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Your customers won’t stop talking about these promotional gifts

The ultimate goal of any company that invests part of its budget in promotional gifts is to buy those gifts that their customers are not going to stop talking about and that they are not going to throw away. The longer your customers keep your gift, the more of an impact your gift is going to have. We have done a bit of research to determine exactly which gifts will get people talking the most, and here is the list that you should consider when you are buying promotional gifts.

  1. A stress ball

Who doesn’t have stress these days? The stress ball is one of the most popular gifts to give and they are so easily customised to suit your business. Does your company have a mascot or other type of character attached to the logo? You can easily have the face printed on a stress ball, or you can take it in another direction by having a villainous figure placed on the ball, a proper bad guy to take their stress out on. Not matter what you choose to feature on your stress ball, make sure that it is memorable as that is the best way to get people talking.

Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
  1. Games or toys

Even adults enjoy games and toys, so you won’t be going wrong by giving them such a promotional gift. If you want to really wow your market then you can unleash your creativity and create a game that is unique to your company. Customised games, perhaps even with their own rules and characters, are going to be spoken about by your customers. If you are able to make that extra step and unleash your creativity, then you are sure to cement your company in the memory of your clients.

  1. Shopping bags

No matter how many of these bags a person has, it never really feels like enough. How often do you finish your shopping, head to the till and then get agitated with yourself because you have forgotten your shopping bags in the boot of your car? Shopping bags make fantastic corporate gifts; they are easily customised and will always come in useful. These bags can also have custom images printed on them and they are available in different colours. And one of their biggest attributes is that they are cheap and can be bought in bulk, so your company will not be breaking the bank with these promotional gifts.

  1. Multifunctional gifts

A keying that doubles as a flash light? Perhaps a Swiss Army Knife? Multifunctional gifts are among the best gifts to give and they are sure to spark an interest in your clients and therefore keeping the dialogue going, long after you have given the gift.

You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
  1. T-Shirts

The personalised T-Shirt is certainly up among the most popular gifts that you can give. Depending on what you print on the shirt, your customers are going to love having a custom T-Shirt and because they will love the shirt, they will wear it for as long as they have it. Interesting clothing is also a great conversation starter.

GiftWrap continues to stock a wide variety of promotional gifts, and with the option of customising the gifts made available, you are sure to give those gifts that will make the biggest impact.

Promotional items to build relationships with clients

There are many mistakes that you can make when you are using promotional items as part of your marketing campaign. And sometimes it is those very mistakes that can end up damaging the benefits that you would normally enjoy when giving promotional gifts. Giving corporate gifts can sometimes be given the wrong way, for instance, the gift might be too impersonal. The gift that you give can scream the wrong message if you haven’t given it the right way or if you haven’t given it to the right person. This is why those who work in the industry of promotional items have done plenty of research to find out the best ways to give promotional gifts and the most common mistakes that you can avoid.

Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift
Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift

Give the right gift, the right way and watch your client relationships blossom

Giving a gift that is too impersonal or that is perhaps inadvertently offensive, can destroy the entire purpose of giving the gift. One of the biggest mistakes that we make when giving promotional items is to give gifts that are not what our clients want but that are rather what we would want to receive.

One of the biggest mistakes is when we think that we while we would like to receive the gift, others would also be happy to receive such a gift. But oftentimes our tastes are not at all the same as those to whom we are giving the gift. You might like to receive chocolate, but there are those who are not so excited about receiving such tasty treats. This is not just a mistake that businesses make, it is also a mistake that we make when giving gifts to family and to friends.

The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items
The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items

There is so much more to consider than just giving gifts. There is a whole lot of background information that you will also need to consider. Giving promotional gifts is not so much about giving an actual gift than it is about the message that will come along with the gift.

The biggest goal is going to be the return on investment on your promotional goods

The lasting impression is what you need to be aiming for. You need to make sure that your gift giving is all about making that lasting impression that is going to get the client buying from you. With promotional gifts, it is important that you go back to the number one reason why gifts are given.

By taking the time to make the right choice and by being willing to spend the right amount of money on the right gift you will be giving the right recipient the most perfectly chosen gifts. And you can get the best advice when you are buying gifts from the best promotional gift shop in South Africa. GiftWrap has a wide selection of the best promotional items and they are all available at the most affordable prices. 

Get the most out of giving promotional gifts by using these 3 techniques

Whenever you are in the business of giving promotional gifts, you have to make sure that you are getting the most out of the gifts.

Corporate gifts can be pricey and when they are not given correctly they can actually have the opposite effect to what you are expecting. You need to get the most out of the promotional gifts that you are investing in, so it goes without saying that any advice given to help you make the most of your gifts is going to be worth listening to.

Make the most out of the promotional gifts you give
Make the most out of the promotional gifts you give

Luckily over many years of doing research, those working within the marketing industry have identified the 3 sure fire ways that you can use to get the most out the gifts that you plan to give, and a lot has to do with not only what you are giving but also the way that you are giving it.

It is a good idea to skip the overused branded pens and to rather go for the more memorable corporate items. While not everyone has the kind of budget that is going to be able to suit pricey purchases, you can make an impact by not giving predictable gifts.

The three ways you can be sure to get the most out of your corporate gifts

  1. Think big, and give yourself

Sometimes when giving promotional gifts you might be thinking on a grander scale and want to contribute to gifts that are going to be given to the entire company of staff. But this can be next to impossible when a company has a great amount of employees. So have you had a look around your own shop? You might have enough spare stock to tuning into gifts and then you can make the gifts personal by just paying a small amount to have your branding engraved onto it.

On the other hand, you might be a company that is unable to give products from stock simply because your company offers services instead of actual products. In this case, why not offer those important clients a free service instead of an actual promotional product? You have options, and some of those options can do wonders for your gifts, making them that little bit more special.

  1. Make sure that the gifts you are giving are useful

It might sound as if we are beating a repetitive drum with this particular tip, but this is one factor for successful gift giving that remains so important that it is worth mentioning every time. When you give a promotional gift that has an actual purpose then you are definitely going to find that they make an impact. Never give cheap, useless gifts that are going to get thrown away immediately after being received.  There are a few gifts that you cannot go wrong with, one being stationary and another being electronics.

  1. Actual gifts are better than food

It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing
It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing

Sure a gift here and there of chocolate or a bottle of wine is going to be well received and appreciated but the real value lies in giving your valuable clients something that is going to stay with them, rather than be consumed and forgotten.

Gifts have plenty of value and should not be left out of your marketing campaign. Be sure to only give the best quality gifts in order to get the most out of them. Contact GiftWrap to find out more about how the best promotional items to give.

Promotional items you should know how to use before giving

Companies that spend part of their budgets on promotional items enjoy a lot of success. But what happens when you give a gift that you have no idea how to use? And what’s worse is, what if you give that gift and then the customer asks you how to use it but you don’t know how to? You don’t need that type of embarrassment in your life and the last thing you need is for your customers to think that you don’t know what you are talking about. The giving of the promotional gift has as much power as the gift itself. You want your gift to make the bigger impact and in order to do this, you need to educate yourself about your gifts before you start. Giving corporate gifts is an art, and you can start perfecting your art by knowing what you are giving.

Here are a 2 promotional gifts that you should learn to use before giving:

The Boomerang

Boomerangs are interesting promotional items
Boomerangs are interesting promotional items


They already look rather odd, but if you have watched enough movies you are likely to have seen the boomerang being used. It flies smoothly through the air, does a turn and flies all the way back to your hand. But that is not always the case. You have to know how to use it in order for it to work correctly. So…

Step 1: Focus on the wind direction

Step 2: Grip one side

Step 3: Release it with a spin to the side of the wind (not directly into the wind, throw it at a 45-degree angle). The spin is very important, think of it almost as throwing a rugby ball. It will turn midair on its own. Remember not to throw the boomerang aggressively, it is a calm but firm toss.

Step 4: Watch it cut through the air and prepare to catch it before it hits you.

With the boomerang, practice makes perfect. Give it a few tries before you attempt to show a customer and be sure there is wind. If you are able to accomplish the throw and catch, your clients will be impressed.

The Compass

Figure out how the compass works before you give it as a gift. Teaching your clients how to use compass might just impress them
Figure out how the compass works before you give it as a gift. Teaching your clients how to use compass might just impress them

It might seem as if it is very easy to use a compass successfully, you might still see people walking around completely confused with a  compass balancing on their outstretched palm, not exactly understanding what they are looking for or which direction they are going. Luckily we don’t depend on compasses as much anymore, but having the knowledge of how to use a compass is still pretty valuable. So…

Step 1: Hold the compass in the palm of your outstretched hand. It needs to be held flat so that the needle can turn.

Step 2: Orientate yourself by determining which direction you are facing. First, turn the degree dial until the arrow lines up with the magnetic arrow so that both are facing north. Once this is done, unless you are already facing north, you should be able to determine the direction you are facing.

Step 3: Work out your degrees by checking the degree marker. You can find this by looking at where the travel arrow is pointing. Once you have your bearings you will be able to use a map to navigate.

Those who are going to be receiving your promotional items will receive a lasting impression if you are able to show them how the gift actually works. At Gift Wrap, you can find a number of interesting promotional gifts all at affordable prices.

The 5 factors that make promotional items awesome

So you are stuck with ideas for promotional items? When it comes to choosing the right branded promotional items to give to clients it can sometimes become problematic, especially if you have never had to make such a decision before. Taking some time to think about the promotional gift you want to give to your loyal clients can make a difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. Promotional items are always going to be a great option for those who want to make an impact on their business. But some promotional gifts are able to make more of a meaningful impression than others because they have a few meaningful factors that make them stand out. Memorable gifts are usually going to be those that are kept for a long time. The longer a gift is kept the longer it has an influence. So having some background information about what makes a promotional item great can benefit your company.

It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts
It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts

Without further ado, here are the 5 factors that make certain promotional items awesome!

  1. They are absolutely unique

Anything that is designed to be memorable is going to be unique. Like most things in life, it has to be different in order to stand out. The more unique the gift is the more effective the branding is going to be. If you want your promotional item to stand out among the hundreds of other promotional gifts that a person might receive, then you have to make sure that the promotional item is unique. Now is the perfect time to think out of the box and be creative.

  1. Make sure to place your branding

If you don’t have branded corporate gifts then you have certainly wasted your time and your money. The one thing that is going to link the gift to your company after you have given it is the branding that you have placed on it. Each time a person sees your branding they are going to remember who you are and this might encourage them to support you.

Even if you are giving something as simple as a post-it note, make sure your branding is on it
Even if you are giving something as simple as a post it note, make sure your branding is on it
  1. Don’t give a cheap looking gift

You want your customers to want to proudly use the gift. Why? Because when people are proud to use the product no matter where they are, more people are going to be seeing the product and the branding. If your product looks tacky or cheaply made, then those who receive it are unlikely to use it outside of the comforts of their homes. Tacky or cheap gifts are not likely to be creative so you are going to have to be unique to make that impact.

  1. Pick something that is going to be long lasting

Research has proven that those gifts that last long are more successful than those gifts that last a few weeks and are then thrown away. Perishable gifts are a great choice when you want to make an instant impact, but should you want to make a lasting impression, give a long lasting gift.

  1. Give an interactive gift

Imagine a corporate gift that you can build yourself. Sometimes, when those who receive a gift have to assemble it themselves or have to do something to it, such as opening and drinking that wine, the gift can make a bigger impact.

And there you have it! These 5 factors should be kept in mind the next time you are thinking about giving promotional items. At GiftWrap, we have a number of promotional items that you can use to give your company a promotional advantage.

Best promotional gifts to give to men

No promotional item should be given without first considering who is going to be receiving the gift. The biggest impact that you can make with promotional gifts is by giving the right gift to the right person. When you are thinking about giving away promotional gifts, the first thing that you should consider is the gender of the person who will be receiving the promotional item. Men and women have very different tastes, so it is important to make sure that you give the right kind of gift to the right person in order to ensure that you make that big impact that will encourage people to continue supporting your business.

Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts
Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts

Are you going to be giving out promotional gifts to a male target market but you have no idea where to start looking for that ideal promotional item? Let this guide help you make the right decision.

  1. Every man deserves a Swiss Tool

With a pliers, screwdriver, scissors, wire cutter, saw, and a number of other wonderful gadgets, this is one of those ultimate gifts for men. You never know when you might need to have a tool set available, and having an all in one tool set is a wonderful thing as you will not have to walk back and forth to the tool box. Giving a Swiss Tool gift is an incredible way to make an impact on your male market. Think about giving this type of promotional gift when you are looking to make a great impression.

  1. For those who are about to braai

There are some very nice braai tools on the market these days and they can make a wonderful impression on your male market. Most men love to braai and giving them some grand braai tools that are not only exclusively theirs but which are going to be a great addition when hosting a braai, is fantastic starting point in your corporate item marketing. Braai tool sets, braai gift packs and classy carving knives make for wonderful gifts.

  1. A great quality wallet

Every man needs a wallet. But finding the right wallet is not always an easy task. Why not make the lives of your male clients a little bit easier by giving them a wallet? A leather wallet, embossed with your company’s logo or other details is going to be a constant reminder of who the gift is from. This is just one of the many things that can help to make a promotional gift a success.

Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
  1. Always have an eye on the time

Very few businessmen are going to go about their daily business without a watch. When you give away a quality watch as a promotional gift, you can be sure that your gift will be well received. To really treat your special clients to a wonderful gift, consider giving them a great looking, good quality watch.

At GiftWrap we cater to all types of people and all types of tastes. Within our collection of gifts, you are sure to find those ideal promotional gifts that are going to utterly spoil your clients and encourage them to buy more from you.


Using promotional items at festivals

Each year festivals throughout South Africa play host to thousands of excited festival goers. The electric atmosphere of the various festivals that are held throughout the country is enough to give those who attend some serious, positive vibes and memories that will last for many years to come. For a company that is serious about marketing, festivals provide the perfect setting in which to boost their brands and to distribute promotional items while they are doing so.

Festivals such as Afrika Burn could be great places to give away promotional items.
Festivals such as Afrika Burn could be great places to give away promotional items.

Imagine having 10 000 people walking past your stall, and for everyone that passes by you give them a promotional item. Such a huge recognition of your brand is going to boost your company in the most amazing ways, so long as you are smart about the way in which you do your marketing. Not all promotional gifts are going to suit the occasion and if you give a gift that does not suit the occasion or promote your company, chances are you are not going to be making that huge impact that you are hoping to make. From OppiKoppie outside Northam to Afrika Burn in the Karoo and Innibos in Nelspruit, you could tour the country with your promotional gifts and really spread your brand. Here are a few of the promotional items that you can give when you are thinking about this unique and interesting way to boost your brand.

  1. Sunglasses

In the Karoo desert, Afrika Burn turns a normally arid landscape into an artist’s fantasy world. Afrika Burn is an electric festival that is full of some of the nation’s most interesting people; people who build monuments to art, who dance with fire, who share their immense artistic talent. But it is still a festival that is happening in the desert where the sun is beating down and sunglasses are possibly going to be much appreciated. If you are planning on attending those festivals that happen outdoors then you should consider giving branded sunglasses to protect festival-goers from the bright African sun.

Sunglasses make great gifts.
Sunglasses make great gifts.
  1. Sweat Bands

A little while ago we wrote an article about the Color Run. Last year’s Color Run gift pack included a branded sweat band which runners could wear on the day. This is a great idea if your festival is a running festival, such as the Color Run, or even if it is a music festival where people will be standing outdoors in the heat, a sweat band with your corporate branding is going to make an impact.

  1. Water bottle

Water bottles as promotional gifts at races or music festivals are a hit.
Water bottles as promotional gifts at races or music festivals are a hit.

The last item on the list of great things to give to those at a festival is a water bottle to help keep people hydrated. At a festival such as OppiKoppi people are outdoors all day and in the heat, they could really do with a water bottle. The water bottle is also likely to become a memento of their time spent at the festival. People love to hold onto things like this and keep them for a long time which is a plus for your promotional gifts.

Looking for the right promotional items to give away at a festival? Look no further than Gift Wrap. With our huge selection, we will have the ideal promotional items for you.

Best corporate gifts to give to students

Diaries, calendars, writing instruments and notebooks, you are going to have plenty of options when you are looking to give corporate gifts to students. Students are mostly living on a budget and they are going to appreciate getting some free stuff to assist them through their time studying. Not having to pay out money towards stationary or notebooks, because you have given them the right corporate gift, is going to make a massive impression on the student receiving the gift.

Corporate gifts for students require the same manner of thinking in order for the gift to be a success. The gift still has to be relevant to your company and it still needs to be thought out as it needs to make that impression that will not only bring attention to your company but that will encourage them to support you.

Corporate gifts for students can make a big impact
Corporate gifts for students can make a big impact

Corporate gifts ideas for students


Most students are going to love music and what is better for a music lover than receiving a set of headphones as a gift? Living in dorm rooms or living at home, students are probably not going to be able to listen to their favourite music at a high volume. But they are still going to want to enjoy their escape from reality, something they will achieve when they put on their headphones and crank up their tunes. Headphones are great promotional items because they allow the company giving the gift to place their details onto the headphones.

A diary

Not all schools and colleges give students a diary and not all students will like the diary they get should they receive one from their school. This leaves an opening for you to give a diary, or a personal organiser, as a corporate gift. A gift such as this will give students the opportunity to get organised with their studying schedule and to ensure that they know when they will need to be attending their classes or submit work.

A diary, and stationary, are always going to be a hit.
A diary, and stationary, are always going to be a hit.

Pens and pencils

As a student I had many pens and pencils, a lot of them were promotional gifts. A student is always going to need stationary to get through their studies. From taking notes in their classes to completing their assignments, a pen or a pencil is always going to go down well with a student. When giving pens and pencils as corporate gifts you are going to be saving the student money, and this is going to make a big impact.

A memory stick

Students these days do a lot of their work online, or at least on a computer, especially if they are university students. Being able to save work to a memory stick and take it to class, or to be able to share notes using a memory stick is going to make their lives a whole lot easier. Memory sticks make great corporate gifts and they are fantastic to give to students.

Don’t think that students are not going to become your customers. They moment they start working and spending, that promotional gift they received, the one that made life so much easier, will remind them of your company. At Gift Wrap, we have all of these gifts, and a whole lot more.

The smallest promotional gifts make the biggest impact

When it comes to promotional gifts it is not the size of the gift that matters but rather it is the gesture of giving and receiving, along with some clever logo placement that can have the desired effect on your marketing. The giving of promotional gifts is all about boosting your brand, building up the trust with your clients and your potential clients, and to bring in some new customers. Promotional gifts are a must for all companies but sometimes what you need is not the biggest gift available but rather the smaller gift that can easily be given to many people and save you money.

Even the smallest gifts can be a promotional gifts
Even the smallest gifts can be a promotional gifts

Remember that the giving of all types of gifts has the ability to make an impact on your market. The purpose behind gift giving remains the same, whether you are giving a pen or a water cooler! Here are a few of the smaller promotional gifts that have the power to make the biggest impact.

1. Cell phone accessories

Cell phone covers, pouches, protectors, wallets and stands, they all make great small promotional gifts and they are all highly affordable. These days everyone has a cell phone and just take a look around you and you will see people constantly using their most favourite accessory. It is the item that almost every person on the planet owns and the ability to accessorise it makes it more personal and a whole lot more stylish.

Cell phone accessories can be promotional gifts
Cell phone accessories can be promotional gifts

2. Fridge magnets

If you are looking for a corporate gift that is going to show off your brand each time it is looked at then you should consider a fridge magnet. These sneaky promotional items can be accessorised with your company’s details and each time they are seen the person seeing them is going to be reminded of your company. These small promotional items are also very affordable.

3. Lip balm

Given to a man or a woman, lip balm makes for an interesting gift to give. Small enough to be placed into a pocket or hand bag. Lip balm is extra nice to give during the winter months when lips can get chapped and sore. Lips balm bought in batches and branded with your company logos are more than affordable and they are quite nice to receive. Looking for a small promotional gift? This is a great one.

4. Set of sticky notes

Everyone who works in admin, which is quite a few people, are going to enjoy receiving a set of sticky notes as a promotional gift. A set of sticky notes can be branded on its cover and whenever it is used the person is going to see your branding. Sticky notes are really affordable and they can be bought and branded in bulk.

Sticky notes can also be promotional gifts
Sticky notes can also be promotional gifts

The smallest promotional gifts can truly have the biggest impact on those who receive them. You can make your branding a success when you use corporate gifts, and at Gift Wrap we have all of those promotional gifts that can transform your marketing.

Best promotional gifts to give to a woman

The success of a promotional gift usually lies with who you choose to give it too. Demographics are guaranteed to play a role in how the gift is received by the person who is given it. One of the biggest demographic factors that have an effect is the gender of the receiver. Giving a masculine gift to a woman is probably not going to have the desired effect. And an ineffective gift is not going to be making a massive impact on those who you want to buy from you.

Diffuser sets make great promotional gifts
Diffuser sets make great promotional gifts

So what are the best promotional gifts for women? With this guide you never have to worry about giving away the wrong promotional gift, to the wrong gender, ever again. Here are 5 promotional gifts that you should give to your female supporters.

  1. A personal organiser

Many ladies are living hectic lives these days and they will always appreciate having the gift of a planner to help keep their lives organised. Personal organisers are available in all types of colours and they are the perfect size to fit into a handbag or to keep on a desk. The best organiser to give is the type which have removable pages, so that new pages can be inserted as needed. Personal organisers also have a place for a pen to be inserted. As a promotional gift for a woman, this gift will always be appreciated.

  1. Digital photo frames

We spend most of our time at work these days and sometimes it is nice to have a photo frame on your desk, displaying a photograph of your nearest and dearest. Digital photo frames have a variety of photographs loaded onto them and these images change throughout the day. This is a wonderfully thoughtful gift and if you are looking for a sentimental promotional gift for women then this is the ideal gift to give.

  1. A manicure set

Every woman knows just how horrible it is to break a nail while you are out of reach of your manicure set. A manicure set that is compact and can be placed into a handbag is the ideal gift to give a woman and it is going to be really appreciated. Most manicure sets come in a strong casing which can have your company’s details placed onto it or engraved onto it, depending on the materials used. Giving a manicure set and a nail file are both going to be fantastic promotional gifts for women.

  1. Lip Balm

Almost any woman will tell you that you cannot go wrong with giving away lip balm. Lip balm is the easiest gift to give away and it can be branded with your company’s logo and other details. Every time the woman uses the lip balm your logo and details are going to be seen. But the woman is also going to benefit from having the lip balm and she’ll love having it in her bag.

One way to use lip balm as a corporate gift
One way to use lip balm as a corporate gift
  1. Diffusers

Having a diffuser in your home gives your home a wonderful scent. The scent from a diffuser can be really refreshing and diffusers are usually long lasting. Both men and women can enjoy a gift such as this.

At Giftwrap we have a massive ranger of corporate gifts and promotional items for sale. Contact us today or visit our website to find out more about our company and the promotional gifts that you can buy.