Top 5 Promotional Gifts for Business

Top 5 promotional gifts for business

Calendars are the only promotional gifts that will be used and seen the whole year, 29% of those given a promotional gift will keep it for at least a year. The USB stick is currently the most popular promotional gift to give, because it is a versatile item that can be used every day. When selecting the promotional gifts that are going to make your business memorable, you need to know which items are going to prove the most popular, and be kept and be used the longest. Clients who receive a gift are around 15% more likely to shop from the company who they have received a gift from.

Giftwrap knows the power of a well thought out promotional gift and this is why they keep a large stock of the most popular gifts. Promoting a business can be done more effectively when you are making an impact on the people who you are reaching. Being memorable is going to make the difference between your company making the kind of impact that is needed to make money and your company missing the mark every time.

  1. Give pens


People are going to use a pen on a daily basis and with each use of the pen the person using it is going to see the branding that you have placed on it. This is going to be their continuous reminder that you offer great products at great prices. You can choose to have an expensive pen that is given to your more important clients or partners or you can choose to have a cheaper pen that will be used for promoting your business to the general public and potential clients.

  1. T-shirts


Everyone likes to receive a free T-shirt. Politicians know this very well, have you noticed how often T-shirts with political party branding are distributed when election time rolls around? This is because they know that people like to receive free clothing and that they will wear it. A nice colour and an interesting design that represents your company is all that you need to spark the interest of people which will be enough encouragement for them to wear it.

  1. Give away carry bags


People are going to use carry bags for a number of things throughout their day. Shopping, sport, or just a bag to place hobby crafts in, giving away a nice bag with your company logo or slogan on it will be enough to make an impact. Wherever they take the bag, people will see the promotional designs and they will                                             remember it in future when they need a product.

  1. Water bottles for sports


These days’ people are rarely leaving their homes without a bottle of water. People are using water bottles more than ever before and they are always on the lookout for a stand out water bottle. Water bottles that are easy to carry around, and those that have your company logo or other type of design on them is going to be a great choice of promotional gift.

You can take it one step further by offering to have a water stand at a running event or maybe even contribute water bottles to the gift bags that are given to runners after the race. This is a great way to reach many people with your branding and your branding will continue to be effective even after the race.

  1. Leather bags


There are going to be those customers who spend more money and who are always supportive of your business. These clients will deserve more than a pen or T-shirt as a way to say thank you for their loyal support over the years. Leather bags for paperwork or leather bags to carry a laptop are the ultimate promotional gift for the client who is giving you the most support. And no one is going to throw away a bag like this. Your branding can easily be placed on such a bag and it will be seen for many years to come.

The best things that you can give to a client or potential client as a promotional gift will be those items that they can use again and again. Clients want those gifts that they are given to serve a purpose. A pamphlet will be tossed away after being read no matter how beautifully laid out it is or how wonderful the message that it is spreading is. But a USB port is going to give the client many years of good use and as a result such a gift will not be thrown away.

The power of promotional gifts and products 

Promotional gifts are used by those businesses who are serious about setting themselves apart from the rest. First and foremost a promotional gift is designed with the aim of boosting a company’s brand recognition. For most companies this is the goal as they know that the more recognisable their brand is, the more customers and sales they are likely to have. With this in mind most companies are going to choose a promotional gift that is desired by the customer, a gift that can be used.

Promotional items can be affordable enough to reach the masses. A small price to pay for a big impact is the start of an increase in sales and an increase in a company’s profits. The promotional gift can also increase the loyalty of the customers. Giving away such a gift to your clients is one of the best ways to say thank you.

Think of your promotional gift as a different type of business card, they can make the same impact and supply the same information but they are more interesting and they are more fun. When you combine your business card and an interesting promotional gift you will be making an even bigger impact than if you were just giving out a business card.

Did you know that 76% of people who had received a promotional gift from a company had developed a better liking for the company and that around 45% of people who receive a promotional gift will use it at least once a day?

At Giftwrap we have over 10 000 promotional gifts for you to choose from which can be personalised with your companies details. Start making an impact on your market today by giving out promotional items. Contact Giftwrap when you are ready to increase your business and your profits.

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The History of Promotional Products – Infographic*

A professional illustration of the promotional products industry : Where it all started…

The Ultimate Infographic to the Promotional Products History

Promotional Items - The History


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How many wristbands at Tomorrowland festival ?

Record Breaking wristbands sold for Tomorrowland Festival Each Year

Do you plan on or have you ever been to Tomorrowland?

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Tomorrowland’s festival goers enjoying the music…

It is the world’s biggest and most popular electronic music festival held in Brazil, Belgium and USA every year and has been experiencing sold out tickets since 2012. To make access to the festival easier and to reduce paper usage, the festival planners began implementing the use of wristbands instead of tickets. Wristbands are increasingly popular and have a variety of uses; for customized and glow in the dark wristbands, visit the Giftwrap website and order them in bulk online.

Different uses of Tomorrowland wristbands:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
More than just a wristband

These wristbands come wired with RFID technology as well, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! You scan your wristband at the entrance to gain access and, depending on the option you paid for, your wristband can give you access to the different camp grounds or V.I.P areas as well. Apart from the easy access function, you can now also order a wristband with the capability of linking your Facebook account with your wristband to enable you to invite fellow festival goers as friends. All you have to do is to be near your new friend and then both of you press the heart button on your wristbands at the same time. Email requests will be sent immediately and you can accept or decline at a later stage.

Different kinds of Tomorrowland wristbands:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Different types of wristbands for the Tomorrowland Festival

There are different options that you can choose from for your Tomorrowland experience. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can afford to go to the festival for the entire weekend; that will get you a Full Madness Pass which is usually a green wristband and allows you access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A Magical Friday pass will give you access to the festival on the Friday only and they are usually blue. The same goes for the Incredible Saturday Pass that is some shade of red and the yellow or brown Glorious Sunday pass. There are different options for accommodation as well; Full Madness camping will give you access to the different campgrounds for 5 days and 4 nights. The options are Dreamville Camping, where you bring your own tent and accessories, Easy Tent packages are provided by Tomorrowland and available for 2 to 4 people, while the Dreamlodges can house 2 people at a time. The Cabanas also houses two people but they are even more luxurious than the Dreamlodges.

Record breaking sellouts every year:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year

Tomorrowland is a massive festival that has 16 different stages where more than 400 DJ’s play their jams. This attracts crowds from all over the world and will continue to do so for years to come. Over 1million beers are sold in those 3 days alone and the festival is now running for two weekends in a row. So how many wristbands does Tomorrowland sell every year? With a capacity of 180 000 people per weekend, you better believe that double that amount of wristbands were sold out in under an hour! Yes, 360 000 people bought their Tomorrowland wristbands online within one hour of availability…

If you need customized wristbands or other promotional items for any reason, simply visit Giftwrap’s website and order it online.

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Giving gifts within the corporate industry is becoming a popular trend. Promotional gifts and promotional items are a great choice in gifts for marketing purposes and enabling your company to make its mark in the corporate world. Gifts of this nature are usually given to the public but they are also frequently given to those in business as well.
Promotional items can consist of writing instruments, clothing items such as hats, leather bound products such as book coverings with a company logo on it and even glasses. There are very few limits on the type of promotional items that can be given as anything that can have a brand name or logo placed on it can be turned into a promotional item. The majority of big name companies will have items such as these as they know the importance of branding and the importance of getting a company’s name and logo out in the public eye. Gifts given as promotional items are ideal as many people like to own branded items.

Why use promotional items?

1. Start new business ties

The chances of increasing the possibility of people wanting to do business with you increases when you give them a promotional gift. Giving promotional gifts can make someone feel as though their business is valued and that they are special. The giving of such gifts to potential customers will also open up the channels of communication with the customers given the gifts and it will open up the possibility of starting a conversation with the customer. Being able to talk to a customer is the first step towards starting a business relationship.

2. More attention

When you use promotional items you will be drawing more interest to your business and to the items or services that you sell. Giving away free items will draw attention to your company as everyone likes to be given something for free. When giving away free items in public people who see that you are giving away free items will be drawn to where you are.

3. Longer lifespan

Unlike other advertising that will eventually be forgotten when it is not seen on a regular basis, advertising using promotional advertising will give the advertising an almost unlimited lifespan depending on what the item is that has been used as a promotional item. If the item is used regularly then the branding will be seen often and it will be easily committed to memory.

4. Promotional items are more mobile

Other methods of advertising usually need to be targeted towards a specific market but this is not the case with promotional items. Promotional items don’t need to be directed towards any specific market or audience, they are suited for all audiences regardless of their geographical location. This enables your promotional items to travel far and be seen be an even wider variety of people.

Promotional items are the perfect small gifts to give in order to increase your business brand reach and with such a wide variety of promotional items available there are endless opportunities to increase your brand awareness through the use of promotional items.

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Just a plastic pen you say?

Just a plastic pen you say?

Let’s be realistic about it, unless we really need a pen to write something down, we don’t give this little wonder of engineering the credit it really deserves.

I can just see the look on your face as you think about the few Rands this plastic pen must have cost, I am about to explain to you why something as simple as a pen, has such a big impact in our corporate lives.

All throughout history, we have needed a device to rapidly scribble something down. You may not realise that with ink pens haven’t actually been around for that long in the greater scheme of things.

I dont expect you to know when the pen was developed so let me take you back about 200 years. If one wanted to permanently record something you needed to make use of a plume and an ink-pot, containing a moderate drying India ink. Imagine carrying this in your pocket on the off chance that you needed to sign something.

Other than the way that fact that this is something you would rather not put in your pocket as due to the giant holes it would make, this was the least of your worries; You would need to hold the book or paper, and your reed pen or plume pen (or later on, your metal nib pen), and the ink pot. When you succeeded in recording something, you would need to sit tight for a few minutes, before the ink would be become dry, and you could go ahead with whatever you were doing. The second choice was that you would go to the closest place where you would have the use of a work area or a table with a coal stove underneath it, used to dry the ink as quick as could be expected under the circumstances, and the greater part of this was done simply to scribble something down.

People were amazed, when Lewis Waterman licensed the first functional wellspring pen in 1884.

This being said, it was without a doubt not the first endeavor for a written work instrument intended to convey their own supply of ink. Actually, the first designs dated back in excess of one hundred years prior to Waterman’s patent, to the most seasoned known outline of a wellspring pen that originated from the hands of a Frenchman named M. Bion, which dated back to the year 1702.

There were numerous more attempts at making a dependable wellspring pen, yet every one of them had the same defects: They were tormented by ink spills and different disappointments that left them infeasible and hard to use. Add to that the way that all wellspring pens started pouring ink when you used them in an air plane (something that was very sought after in that day). It was clear that the world needed something better.

One day a man by the name of Hungarian writer Laszlo Biro considered a different design as he was most likely plagued by these same issues.

The thought of a pen utilizing a fast drying ink rather than India ink came to him while going to a daily paper printing office. The daily paper’s ink left the paper dry and smudge free every time, and It was clear to Biro that utilizing a comparative ink as a part of an alternate kind of composing gadget was the way to go.

At the same time he thought of using a small metal ball that turned toward the end of a tube loaded with this fast drying ink. The ball would have a twofold use It would be able to keep the ink inside the tube from drying, and It would control the stream of the ink as you used it.

In June 1943, Biro and his sibling George, a physicist, took out another patent with the European Patent Office and made the first business model ballpoint pen…The Biro pens. The main ballpoint was conceived, and shockingly since the firs time in history, individuals could take a little convenient device out of their pocket, compose something right away with a fast drying ink and instantly put it away.

Look mom, no stains!

The conclusion is that there is no such thing as “simply a ballpoint pen”. Very few developments have changed the way we are working now as the good old Biro (now you know where the name comes from)

In the event that you need to buy some customised pens for a business or for personal use…give us a look at

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Foreign Superior Quality Brands

Why Choose Giftwrap as Your Corporate Wear Supplier

There are numerous little, medium and bigger organizations in South Africa that are understanding the essential nature of wearing marked corporate wear every day. It is the 21st century and rivalry is not just present, it is shaping businesses. As an entrepreneur, you don’t just want to make a small impact on your clients, you need to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, and be recognized as an evolving brand.

Corporate wear stands out amongst the most demonstrated and effective showcasing systems today. It offers an extensive variety of possible profits, that can’t be matched by any other marketing form.

Picking a solid corporate wear supplier is vital for establishing a positive picture of your image, not just in the minds of the majority of your clients, however your future clients awell. With such a large number of corporate wear suppliers in the commercial arena today, discovering a dependable and believable supplier who can offer you a mix of value, originality and cost price can be hard to discover. You need a corporate wear supplier with a remarkable notoriety who dont just seek to be average, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You need a supplier that can offer everything to you, from in-house marking, quality, proficiency and on-time conveyance, to great client administration. This is precisely what you can anticipate from us, at Giftwrap!

As South Africa’s driving force, and most regarded special and corporate wear supplier, we take incredible pride in supplying organizations and associations all through South Africa. Below we will give you reasons at to why we are right at the top of our game.

A Mixture of Brands – one of the first key characteristics of a trustworthy and believable corporate wear supplier lies in their broad accumulation. At Giftwrap, we can offer an extensive range of brands and makes. Suiting each financial plan, event and amount – if you have a budget then we will meet it.

Foreign Superior Quality Brands – above solace and style, we accept that quality always comes first. It is essential to remember that shoppers can be amazingly judgemental. We select dependable quality brands that are flexible in both quality and price. Low quality attire will just reverse the image of your company and result in a negative brand picture that will be difficult to repair. When you buy your corporate wear from us, you are constantly ensured of prevalent quality brands. Our corporate wear is not just tough and durable, they will make your workers feel sure and proud of themselves when they put it on each day.

In-house Branding – while the fundamental methodology behind corporate wear is about brand mindfulness, it bodes well that branding needs to be tastefully shown on your attire for the world to see. At Giftwrap, we help organizations in their marking process by offering the greater part of our customers in-house branding choices that range from computerized printing, advanced exchange printing, debossing, weaving, cushion printing, screen printing and laser imprinting, to sublimation printing.

Business is intense and rivalry has never been more ruthless. On the off chance that you are a business searching for an approach to help your image and build confidence in the work environment, then you ought to do what several other South African organizations are doing, and that is turn to us for their special and corporate wear needs. We have effectively helped numerous organizations crease their image and whilst still keeping down their costs. We can do this for your company too.

If you want to know anything about us or would like to peruse our catalogues. Please visit our website at

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Corporate Gift: A tool for enhancing brand value

The times are changing so fast that end consumers in any industry get inundated with a variety of products and services. The same principle applies in the case of corporate gifts and promotional items. Just put the key words Corporate Gifts in your Google search bar which will generate about 54,400, 000 results in just 0.26 seconds. Although it is a matter of pride that today’s highly sophisticated consumers have access to a number of e-tailors or online sellers, it has caused a downside as well. With a mammoth amount of offerings, it starts becoming difficult to find products of the highest quality.
It is positively prudent to set a budget whilst buying corporate gifts. Your preference of corporate gifts does indeed show how much you value the recipients; clients, employees, end consumers, suppliers, business partners and associates. High quality gifts are always pleasing to those who get them and will only show your business in a good light. Bear in mind, a quality gift does not always mean luxurious or priced exorbitantly.
Sometimes, little things create special memories and cement relationship. For instance, you should give a lot of attention to the packaging and presentation of the gift. The same old cliché applies here; the first impression is the last or the beginning of how the recipient would perceive or treat you from that moment on. Getting professional assistance from gift sellers and wrapping service is the best way to make sure that corporate and promotional gifts achieve what you want! If you are looking for quality corporate gifts and promotional items, look no further than right here with us. We are Giftwrap, a professional supplier of a variety of corporate gifts and promotional items. Though gifts are the simplest and the most common thing in the world we know but they are the finest way to develop your relationship with others. At Giftwrap we offer Bags And Folders, Banners And Flags, Corporate Headwear, Drinkware, Eco-Friendly Gifts, Electronic Gadgets, Gift Hampers, Writing Instruments, Corporate Clothing, Leather Products, Bonsai Trees, Customized Hampers, Hi-Tech Products and more.
Generally speaking, we all have this perception that the price of the gift is what matters most. A financially sound organization is better. Agreed, But there are other things that outweigh monetary considerations. You require precious corporate gifts and promotional items that actually build up the organizational value without it being overpriced.
We offer printing services that include imprinting your company logo on the actual products to be given away as gifts to the target recipient. This includes Pad printing, Screen printing, Digital printing, Laser engraving, Embroidery Embossing, Debossing, and Heat Transfers. Click here to find out the entire range of products and services we offer.

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Corporate Clothing From Gift Wrap

It took almost two decades since 1994 to modernize, transform and refashion the textile industry of South Africa with about 1 billion US dollars or 116,078,50,000 South African Rands! Such transformation helped the industry gain recognition and infrastructure to match international standards. The growth in the local textile and clothing industry is reflected in the rising consumer demand for clothes and apparel. Today, this industry offers services in natural and synthetic fibre production, spinning, weaving, tufting, knitting, dyeing and finishing. With technological advancements, the local textile production has turned out to be a capital-intensive industry, generating synthetic fibres in escalating proportions. This has boosted the corporate clothing industry across South Africa. Whenever a region becomes globalized, its business and trading communities to some extent accept globalized way of carrying out their professional activities.

People buy clothes and apparels according to their individual requirements, tastes and preferences; mostly for comfort and a need to follow trends. However, corporate clothing takes a different outlook to some. Today, corporate clothing has become one of the most effective ways to promote the brand of your organization. The corporate apparels vary from the regular business suits. A piece of corporate clothing can bear your organization’s logo and the message printed on it. It can be given to your employees, business partners and anyone associated with your organization.

Giftwrap provides an assortment of corporate apparels that promote your brand and enhance the image of your brand in the minds of existing clients and the potential ones. We have a wide range of corporate clothing that boosts your organizational brand. Offering formal and semi-formal clothes as corporate gifts to those who are associated with you. Enhancing the brand image as well as creating a select rapport with them.

Our product range comprise of a wide variety of corporate clothes such as aprons, bathrobes, belts, blouses, bush shirts, Christmas hats, corporate headwear, formal jackets, cricket shirts, denim shirts, dresses, dust coats, gloves, golf T-shirts and more. Our products like waistcoats, trousers, tracksuits, ties, sweaters, sunglasses and others will definitely please your employees or anyone associated with you. We recognize that your relations with those who professionally matter the most help your business grow. We focus on supplying quality corporate clothes with your brand printed on them. Click here to find out the entire range of clothes.

A corporate dress code makes a deep-seated professional impression and can give your operation that corporate giving professional apparel to your clients, employees, business partners or any associates, they will surely feel a sense of respect, especially your employees who will keep their loyalty towards your organization. This is one of the secrets to increasing the productivity of people and profits of the organization.

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Internet Effect On the Corporate Gift Industry

South Africa, a much-liked holiday destination for families and corporate executives, has its corporate gifts industry becoming more competitive year by year. A BIG thank-You to the Internet that has intensified this competitive arena with a number of clients using search engine services of Google and the like, in order to find a number of quotes in a relatively short space of time.

Trouble-free, quick access to numerous quotes has led to the emergence of price leveling effect for corporate gifts and promotional item industry of South Africa. Companies whose products are costly will find it difficult to get business opportunities whereas their business clients tend to overlook quality products and services offered by the companies. People in South Africa are incredibly price conscious and may not choose to pay more for slightly better made products. You need to come in somewhere in the middle. Provide good quality at the right price.

A concrete association or relationship between the companies and the clients are getting weaker due to online interactions as there emerges a lack of personal interaction between both parties. With the emerging power of search engines such as Google, the big companies are getting bigger and they are crushing your small/medium-sized business establishments. The end-consumers are also becoming smarter. More and more people are becoming tech savvy and are turning to ease of use.

Amid all the factors affecting the corporate gift industry, one of the most essential factors is lead times. The times need to be reduced to meet the ever growing need of the consumer. They are no longer happy with the current industry norms. The industry has to keep up with the ability of the customer to source from multiple places at the same time. A service provider will have to be ready with what the client needs. If the client does not get what they need at that very moment, they will switch to your competitors.  This is another reason why in-house branding will become more popular. The time it takes to hear back from contracted printers can be long for example, its the difference between getting the order or not.

Companies need to consider making investments in search engine marketing and gradually move away from traditional, conventional marketing and catalogue or leaflet printing. Search engine optimization is becoming a popular term in the virtual world, building up thousands of brands across the globe. Today, South Africa is far behind other nations, and the corporate gifts and promotional industry in South Africa has to catch up with them.

The key to succeed in this highly competitive corporate gifts industry of South Africa, is investing valuable resources; monetary and labor in product specialization in order to offer the highly personalized products and services. This will yield dividends in the not-so-distant future.  The competition becomes tougher and far more challenging when many sellers have the same product and the customers want something innovative and exciting.

If you are looking for quality corporate gifts and promotional items, kindly get in touch with us. We are Giftwrap, a leading supplier of innovative corporate gifts and promotional items and gifts. Handing out these gifts will certainly boost the brand awareness of your organization. We are based in Pretoria, South Africa, providing a range of corporate promotional gifts such as writing instruments, corporate clothing, leather products, bonsai trees, customised hampers, to hi-tech products and more. Click here to find out the entire range of all products.

Giving corporate gifts, promotional items and vouchers is the best way to enhance organizational values. Your good rapport with colleagues, employees, business partners, suppliers and valued clients is an asset that fetches business.  With our products, you can articulate your appreciation to all of them. You can thank your employees for contributing their time and energy to the success of your organization. Such attitude towards people create harmonious atmosphere at workplace, and the relationships turn even stronger.


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