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Custom Wholesale Bags & Folders

Having a bag is important; they’re the things that keep our lives with us. When we visit another country or simply go and wait at an internet café we take them with us. So, when we say that placing your brand image on a bag can help you spread the word and bring in new customers, we really aren’t lying.
There are a million varieties of corporate and promotional bags to choose from, everything from simple plastics that are meant to be used once or twice to full leather bags that will last a lifetime. Our range of bags includes everything, we only stock the best and the bags you see here can all be branded in a number of ways.

Folder bags and bags that fold

The full range of bags we have includes simple folders, sleeves to full backpacks that can be modified to show anything you want. These are important when you have a corporate event of any size. Imagine having a summit of 1000+ people and they all walk out with your brand in their hands.

We always start with the simple first, the things that are disposable or are used primarily in the office that will be present but never overwhelming in the day to day grind. Starting this way means that you can be present without being overwhelming or over branding your image to your customers.

File holders, plastic bags and storage compartments

One of the things that no one ever considers is the humble file folder, or for that sake the files themselves, when setting up a new office space. Entering a new business before they even have their own logo or brand image properly set up will ensure a never ending loyalty.

Our A4 folders and files can be branded in multiple ways and they can help to push your image ever further into the world. Your own office can gain a uniform look and you will be present in your clients’ mind whenever they make a new file or go to a meeting. To create more ease for you brand to spread, our selections are both functional and sleekly designed.

Your own office can also benefit from having branded file sleeves, branded A4 folders and branded book covers. It is simple to create an effective brand image when your clients, new or old, enter your office and they know that your brand is well designed and ready to leave an impression.

Bagging your bags and coolers with the right branding

There are many ways to start travelling across the world, we say why not let your brand travel the world for you. Placing a logo on a high quality backpack can be the difference of being forgotten when a client leaves an event or being remembered fondly years from now.

Our range of bags includes everything from cooler bags, backpacks, toiletry bags and sports bags. This means your logo can be seen all the way from campgrounds to events held at sports grounds around the world.

We highly recommend having several branded backpacks handy in any office; this is owing to the bags being handy when you have to travel somewhere and being loved by anyone that might receive them. Your clients might use them in their everyday travels or simply remember your brand, owing to the backpack being a part of their collection.