Corporate Gift: A tool for enhancing brand value

The times are changing so fast that end consumers in any industry get inundated with a variety of products and services. The same principle applies in the case of corporate gifts and promotional items. Just put the key words Corporate Gifts in your Google search bar which will generate about 54,400, 000 results in just 0.26 seconds. Although it is a matter of pride that today’s highly sophisticated consumers have access to a number of e-tailors or online sellers, it has caused a downside as well. With a mammoth amount of offerings, it starts becoming difficult to find products of the highest quality.
It is positively prudent to set a budget whilst buying corporate gifts. Your preference of corporate gifts does indeed show how much you value the recipients; clients, employees, end consumers, suppliers, business partners and associates. High quality gifts are always pleasing to those who get them and will only show your business in a good light. Bear in mind, a quality gift does not always mean luxurious or priced exorbitantly.
Sometimes, little things create special memories and cement relationship. For instance, you should give a lot of attention to the packaging and presentation of the gift. The same old cliché applies here; the first impression is the last or the beginning of how the recipient would perceive or treat you from that moment on. Getting professional assistance from gift sellers and wrapping service is the best way to make sure that corporate and promotional gifts achieve what you want! If you are looking for quality corporate gifts and promotional items, look no further than right here with us. We are Giftwrap, a professional supplier of a variety of corporate gifts and promotional items. Though gifts are the simplest and the most common thing in the world we know but they are the finest way to develop your relationship with others. At Giftwrap we offer Bags And Folders, Banners And Flags, Corporate Headwear, Drinkware, Eco-Friendly Gifts, Electronic Gadgets, Gift Hampers, Writing Instruments, Corporate Clothing, Leather Products, Bonsai Trees, Customized Hampers, Hi-Tech Products and more.
Generally speaking, we all have this perception that the price of the gift is what matters most. A financially sound organization is better. Agreed, But there are other things that outweigh monetary considerations. You require precious corporate gifts and promotional items that actually build up the organizational value without it being overpriced.
We offer printing services that include imprinting your company logo on the actual products to be given away as gifts to the target recipient. This includes Pad printing, Screen printing, Digital printing, Laser engraving, Embroidery Embossing, Debossing, and Heat Transfers. Click here to find out the entire range of products and services we offer.

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Corporate Clothing From Gift Wrap

It took almost two decades since 1994 to modernize, transform and refashion the textile industry of South Africa with about 1 billion US dollars or 116,078,50,000 South African Rands! Such transformation helped the industry gain recognition and infrastructure to match international standards. The growth in the local textile and clothing industry is reflected in the rising consumer demand for clothes and apparel. Today, this industry offers services in natural and synthetic fibre production, spinning, weaving, tufting, knitting, dyeing and finishing. With technological advancements, the local textile production has turned out to be a capital-intensive industry, generating synthetic fibres in escalating proportions. This has boosted the corporate clothing industry across South Africa. Whenever a region becomes globalized, its business and trading communities to some extent accept globalized way of carrying out their professional activities.

People buy clothes and apparels according to their individual requirements, tastes and preferences; mostly for comfort and a need to follow trends. However, corporate clothing takes a different outlook to some. Today, corporate clothing has become one of the most effective ways to promote the brand of your organization. The corporate apparels vary from the regular business suits. A piece of corporate clothing can bear your organization’s logo and the message printed on it. It can be given to your employees, business partners and anyone associated with your organization.

Giftwrap provides an assortment of corporate apparels that promote your brand and enhance the image of your brand in the minds of existing clients and the potential ones. We have a wide range of corporate clothing that boosts your organizational brand. Offering formal and semi-formal clothes as corporate gifts to those who are associated with you. Enhancing the brand image as well as creating a select rapport with them.

Our product range comprise of a wide variety of corporate clothes such as aprons, bathrobes, belts, blouses, bush shirts, Christmas hats, corporate headwear, formal jackets, cricket shirts, denim shirts, dresses, dust coats, gloves, golf T-shirts and more. Our products like waistcoats, trousers, tracksuits, ties, sweaters, sunglasses and others will definitely please your employees or anyone associated with you. We recognize that your relations with those who professionally matter the most help your business grow. We focus on supplying quality corporate clothes with your brand printed on them. Click here to find out the entire range of clothes.

A corporate dress code makes a deep-seated professional impression and can give your operation that corporate giving professional apparel to your clients, employees, business partners or any associates, they will surely feel a sense of respect, especially your employees who will keep their loyalty towards your organization. This is one of the secrets to increasing the productivity of people and profits of the organization.

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Internet Effect On the Corporate Gift Industry

South Africa, a much-liked holiday destination for families and corporate executives, has its corporate gifts industry becoming more competitive year by year. A BIG thank-You to the Internet that has intensified this competitive arena with a number of clients using search engine services of Google and the like, in order to find a number of quotes in a relatively short space of time.

Trouble-free, quick access to numerous quotes has led to the emergence of price leveling effect for corporate gifts and promotional item industry of South Africa. Companies whose products are costly will find it difficult to get business opportunities whereas their business clients tend to overlook quality products and services offered by the companies. People in South Africa are incredibly price conscious and may not choose to pay more for slightly better made products. You need to come in somewhere in the middle. Provide good quality at the right price.

A concrete association or relationship between the companies and the clients are getting weaker due to online interactions as there emerges a lack of personal interaction between both parties. With the emerging power of search engines such as Google, the big companies are getting bigger and they are crushing your small/medium-sized business establishments. The end-consumers are also becoming smarter. More and more people are becoming tech savvy and are turning to ease of use.

Amid all the factors affecting the corporate gift industry, one of the most essential factors is lead times. The times need to be reduced to meet the ever growing need of the consumer. They are no longer happy with the current industry norms. The industry has to keep up with the ability of the customer to source from multiple places at the same time. A service provider will have to be ready with what the client needs. If the client does not get what they need at that very moment, they will switch to your competitors.  This is another reason why in-house branding will become more popular. The time it takes to hear back from contracted printers can be long for example, its the difference between getting the order or not.

Companies need to consider making investments in search engine marketing and gradually move away from traditional, conventional marketing and catalogue or leaflet printing. Search engine optimization is becoming a popular term in the virtual world, building up thousands of brands across the globe. Today, South Africa is far behind other nations, and the corporate gifts and promotional industry in South Africa has to catch up with them.

The key to succeed in this highly competitive corporate gifts industry of South Africa, is investing valuable resources; monetary and labor in product specialization in order to offer the highly personalized products and services. This will yield dividends in the not-so-distant future.  The competition becomes tougher and far more challenging when many sellers have the same product and the customers want something innovative and exciting.

If you are looking for quality corporate gifts and promotional items, kindly get in touch with us. We are Giftwrap, a leading supplier of innovative corporate gifts and promotional items and gifts. Handing out these gifts will certainly boost the brand awareness of your organization. We are based in Pretoria, South Africa, providing a range of corporate promotional gifts such as writing instruments, corporate clothing, leather products, bonsai trees, customised hampers, to hi-tech products and more. Click here to find out the entire range of all products.

Giving corporate gifts, promotional items and vouchers is the best way to enhance organizational values. Your good rapport with colleagues, employees, business partners, suppliers and valued clients is an asset that fetches business.  With our products, you can articulate your appreciation to all of them. You can thank your employees for contributing their time and energy to the success of your organization. Such attitude towards people create harmonious atmosphere at workplace, and the relationships turn even stronger.


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Corporate Gifts And Promotional Items

The African economy caused a lot of hassles for economists, traders, thinkers and international analysts when its growth fell from 3.5% in 2011 to 2.5% in 2012. It was expected to rise shortly after this but still fell marginally. The overall fall in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Strangely the stationary industry, which meets individual and corporate demands, actually grew about 6% in the year 2014. It also fared moderately well in the previous year, indicating that the industry is resistant to any economic issues that plague most industries in South Africa. Factors contributing to its growth are said to be a larger clientele base; schools, educational institutions, enterprises, and also price inflation emanating from the erattic exchange rate of the various currencies that South Africa depends on in terms of import and export; These are said to expedite the growth of stationery industry of South Africa. The industry focuses on registering an optimistic growth value as the per-unit cost of writing instruments such as pencils, roller ball pens etc. will remain ‘stationary’; still and static.

Cashing in on its strengths to offer career and professional opportunities to the world, South Africa has turned about to be a favored target of The Dubai-based traders. These traders are looking to capitalise on the major chunk of demand for stationary. The traders source stationery products from Europe, the Middle East and the Asian continent. The stationery products include writing instruments, paper products, envelopes, fax rolls, photocopy paper, markers, staplers, highlighters, sticky tapes, note pads, drawing instruments and more. Stationery items are extensively used as promotional gifts, corporate gifts and promo products.

Dubai has become one of the major suppliers of stationery products and has created an extensive network of retailers, distributors and wholesalers. A recent report published by the Emirates Industrial Bank Journal states that the demand for stationery and related paper products has increased by 27 % in the last two years. The major contribution to the growth has been the rising demand for such products in Africa. Industry experts have concluded that the Africans are extremely cost-conscious. As a result, stationery items are supplied in bulk bringing down the prices and meeting the local requirements.

If you are looking to get stationary locally sourced at great prices then give us a call. Giftwrap is based in Pretoria, South Africa. Supplying a wider variety of corporate gifts and promotional items than our competitors.

We offer a wide variety of gift items such as writing instruments, corporate clothing, leather products, customized hampers, hi-tech products and more. Giving corporate gifts, promotional items and vouchers is the best and the most cost-effective approach to boosting your business.

With our products, you can express your appreciation to those associated with your organization. You can show your employees how much you appreciate their for contribution to the success of the organization. This kind of attitude in the work place creates a harmonious atmosphere at the workplace. Your employees feel like they are part of a family rather than just working there. You will be amazed at what a simple gesture like giving a gift will do to the work ethic of your employees.



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Corporate Branding: What it is?

Every entity, living as well as non living, on this Earth has an identity.  That identity makes them exist. Branding has been an internal part of business activities. One can carry out their business operations without investing in branding but its very likely that you will be dwarfed by your competition. Branding is an integral part of business and quite honestly…you cant operate without branding your business properly.

Branding is a systematic process of creating an exceptional image of the product or service, in the mind of consumers. This is achieved through effective advertising campaigns. With branding, corporate organizations seek to establish a unique identity of their products and services in order to win the loyalty of their targeted audiences.

Just like branding of products is aggressively undertaken to increase sales of the product, branding of a corporate entity is equally important. A reputed corporation will quickly finds acceptance of its products and services in the market.  It is technically called corporate branding. It means an endeavor to enhance the image of a company through offering quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of end consumers.

The past decade witnessed corporate entities investing in offering the best quality products and services. Now, things are changing. Perceptions of people are changing. Increased competitions once forced companies to offer better products. But now, consumers have a number of options; they can quickly switch between products. Realizing this, the companies now engage in enhancing their corporate image. It is firmly believed that a consumer would prefer to buy a product, even if it underperforms, from a reputed company rather than buying a glittery product from an unknown seller.  Developing a powerful corporate brand is a continuous process that can be applied at any stage of an organization’s development.

Corporate branding is an effective means or a systematic process to build your organizational brand in an optimistic manner. There are a number of strategies that are employed to better corporate image.  Such strategies include social campaigns, powerful advertisements, CSR activities and others.

There are other gainful ways that can enhance your organizational brand. Corporate and promotional gifts. The brand built through corporate gifts somewhat varies from those through advertising, marketing etc. Gifts are kept and often used. This constantly promotes your brand, logo and the message over a period of time. Corporate branding has become a crucial constituent of the corporate world, that is sometimes beyond the book value.

We are a South Africa based promotional gits company called Giftwrap. We sepecialise in the supplying of a variety of corporate and promotional gift solutions. We offer branding on over five thousand products as a value added service. We feel that influential corporate branding lets you keep hold of your existing customers and draw your potential clients without much effort.  We at Giftwrap provide you with the artwork and print your company logo and the message on the body of your products. Our service specialists recommend the most excellent branding solutions for a particular product. Our branding includes pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, laser printing and more. Kindly visit our site to find out the entire range of our products and services.


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Christmas Gift

When the world was getting torn apart by ruthless monarchies, a divine revelation presented itself in the form of Jesus Christ to bring the ignorant back to the righteous path. Today, the birth of Christ is celebrated all over the world in the form of Christmas.

Christ became an integral part of art, paintings and literature from the times between the third and fourth centuries. He is being remembered today by billions of people all around the world.

Christmas without a Christmas tree, gifts, decorations, songs, music, and food cannot exist. There are three customary colors which are often used in decorations. They are snow white, heart red and pine green. Apart from these representational colors, gold and silver colors take prominence as well.  Additionally, even blue along with white is also used as they epitomize winter and the Jewish holiday Festival of Light that happens about the same time. Emblematic images on Christmas decorations are The Baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem. Distinctive winter icons include snowflakes, snowmen and icicles. Yet, the decorations vary from place to place, country to country depending on the availability of resources and accepted traditions.

There are lots of ornaments for Christmas decorations available today. Mostly they are made up of metal, wood, ceramics, glass etc. A variety of ornaments draws a lot of people to the store. Some ornaments have simple ball-shaped forms while others have arty structure.

The most common decorative item is the bauble, a sphere-shaped decoration used in order to embellish Christmas trees. Since 1847, baubles are being produced and sold all over the world. The bauble is one of the most popular Christmas ornament designs, and they have been in production since 1847.  Other decorative items are Christmas crackers used at dinner or any celebrative parties. Crackers were invented by Tom Smith of London invented in 1847.  Without the crackers, there is no Christmas.

If you are looking for beautiful decorative items for Christmas which you can gift others, you can get in touch with us. We are Giftwrap having Christmas gifts and promotional items in stock for you. We supply Christmas crackers, decorations, headbands, stockings, party poppers, Santa sacks and snow spray. We are a wholesaler of promotional items; we pride ourselves with competitive prices and excellent customer service. We focus on a wide variety of promotional items.

Not only Christmas items, we also stock an array of corporate gifts and articles Our product range includes corporate gifts, clothing, drinkware, banners, express gifts, electronic gadgets, banners, bags, diaries, calendars, writing instruments such as pen and more.

banners, bags, diaries, calendars, writing instruments such as pens and more.

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Eco-friendly Gifts from Giftwrap

Corporate establishments are realizing the significance of ‘going green’ which means incorporating the use of eco-friendly products into daily routines. When a company is seen as being concerned by the health of the environment they operate in, they are said to be going “green”.

We at Giftwrap, South Africa’s proud supplier of corporate gifts and promotional items believe that ones who exploit our natural resources must be concerned with the environment and find ways to conserve our healthy surroundings.

Promoting products and services has always been an essential part of the corporate branding strategy.  Triumphant organizations adopt strategies that involve giving corporate gifts and vouchers in order to promote their brand names. Such strategies are better than heavy advertising and marketing campaigns that are just way too expensive.

These days, the drift towards having eco-friendly approach seems to be the new trend in the corporate world. This has resulted in the emergence of demand for eco-friendly gift items that you can give to your employees, suppliers, business partners and potential clients.

We offer a wide variety of convenient and eco-friendly gift items. We supply bags, folders, gift bags, notepads, pencils, pens, shopping bags, simple stationery holders, sticky note sets and more. Corporate products and items have become the norm when it comes to promoting your brand with a minimal budget.  Printed convenient shopping bags, jute bags, articles made of wood and bamboos, handmade paper stands, and recycled papers diaries are the new promotional items that are catching people’s attention; they trim down the increased need for our limited raw materials. When it comes to environmentally friendly promotional items, one must make use of products that cause little or no harm to nature. If you couple the appeal that going green gives to your clients with the branding we provide. The impact these gifts make is increased.

We are one of South Africa’s proud wholesalers, specializing in the supply of various corporate gifts and promotional products at a reasonable price.

We focus on supplying you with a broad range of promotional items, which can be tailored to your specifications needs or preferences. Our promotional products can be silk screened, pad printed, engraved, embroidered depending on the product.

It gives us immense pleasures that our promotional items are distributed throughout South Africa and Africa. With speedy, efficient, well-organized service packages, great turnaround time, product branding and customization. We at Giftwrap dedicate ourselves to providing you with a total gift solution. We thrive under pressure and always make good on our promise, fervour and made-to-order services. To find out more about our products and services, please visit our website, Or simply call us on 0861 111 457 and let us send you a quotation.

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Corporate Clothing As A Promotional Tool

We all grew up watching TV shows especially contests and games where competing participants intensively applied creativity in trying to win the prize. That’s the upside of competition. In the corporate world, organizations emerge with a number of innovative ways to promote their products and services. They leave no stone unturned and spend a huge amount of money on advertisements, social media, print media and others in order to create product awareness and visibility of the highest level. Any marketing strategy that an organization adopts must be fail-safe. There are cases where even good products fall flat because of poor marketing and promotional activities.

One of the best and the most universally applied promotional tactic is the use of promotional items. We at Giftwrap supply quality promotional items and corporate gifts. One of the best gifts is corporate promotional clothing. Promotional clothing is one such item that can generate a lot of response. Depending on who wears it and where it could potentially generate a lot of interest, awareness and higher visibility. A piece of corporate clothing can have your organization’s logo and the message printed on it. Such gifts can be distributed to your employees, business partners, suppliers and other parties you have a professional relationship with.

We offer you an assortment of corporate attires that help you promote your brand. This is one of the most successful tools to enhance the image of your brand in the minds of your existing customers and the potential clients.

We have a wide range of corporate clothing such as formal and semi-formal apparels. You can offer them to professional associates and employees.

We supply aprons, bathrobes, belts, blouses, bush shirts, Christmas hats, corporate headwear, formal jackets, cricket shirts, denim shirts, dresses, dust coats, gloves, golf T-shirts and more. One of the most well-liked pieces of corporate clothing is the T-shirt. We can print the logo of your brand on it which would serve as a promotional tool to boost your organizational image.

Professional attire make deep-seated professional impressions and can give you that elegant look inside the office. With such gifts, your employees will certainly feel appreciated and obliged to give their best to the organization; a clandestine secret to boost productivity of the employees and profits of the organization.

Products such as waistcoats, trousers, tracksuits, ties, sweaters, sunglasses and others will definitely delight your employees.

We specialize in supplying promotional clothes that have your corporate messages printed on it.  With swift and efficient services, turnaround time, product branding and personalization, perfect packaging and countrywide delivery, we at Giftwrap feel extremely fortunate to be South Africa’s pride in corporate gifts and promotional item industry.

We at Giftwrap believe that the growth of your organization is dovetailed with what you give to your employees, clients and prospect customers.



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Corporate Gifts That Enhance Your Brand

Alongside hefty salary packages, ambient infrastructure and bonuses, there are non-monetary items that also contribute to the happiness and engagement of your employees, business partners, investors, and suppliers. Giving gifts has become one of the most popular strategies in the corporate world. These are not mere gifts but promotional tools that directly and indirectly enhance the value of your brand.

We at Giftwrap deeply understand the value of branding through the distribution of corporate gifts and promotional items. That’s why we are in the supply of our much-loved corporate gifts and articles. We offer corporate and promotional gift services. Our product variety includes a variety of products such as writing instruments, corporate clothing, leather products, customized hampers, hi-tech products and more.

We steadily believe that offering gifts and promotional vouchers is the best and the most valuably cost-effective way to push your businesses brand.

While advertising methods such as magazines, leaflets, and top commercials put dents in your pocket, giving corporate gifts is a cost-effective instrument that serves a dual purpose; people develop appreciate and use your gifts and your brand is promoted.

We are South Africa’s beloved corporate gifts manufacturer located in Pretoria East. We manufacture a collection of products varying from writing instruments, leather wallets, corporate wears, bonsai trees, custom-built hampers and more. These products will certainly exceed your expectations of presenting an ideal gift to anybody who you professionally respect.

Your relationships make your business. Whether they are employees, customers, partners or suppliers, when it comes to praising people with something a little different, just come speak to us.

We have a team of gift experts and consultants who are keen to help you in picking the perfect gift from a wide variety of our products. They will help you with the right selection of gifts that fit your budget. Catering to your business needs, we can pad-print, embroid, laser engrave, silk screen print and sandblast your company logo or any form of customisation on certain products. We would like to inform you that it takes up to 14 days from date of receiving signed proof, to deliver the goods.

We endeavour to make your company grows by presenting new and existing clients with a vast selection of our promotional gifts, corporate clothing, promotional gadgets and corporate gifts including eco-friendly recycled items. You will certainly secure a place in the minds of your target audience. Our enthusiastic sales team are always looking to ensure that you get excellent service and consultations on the latest trends, making sure that you have an easy-going gifting experience.


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Electronic Items: Best Corporate Gifts and Promotional Tools

The world is transforming from a man controlled society to automation or machine control. In other words, digitalization and electronics are taking over every aspect of your life.  Gadgets and gizmos are so enchanting that even the professional tech wizards are amazed an in awe of the marvels we as people are creating. Electronic items like cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders, DVD players, headphones, USB memory sticks etc. are now integral parts of your daily life.

These gadgets have overtaken the traditional greeting cards and other items in terms of giving gift ability and appreciation. We at Giftwrap understand the value of relations and offer a wide range of electronic items which you can give as gifts to those who matter a lot in your life.

You don’t have to rush to a nearby shopping mall to buy electronic gift items when we are around. Do it from the comfort of your own home our official site features a variety of gift and promotional items that will undoubtedly and subtly enhance your relationship with others.

If you want to retain and increase the productivity of your employees then why not give them a useful gadget that will make them feel appreciated and increase productivity?  You can gift solar chargers to your sales and marketing teams that spend most of their time outside the organization in order to bring in clients; a solar charger would be a great gift. These kind of gifts boost their moral and make them feel like they are part of a family and not just another faceless corporation.

Our electronic gift range includes computer mouse, desk fridges, digital photo frames, earphones, headphones, mini video recorders,  mobile speakers, MP3 players, MP4 Players, Phone Handsets,  Power Banks, Solar Chargers, Speakers, USB Car Chargers, USB Coffee Warmers,  USB Desk  Fans, USB Memory Sticks , USB Products and USB Wall Chargers. Click on the following link to find out the entire range of electronic items.

Apart from electron gift items, we also provide you with a wider spectrum of corporate gifts and promotional services such as corporate clothing, printing, branding, gift hampers, drink ware, writing instruments, stationery items and more.

We at Giftwrap understand how one can grow connections with clients through the invaluable exchange of gifts.  Do you know that gifts help you boost and improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization indirectly? We have a wide assortment of gifts and office equipment that help you promote your business.

Remember that an organization with a high amount of clients and employees should always promote its products and services through corporate gifts.  You make them feel important and not just another client to be dealt with. The problem with massive corporations is the loss of personal service. Gifting is an easy and cost effective way to break down these misconceptions.

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