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Wearing pullovers has always been a popular choice and if you are somebody who wants to enhance his collection of pull overs, the choice of pullovers at Giftwrap are an interesting find. Giftwrap offers Laurence pull over and the sleeveless knitted pull over. The former is a 10 gauge acrylic that is also very light weight and has a very soft feel. The latter is a 10 gage acrylic yarn with a double ribbed neck line and a decent waist and cuff. Both pullovers can be worn whenever you want irrespective of how cold it is because their material is such that you can wear the pullovers around and you won't feel uncomfortable. In addition, the price of both pullovers is very affordable so the idea is that you not only get quality but you also get affordability with these pull overs. If you have been on the lookout for nice pull overs, you probably don't need to look any further because the collection at Giftwrap is probably all you need. Both pull overs can be purchased in bulk and you can easily choose to buy them in large quantities and it won't be a problem.