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Fruit Bowls

The list of your crockery in incomplete without a fruit bowl. Like all other food items, you need to have something interesting for fruit presentation too. Gift-wrap offers two different type of fruit bowls which will give a complete look to your dinner table. The first one is stain less steel fruit bowl lotus that comes in silver colour. The second one is a cocoon shaped fruit bowl. Get the one you like from Gift-wrap. Crockery is an important item in every household and office. When it comes to fruit bowls, these are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Giftwrap offers high-quality, attractive fruit bowls. What makes them different from others is that these are made up of aluminium. The metal adds a fascinating shine to it. It also makes them unbreakable and durable. You can buy minimum of 10 bowls. These bowls are suitable for all types of fruits. Available color is silver. To customize it your way, you can add engraving. It can be a logo, your name, a quote or an acronym of your choice. It's good to customize, if buying as a gift.