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Platter Dishes

Looking for platter dishes? Want to set up your kitchen with the right items? If you are looking for platter dishes, you need not to look any further as Giftwrap offers a range of platter dishes for you to enjoy. The first is the classic oval platter; a classic platter dish with a narrow rim and a 290 mm oval shape. Ideal for day to day use, this platter is a must have for serving. The second is the platter dish with divisions. This platter dish comes with the right divisions for you to separate the food that you are giving to the user. The measurements of the platter dish are 320mm x 95mm x 25mm. Slightly more advanced than the first one, this platter dish is a must have if you want something fancy to serve your food. Finally, Giftwrap offers the small retro platter dish. This platter dish does not have compartments so you cannot separate the food but it is still a fancy one. You can choose to get 1 to full color printing on it, the choice is yours. This new retro platter dish measures 300 mm x 200 mm and is ideal for every day use. Get one of the platter dishes at Giftwrap and start serving your food right!