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Corporate gifts and packaging

It is always exciting to receive a gift especially when you are not sure what the gift is. Packaging is a great way to keep the mystery of the gift alive and to get the person receiving the gift to keep on guessing for a little while. One of the biggest rules when it comes to making corporate gifts incredibly effective for marketing is to make sure that they are memorable. Once you have mastered the art of ensuring that the gifts you give are effective, you will have hit the jackpot for corporate gift giving.

Depending on how you package your corporate gifts, you can improve your marketing
Depending on how you package your corporate gifts, you can improve your marketing

The wrapping and packing of promotional gifts are a time consuming and challenging business. Many times the company’s staff will be left with the task of wrapping up the promotional items and it is important to get the job right even if it is not exactly the most exciting thing to have to do. Those who are doing the wrapping can sometimes feel just a little bit overwhelmed when they see all of the options that can be used to do the wrapping. But it is the effort that goes into the wrapping of the gifts that makes the gift all the more special. When a person can see the effort that has gone in as well as see that those doing the wrapping have taken the time to wrap the gifts in such a way that the gifts are personalised, they are going to be blown away.

Make it personal

There will always be those loyal supporters who have continuously supported a company to the point that the company is more than a business partner and is instead a friend. These people deserve to receive a special corporate gift that is designed to be more personal than those gifts which are given in bulk to the other clients.

The same goes for when you are giving the gift to your employees. As the boss of a company you know each and every one of your employees and you know their tastes. You can take things one step further by making sure that you give them a gift that has been wrapped in such a way that it suits them completely. Not only are they going to appreciate receiving such a personally wrapped gift but they are going to be surprised that the gift is so perfectly suited to them.

We are the preferred supplier of corporate gifts from JSE listed Companies to Small Businesses.

Promotional items packed properly can make an impression
Promotional items packed properly can make an impression

Basically, the benefits of corporate gifts do not stop at the giving of an interesting gift. You can take the whole process much further by focusing on the wrapping of the gift. Combining the wrapping and the gift inside, you will find that your promotional gifts are going to do exactly what is promised. They are going to build up your brand and help you to make your company memorable. Promotional items are there to assist you in building your brand and building up the trust that people have in your company.

Finding that ideal promotional gift shouldn’t ever be a struggle. GiftWrap has that extensive variety of corporate gifts that you have been looking for. Contact us today.


You should be giving a gift basket as a corporate gift

The gift basket (or hamper) is the gift that keeps on giving. And when you are giving promotional items and promotional gifts in competition with other companies, you really want your gift to be the one that makes the biggest impression. There are many times that you are going  to be thinking about what you should be giving as a promotional gift, and if a gift basket has not yet come to mind, you had better read further to find out exactly what you can gain from giving gift baskets as promotional gifts.

Gift baskets can consist of a number of different but related items. They make great corporate gifts.
Gift baskets can consist of a number of different but related items. They make great corporate gifts.

What is so unique about gift baskets is that you can create your own theme for them and add specific items to your basket. Most gift baskets are inexpensive when compared to how much will be included in the basket. The corporate gift basket is a great promotional item for your most loyal clients and your hard working staff. While they can be given all year round, they are more commonly given during the holidays and for birthdays.

A few benefits of giving gift baskets as corporate gifts

  1. You can set yourself apart from all competition

When you are giving a gift basket you are setting yourself apart from all of your nearest competitors. Not many people are going to take the trouble to select a gift basket and arrange for it to be delivered. By giving gift baskets you are showing your clients that you really appreciate their support and that you are able to offer them something that is really different. Ask yourself this, how many companies do you know that are spending money on their clients? The answer is probably not that many, so know that a gift basket is going to provide you with an immensely memorable selling point.

Just one of the many promotional gift sets from Gift Wrap.
Just one of the many promotional gift sets from Gift Wrap.
  1. You can give your employees a boost in morale

A happy, motivated team of employees is most certainly a huge benefit for your business. One of the ways that you can boost their moral is by giving them a gift basket. Businesses should not only be focused on giving gifts to their customers, they should also be focused on giving gifts to their employee’s. Your employees work very hard for you, so giving them a gift to say thank you for their hard work, is one of the best ways to make an impression on your employees while at the same time give them a morale boost. Show your employees that you really appreciate the hard work that they do for you by giving them a gift basket.

Gift sets are the gifts that keep on giving
Gift sets are the gifts that keep on giving
  1. Keep your customers interested

You already know that a gift that has been branded is more likely to stay in the minds of your customers. Imagine the power that a gift basket full of promotional items can do! When you take the time to give a basket, you are guaranteed to be making a big impression.

Gift Wrap has a wide selection of all sorts of interesting gifts that you can use to make a meaningful impact. You can contact us today to find out more about the gifts that you can give as well as find out more about the gift baskets/hampers we have available.

Why you should give pens as corporate gifts

There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.

– William Makepeace Thackeray

Pens make great corporate gifts
Pens make great corporate gifts

It might seem like the simplest gift to give and it is certainly one of the cheapest gifts to give, so it is no surprise that giving a pen as a corporate gift is as popular as ever. Even though the world has gone digital, the use of a pen is as important as ever. We still reach for a pen for many reasons and for most people working in an office setting, not having a pen on their desk is almost unthinkable. So if you are looking to give your brand a boost then you should consider having a look at giving branded pens as promotional gifts.

Everyone uses a pen, and since a corporate gift needs to be convenient, useful and long lasting, the pen kind of ticks all of the boxes. Depending on how often you use your pen, the pen can have quite a long lifespan. Since most people these days are using computers, the pen has a much longer lifespan and this means that your pen corporate gift is going to be much longer lasting than it would have been a couple of years ago.

Although the pen has been around for years it is still a popular corporate gift
Although the pen has been around for years it is still a popular corporate gift

Many people are going to see the branded pen gift. Office workers will usually leave a pen on their desks and all of those who walk past the desk are going to see the pen. If the design placed on the pen is really beautiful then it is going to be picked up and admired, spreading your brand even further. It is also important to make sure that your pen is well designed as it is unlikely that your pen is going to be the only corporate gift pen on the person’s desk. Make sure that the design on your pen is really eye catching and beautiful. This is part of what is going to make the gift so memorable.

The best gift is the one that keeps on giving and this means only giving corporate gifts that both have a use and can actually be used. How many times have you received a pen as a gift, or bought a pen, and found that it is not working or that it is blotchy? Giving an inferior gift can reflect badly on your business and on your brand. Buying the pen from the right company can help you to make sure that you receive a pen that is going to write smoothly and become something that the receiver cannot do without.

The right pen is a mighty tool, both in the office and in the home. Make sure that the pens that you give are great quality and well branded. If you are looking for pens that you can brand and that you can buy in bulk, then Gift Wrap can assist you. With our variety of all sorts of corporate gifts, you will be able to give the best pens to your clients amongst our collection.


The 5 factors that make promotional items awesome

So you are stuck with ideas for promotional items? When it comes to choosing the right branded promotional items to give to clients it can sometimes become problematic, especially if you have never had to make such a decision before. Taking some time to think about the promotional gift you want to give to your loyal clients can make a difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. Promotional items are always going to be a great option for those who want to make an impact on their business. But some promotional gifts are able to make more of a meaningful impression than others because they have a few meaningful factors that make them stand out. Memorable gifts are usually going to be those that are kept for a long time. The longer a gift is kept the longer it has an influence. So having some background information about what makes a promotional item great can benefit your company.

It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts
It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts

Without further ado, here are the 5 factors that make certain promotional items awesome!

  1. They are absolutely unique

Anything that is designed to be memorable is going to be unique. Like most things in life, it has to be different in order to stand out. The more unique the gift is the more effective the branding is going to be. If you want your promotional item to stand out among the hundreds of other promotional gifts that a person might receive, then you have to make sure that the promotional item is unique. Now is the perfect time to think out of the box and be creative.

  1. Make sure to place your branding

If you don’t have branded corporate gifts then you have certainly wasted your time and your money. The one thing that is going to link the gift to your company after you have given it is the branding that you have placed on it. Each time a person sees your branding they are going to remember who you are and this might encourage them to support you.

Even if you are giving something as simple as a post-it note, make sure your branding is on it
Even if you are giving something as simple as a post it note, make sure your branding is on it
  1. Don’t give a cheap looking gift

You want your customers to want to proudly use the gift. Why? Because when people are proud to use the product no matter where they are, more people are going to be seeing the product and the branding. If your product looks tacky or cheaply made, then those who receive it are unlikely to use it outside of the comforts of their homes. Tacky or cheap gifts are not likely to be creative so you are going to have to be unique to make that impact.

  1. Pick something that is going to be long lasting

Research has proven that those gifts that last long are more successful than those gifts that last a few weeks and are then thrown away. Perishable gifts are a great choice when you want to make an instant impact, but should you want to make a lasting impression, give a long lasting gift.

  1. Give an interactive gift

Imagine a corporate gift that you can build yourself. Sometimes, when those who receive a gift have to assemble it themselves or have to do something to it, such as opening and drinking that wine, the gift can make a bigger impact.

And there you have it! These 5 factors should be kept in mind the next time you are thinking about giving promotional items. At GiftWrap, we have a number of promotional items that you can use to give your company a promotional advantage.

Best promotional gifts to give to men

No promotional item should be given without first considering who is going to be receiving the gift. The biggest impact that you can make with promotional gifts is by giving the right gift to the right person. When you are thinking about giving away promotional gifts, the first thing that you should consider is the gender of the person who will be receiving the promotional item. Men and women have very different tastes, so it is important to make sure that you give the right kind of gift to the right person in order to ensure that you make that big impact that will encourage people to continue supporting your business.

Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts
Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts

Are you going to be giving out promotional gifts to a male target market but you have no idea where to start looking for that ideal promotional item? Let this guide help you make the right decision.

  1. Every man deserves a Swiss Tool

With a pliers, screwdriver, scissors, wire cutter, saw, and a number of other wonderful gadgets, this is one of those ultimate gifts for men. You never know when you might need to have a tool set available, and having an all in one tool set is a wonderful thing as you will not have to walk back and forth to the tool box. Giving a Swiss Tool gift is an incredible way to make an impact on your male market. Think about giving this type of promotional gift when you are looking to make a great impression.

  1. For those who are about to braai

There are some very nice braai tools on the market these days and they can make a wonderful impression on your male market. Most men love to braai and giving them some grand braai tools that are not only exclusively theirs but which are going to be a great addition when hosting a braai, is fantastic starting point in your corporate item marketing. Braai tool sets, braai gift packs and classy carving knives make for wonderful gifts.

  1. A great quality wallet

Every man needs a wallet. But finding the right wallet is not always an easy task. Why not make the lives of your male clients a little bit easier by giving them a wallet? A leather wallet, embossed with your company’s logo or other details is going to be a constant reminder of who the gift is from. This is just one of the many things that can help to make a promotional gift a success.

Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
  1. Always have an eye on the time

Very few businessmen are going to go about their daily business without a watch. When you give away a quality watch as a promotional gift, you can be sure that your gift will be well received. To really treat your special clients to a wonderful gift, consider giving them a great looking, good quality watch.

At GiftWrap we cater to all types of people and all types of tastes. Within our collection of gifts, you are sure to find those ideal promotional gifts that are going to utterly spoil your clients and encourage them to buy more from you.


18 quick compelling reasons why you still need promotional gifts

Almost every piece of advice regarding marketing and promoting your business will mention promotional gifts somewhere. Promotional products are often the reason why a company does so well with their marketing, why they make such an impact. Even the smallest promotional item has the power to make the biggest impact within your market.

The world might soon be going through some tough times and so it is more important than ever before to make sure that you have all of the marketing magic available to you. Companies that give away promotional gifts are sure to be a hit, even statistics prove that promotional gifts can be a huge success.

Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies
Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies


Here are 18 interesting facts about promotional products and why they are a success (statistics were collected in the USA but can be applied to countries around the world):

  1. At least 31% of Americans own a bag that has promotional branding on it.
  2. 53% of people who receive useful promotional products will use them once a week.
  3. Only 1 in 5 people will throw away an unwanted promotional gift.
  4. 55% of people who receive promotional products in the USA have already done business with the company in the past and 85% of people who receive a gift will do business with the company afterwards.
  5. In the US, bags make the biggest impression among those who receive them.
  6. Bags and writing instruments are the cheapest gifts to give.
  7. More than 50% of promotional gifts create a good impression for the person giving it.
  8. Promotional items are on average kept for 6 months.
  9. 69% of people would choose a promotional item based on its usefulness.
  10. 63% of people who receive a gift will pass the gift on when they no longer want it.
  11. 89% of people who are given a gift will remember the gift for up to 2 years even if they have given it away.
  12. 91% of people keep a promotional item in the kitchen.
  13. The number one reason cited for keeping a corporate gift is its usefulness. Writing instruments, computer products and health products all come a close second.
  14. The first trade show promoting corporate gifts took place in 1914.
  15. Men are likely to keep hats and shirts while women are likely to keep bags and writing instruments.
  16. The top industries that give promotional products are finance, education, non-profit, construction and healthcare.
  17. Promotional gifts have the power to draw around 500% more referrals from clients who are happy with the gifts that they get.
  18. Promotional gifts used alongside other media improve the effectiveness of the media by up to 44%.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.

Promotional gifts are the best way that you can make your company more popular and if you are looking to boost your company you should give away promotional gifts. They are a sure way to get your company noticed. With Gift Wrap’s wide selection of corporate gifts, you will find the ideal gift to give.

The importance of promotional items for any business

If you have found your way to our website then you have probably already heard about the importance of promotional items in your business. Promotional items hold a lot of power and when you are looking to build your brand or to enhance it more than just a little bit. Big businesses, small businesses, medium businesses, even start-ups! Every business can harness the power of using promotional items and this is why every business should.

Promotional items are important for all companies.
Promotional items are important for all companies.

We live in a world where there is an overabundance of choice. In the shops you are likely to see numerous brands of coffee, countless cereals and when you are driving on the road you are going to pass countless car brands. There is no longer just one shop selling just one product and within your industry, you are likely to be facing many competitors who are selling the same things to the same market. Standing apart from the rest and standing out in a way that captures interest and attention is the only way that you are going to survive.

Promotional items allow you to be different, they allow you to be unique in a world where everyone and every business is the same. Promotional items are used by those who have a clever approach to business and who are serious about making their company become a stand out success. The success of a company using promotional items is quite astounding as research a few years back showed. Researchers have shown that 52% of people who receive a promotional product will think positively about the company and of those who receive a promotional product 50% use the product on a daily basis.

Don't underestimate the power of a well thought out promotional gift.
Don’t underestimate the power of a well thought out promotional gift.

What do these statistics tell us?

Promotional products that are seen often or used often are going to become a constant reminder about the company which has given the promotional item. The more a person is reminded of a product and a company, the more likely they are to buy the item from the company. There are few marketing strategies that can claim to have as much swaying power as a promotional item.

With an increase of brand recognition, a small budget required to purchase the promotional items en mass and the gifts being helpful to the person receiving them, promotional items are definitely the way to go. A branded promotional item is going to become the best business card you will ever own.

Now is the time to introduce corporate gifts to your marketing

It is always a good time to add promotional gifts to your marketing strategy, and when you are suddenly facing more competition than before, adding promotional gifts can only make your company unique. One bit of advice before you go out and buy promotional products is to think about how the item is going to be relevant to your business. An item that is relevant is going to make a bigger impact.

After reading this, I hope you are considering how to bring in promotional gifts. They are affordable and with so many options you can really be creative. Dare to stand out in your industry, and claim your place among your market.

Promotional gifts to give to a wine lover

The wine connoisseur will always appreciate a little something special added to their collection which will make their wine drinking experience an absolutely pleasurable one. For the wine lover, that unique corkscrew is more than a useful gift, it is a talking point for those evenings when they have guests around their homes to enjoy a bottle of their finest. Giving promotional items that appeal to the wine aficionado is one gift that will be memorable and most welcome.

Wine lovers will appreciate these promotional gifts
Wine lovers will appreciate these gifts

Your promotional items are supposed to be relevant and useful, and it is for this reason that giving a gift that appeals to those who enjoy their wine is going to be well received. These promotional gifts are particularly suitable for liquor store owners, liquor sales reps and as personal gifts to those clients who you know love their wine. Here are a few promotional items that are ideal to give to those who have an appreciation of wine.

  1. A USB stick with a difference

While your target group might be wine fans, they are also probably hard working people who enjoy having simple technology that will allow them to simplify their lives. You might have already heard of the usefulness and popularity of giving a USB stick and now you can combine the symbolic image of wine (a cork) with the useful gift of a USB stick. One of the truly most unique corporate gifts on the market these days for wine fans is the USB stick which has been placed into a cork. It looks great, it is unique, and it fits in well with the theme of wine.

The cork decorated USB stick is a wonderful promotional item to give
The cork decorated USB stick is a wonderful promotional item to give
  1. A wine decanter

A wine decanter is a must have for every household which enjoys having a drink every now and then. The decanter can be used to serve the wine, adding a touch of elegance and class to the wine drinking experience while also allowing the wine to be mixed with other liquids, allowing for the creation of a unique mixture or it can be used to remove any undesirable liquids or sediments that are within the wine. With a company logo and other details placed on a decanter, you can transform this popular serving apparatus into a wonderful promotional item.

  1. A cheese and wine picnic backpack

Equipped with knives, spoons, forks, napkins, wine glasses and cheese plates, this black picnic backpack can be taken with you when you are planning a picnic with a difference. This backpack is easy to carry and you can stock them with your favourite wine and cheese, escape to a quiet place in nature to enjoy your favourite wine and cheese. As a company, you can transform these into promotional gifts by placing your logo onto the pack.

  1. A bar set along with a wine bottle

A unique gift like this is ideal as it comes along with a tasty bottle of wine that your clients can easily enjoy, and easily open, using the bar set. This gift is something that a wine lover can keep for many years.

  1. A bottle stopper

Bottle stoppers are useful promotional gifts
Bottle stoppers are useful promotional items

Not every bottle of wine is going to be finished with one sitting. Sometimes you might just want a glass and then find that you have no way to cork the bottle until you next want to have a drink. This is exactly why the bottle stopper is such a wonderful promotional gift to give as it is incredibly useful and can be used again and again.

Looking for the perfect gift for those who have a love for wine? With Gift Wrap’s exceptional collection of promotional items, you will find those promotional items ideal for your wine drinking clients.

The quickest turnaround corporate gifts with a logo

The holidays are over and it is time to get back to reality. Part of your business goals for 2016 should be to increase your turn around time when ordering corporate gifts. You don’t want to order corporate gifts that can take months to get to you when you request for them to be customised, rather you want to aim for a turnaround time that gets your gifts to you as quickly as possible so that you can start making some marketing magic happen.

Corporate gifts are hugely effective so long as you have your company’s details placed onto them. This means you should aim to buy those gifts that can have your company logo and perhaps even your company contact details printed onto it.

Here are the corporate gifts that have a quick turnaround time even when you want to have your logo placed onto it.

  1. A customised blanket

Winter is around the corner and before you wipe your eyes out we will be feeling that all too familiar chill. Giving a client a winter blanket is not going to break your bank and it is going to be very useful in the coming cold months. With your logo placed neatly onto the blanket, each time it is used this winter people will be reminded who is keeping them warm. Customised blankets can be made quickly and you can have them in time for the big chill.

Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
  1. A travel mug

How easy is it to print your logo and company details onto a travel mug? Exceptionally easy is the answer we can give you. It takes almost no time at all to get a travel mug branded, giving you plenty of time to give it away to the right people. A travel mug is convenient especially as it keeps the liquid warm, and when used often it will be seen by many people. The usefulness of a travel mug is only going to work in your favour.

  1. A stylish picture frame

Easy to brand and always on display when someone has framed a picture in it, using a picture frame as a corporate gift is a great way to make sure that your branding is always seen. This constant reminder, along with having a happy memory in the picture frame is going to give your corporate branding a much-needed boost.

Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
  1. A journal or diary

Nothing starts the year off in a better way than being able to open a brand new journal and start writing on a clean, new page. A diary or journal is almost always going to be a much-appreciated gift, with anyone running around in the 9 to 5 needing such a tool to get through their day. Journals come in different materials and they can be branded fairly quickly.

2016 can be the year that you make that big impact on your marketing by getting a head start with your corporate gifts. Gift Wrap has a wide range of promotional gifts that you can choose from, and with our speedy turnaround time, you don’t have to wait long to make your mark with promotional items.