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Lanterns serve to be another great item which essentially must become a part of your promotional campaign. We see the lanterns being used at various occasions. All the avid campers carry these lights with them and they also provide great usage in the case of an unexpected power cut. There are three different kinds of lanterns available at Giftwrap which come with distinct features and you can choose any according to their features and the price on which they are offered. Giftwrap has a mini hand lamp which comes with a LED flashlight and has a black plastic base. There are three AAA batteries included in it as well. The pop up camping lamp is an ideal accessory for all the campers out there so if most of your clientele constitutes people who love being outside their homes then definitely go with this lantern. Coming at a very reasonable price, this one also has a rubber finish and comes with a LED magnifier. The last lantern offered by Giftwrap is of the highest quality and has 6 LED lights. The handle makes it easy to carry this type of lantern and the best part is that it comes with a solar panel and does not run on the batteries.