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Promotional Banners, Flags & Gazebo's

Staying in the minds of people that interact with your brand is always important; a good way of doing this is with subtle hints like pens or notebooks. However, sometimes you need to shout where your brand is when mixed among a hundred other brands.
In a situation where everyone has to know where you are and what your brand represents a banner, gazebo, tablecloth, welcome mat and flag will clearly send the message. Our range is large and catered to your needs. Browse through our range, choose how you want your brand to be seen next and send through a quick quotes form to one of our consultants.

Creating an immediate recognition of your brand

We’ve all been to conferences and expo’s where hundreds of companies are trying to grab your attention. These can be confusing, too colourful and busy for most. Trying to make your brand stand out in a sea of colours like this can be even more difficult.

However, GiftWrap has an effective solution to this, using bunting to guide people in your direction and then having eye-catching gazebos, flags and tables with your brand on full display. This technique gathers people to your brand and allows you to easily identify who you are and why your brand is better than the rest.

The clearest way to start

With any large branding opportunity it’s important to create a clean and brand strong location. This is why having a few Gazebos with your brand image on is vital; they can be used to store items, create a layout for your entire stand or show where the end of a marathon is.

Branded gazebos are easily recognisable and reusable at any event, our list of gazebos contains lightweight and easy to assemble parts that withstand the African sun or chilly Tiffindell snow. The next step in creating your own branded area is choosing a set of flags to line the entrance of the event or just your stand.

Our flags come in all shapes, sizes and variations, choosing the ones that fit your image is vital and our consultants would be able create the perfect set of flags for you. The list is long, ranging from small desk flags, larger rally flags or just traditional flags that like to wave in the wind.

Your brand can be waving in the wind, seen by thousands of people or simply stand on the desk of a corporate partner after a long event. These simple, yet effective ways of spreading your brand is always a popular option. However, having a gazebo and a marked location is more than just awareness, having a clean, well thought out, layout is important.

For the last step in creating a perfect, well seen, brand image that grabs the attention of anyone that sees you, we recommend having branded table cloths. Our table cloths come in three distinct shapes, round, square and rectangular. These can all be branded or left plain in the colours that best suit your brand image.

By using these steps to build your brand image further, you are on the way to making a unique impact on any potential clients.

Creating a memorable experience

When it comes to being remembered by your current clients and grabbing the attention of potential new clients there are several tricks to being effective. Two of our favourite tricks are giving away small desktop flags and well-placed branded mats.

Our list of branded door mats and desktop flags provides you with options in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These provide the perfect combined brand image for your company.