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We need hangers for a range of purposes but primarily, we need them to hang our clothes right. If we are talking about hangers, then the collection at Giftwrap is one that we cannot miss out on. Giftwrap offers the natural trouser hanger, which is a natural hanger with a non slip bar that will ensure that your pants are hung right. It comes with a silver accessory and is available in a natural color. The second is the unstained natural lotus wood trouser hanger. This is an unstained natural lotus wood trouser that comes with a non slip bar so it is ideal for hanging your clothes and making sure that they don't slip. Finally, Giftwrap offers the mahogany and matt finish suit hanger. The mahogany matt finish suit hanger comes with a non slip bar and silver accessory which ensures that your clothes never slip off. Choose your pick of hangers at Giftwrap and you won't be let down with the results. Please browse through the items below. If you are interested click the "Request Quotation" link next to each item. A customer service consultant will contact you with a quote. Price estimate excludes branding, VAT and volume discounts apply.