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Why do we need a raincoat? Well, we need a raincoat for a range of purposes but one of the main ones is to protect ourselves from rain. If you have been on the lookout for a nice raincoat, look no further as Giftwrap has the rain suit to offer. The rain suit is made out of polyester which means that it will be able to withstand water and temperature. Moreover, it comes with a jacket and a concealed hood so you can wear the jacket at any time and the hood and be sure that you will be protected from the water. The rain suit is a complete one with stud on cuffs and two front pockets so you can easily put your hands in the pockets and get going! There are also a proper section for the legs and the torso so you can see and assess the raincoat and then wear it accordingly. For those who need a nice raincoat, the one at Giftwrap is an excellent choice because not only is it affordable, it allows you to get full protection from rain.