly what you need. Our extensive catalogue, listed prices and quality system has been designed to make getting your promo items and branded mechanise as hassle-free as possible. As a wholesaler, we specialise in offering larger quantities of products of a great quality and at the best prices. We are also constantly researching the market and keeping an ear out for the latest items that are trending in the international market to allow our customers to get ahead of their competitors. Contact GiftWrap today and change the way that you do your marketing.

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