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Price Guarantee

We check prices of thousands of promotional companies every day. We make sure you get value for money when you are buying from us. Our team wants to make your shopping experience stress-free. Our goal is offer our customers the most competitive pricing. Along with this, we aim at providing the best service in the industry.

  • We are convinced we that you won’t find any promotional company offering you lower price than us. In case you do, we will provide you discount for the price difference. But the discount for the price difference will only be sent after we have confirmed the price with our competitor.
  • Here are some requirements that must be met. The product on the competitor’s website must be in stock. It must be available in the same color, size, and condition.
  • We require you to provide us a competitive quotation that is up to date and valid.
  • The price must not be lower due to any advertising error, special sale price or misprint.
  • Our price guarantee must be made before your purchase.

How to Claim Your Price Guarantee

In order to request the price guarantee, you can email our customer service representative. You must provide us:

  • Product name
  • Name of the company
  • Price of the product on competitor’s site
  • URL of the webpage that displays the price of the product.

Our team will then verify the price and availability of the product. After the verification of the price and availability, we will inform you. If your claim is valid then we will issue you a discount voucher for the price difference.