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Candy Bowls

Candy bowls enhance the look of your centre or side table. They are the biggest attraction for kids as well. The candy bowl offered by Gift-wrap is cocoon shaped. It is made up of high quality aluminium. Place it at the centre of the dinner table and it will be a great attraction to kids and adults. It also the best way to present candies. A great decoration piece for your center table is a candy bowl. Kids love that kind of candy bowls and you can use them for your big parties. These bowls not only attract kids but adults as well. Giftwrap offers you a cocoon shaped candy bowl made from aluminum. Its original color is silver. It also comes with the facility of engraving. You can engrave any line on it. This can also be a great gift for your dear friend. And the best part is you can have this piece at an affordable price. Trust us, your friends will love this bowl if you gift them with the engraving of their favorite line or their names.