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Foam Cups

Carrying liquid is no easy feat and we always have to be sure that we are carrying it the right way. If you are looking for a nice foam cup, Giftwrap offers nice ones in different sizes. The first is the 175 ml cup that can hold coffee and tea up to that size. It is available in different colors and you can choose to get one without the lid. The second is the 250 ml cup which can hold 250 ml worth of coffee or tea. The cup can be bought with an additional lid. Moreover, there are various colors to choose from so the choice is ultimately yours. The third one is the 350 ml cup. The 350 ml cup can hold both coffee, tea or any liquid. It is available with lids and in different colors. You can choose to get it the way you want. These cups are still ideal for your daily usage of carrying liquid in any form it may be. Giftwrap'scollection of liquid mugs are an ideal choice for your day to day usage. Replace your glasses with these disposable glasses and simplify things for yourself.