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Flashing Wristbands

Want a flashy wrist band that you can boast in front of your loved ones? Want something that you can use in your office as well? If you are looking for a flashing wristband, look no further as Giftwrap offers the safety flashing arm band. This is a safety band that comes with an adjustable arm strap, Velcro fastener and is a flashing arm band that comes with an on and off button. Use the flashing wrist band at Giftwrap and start flashing today. Giftwrap brings a unique, vibrant flashing wristband for you. Promotional gifts are an important part of any marketing strategy. While promoting new items, business trade fairs, events, marketing functions and festivals work great. Safety flashing arm bands are cool and fun to wear. These are available in white color. The adjustable arm strap makes it easy to fit on all wrist sizes. A Velcro fastener helps keep it tight and set nicely. There is on and off push button for convenience of the user. The quantity of minimum order is 50. It's a small item with various features. It's surely a must-have accessory for kids and teens. Request a quote now and place the order.