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Why you should be giving chocolate promotional items

“Chocolate makes everything better” – Zella Day

Chocolate are feel good promotional items
Chocolate are feel good promotional items

Chocolate is always appreciated. As promotional items, they are small bites of marketing genius while they are simple and affordable to give. Chocolate sweetens even the dullest day and when you are the company giving away chocolate as promotional gifts, you are going to be making a memorable impression on your market.

Why do people love chocolate?

It is not just the taste of this sweet treat that has people always looking forward to more, chocolate has a number of other characteristics that make it such a welcome gift. Aztec kings are thought to be among the first to have eaten chocolate and since it first touched a human pallet, chocolate has become something that not even the staunchest dieter can resist. Chocolate is one of the most popular treats and it is one of the few treats that is literally able to melt in your mouth.

Everybody likes to recieve a gift of chocolate and even if they don't eat it themselves they can always give it to someone who will
Everybody likes to recieve a gift of chocolate and even if they don’t eat it themselves they can always give it to someone who will

Some say that chocolate is the ultimate food, because of its composition. Chemically it is filled with opioids. Opioids are pain suppressors and give you a general feeling of wellness. It is certainly a feel-good food, and any promotional items that make your clients feel good are going to be a hit. Remember that when it comes to promotional gifts, the feeling that a person gets from receiving and using the gift, plays an important role when it comes to the conversions that you want to see.

The benefits of chocolate go beyond their marketing power, especially as they are able to play a positive role in the health of those who you give chocolate to. Here are just a few of the health benefits that come with eating chocolate (especially dark chocolate):

–        Chocolate is good for your skin

Throw away any stories you have heard about chocolate being the cause of bad skin conditions. Dark chocolate actually has the opposite effect on your skin and can prevent outbreaks from happening. Flavonoids can also protect the skin from the harmful UV sun rays.

–        Chocolate reduces the risk of having a stroke

According to Swedish studies, eating just 2 bars of chocolate a week can reduce your risk of having a stroke. The flavonoids in chocolate act as an antioxidant which can fight off strokes.

–        Chocolate makes the brain stronger

A study done by Johns Hopkins University has proven that dark chocolate can protect the cells within your brain and again plays a role in reducing your risk of having a stroke. The epicatechin in chocolate has also been found to reduce brain damage in mice after a stroke.

You can be creative with your chocolate gifts and have them branded
You can be creative with your chocolate gifts and have them branded

Why give chocolate as a gift?

Just because would suffice for most people but we want to give you a real answer, so why should you give chocolate as a promotional item? Most people like chocolate, so you won’t have to do a lot of research into your market before giving it, chocolate promotional items can be engraved with your company’s details and finally chocolates are exceptionally affordable so you can afford to give them away to lots of people.

Gift Wrap has a selection of promotional items for you to give. Contact us should you want to give chocolate as a gift to your clients and staff.

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Promotional gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again and it is giving all types of businesses the opportunity to give promotional gifts. Chocolate is definitely a favourite gift to give on Valentine’s Day and a business that treats its customers to a delicious gift of chocolate is sure to make a memorable impression. But it is not the only gift with the power to make an impression.

Valentine's Day is on Sunday and it is the perfect time to give promotional gifts
Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and it is the perfect time to give promotional gifts

Valentine’s Day is steeped in history and in tradition, but these days it is known as the day of love and many people use this day to spoil their partners. For businesses, it is a great day to give away a few promotional items.

A few of the best promotional gifts to give on Valentine’s Day:

Dipped fortune cookies

Cute fortune cookies are always interesting. People love to receive them and although the messages within the cookies are not to be taken too seriously they do make an interesting talking point. Giant decorated fortune cookies make wonderful Valentine’s Day corporate gifts. The container in which they are held can be branded with company details and contact information. When people are happily munching on this sweet treat they are going to be thinking about your company.

A bowl of truffles

Are you thinking of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day? For many people chocolate is their go-to gift. As a company, you can really spoil your most supportive clients by giving a bowl of truffles. Such a lovely gift is really designed to make an impression and with a whole lot of truffles within the bowl, you are going to be thought of with every bite.

Colourful candles

Candles and romance simply go together and giving a few candles away as promotional gifts for the most romantic day of the year is quite probably going to make a wonderful impression. Candles are not just for Valentine’s Day they are also for every other day of the year. This means they will be seen and used throughout the year and your company is going to be thought of every time that wick is lit. Candles are soothing and they truly create a wonderful ambiance.

Red candles can make a great gift
Red candles can make a great gift

The conventional chocolate

A heart shaped chocolate that is wrapped up in a red paper is enough to remind anyone of the love that is celebrated on this day. Your gestures towards your clients don’t have to be grand, even the smallest gift is going to be appreciated. A small chocolate to nibble on while they are walking through the shops, or while they are stuck in traffic, is a great way to promote your brand.

Chocolates are conventional Valentine's gifts
Chocolates are conventional Valentine’s gifts

A red notebook

Not everything given as a Valentine’s Day gift needs to be heart shaped or designed to create a mood. Rather a colour relating to Valentine’s Day is good enough to remind people of the day and with a highly useful red notebook, you might find that the gift is a hit.

At Gift Wrap, we have numerous promotional gifts and gift ideas for you to use this Valentine’s Day. Contact us and visit our website to find out more.