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Braai Lighters

When you're out on an adventure with your friends or family and you decide to camp the night out an extremely serene and peaceful spot – you would certainly need something to light your campfire. In such cases, a product which can be extremely helpful is a firelighter. A firelighter is a portable solid tube of fuel, which allows you to replace the old and traditional kindling method to make a fire; and helps in making fire in a blink of an eye. However, why don't you get a personalized firelighter for yourself? Let Giftwrap help! We have a diversified list of personalized firelighters, which can be given as a gift or can be used as a marketing strategy to promote your brand. With three different metal firelighters in our range, our products child-proof and flexible firelighters; which can help you start a fire even in the harshest environments. We also have an aluminum refillable firelighter, which provides you with the opportunity to save costs on buying a firelighter again and again. So, if you're looking to promote your brand through our customized firelighters, or you want to gift something engaging to a loved one – our personalized firelighters can be the best option you have!