The quickest turnaround corporate gifts with a logo

The holidays are over and it is time to get back to reality. Part of your business goals for 2016 should be to increase your turn around time when ordering corporate gifts. You don’t want to order corporate gifts that can take months to get to you when you request for them to be customised, rather you want to aim for a turnaround time that gets your gifts to you as quickly as possible so that you can start making some marketing magic happen.

Corporate gifts are hugely effective so long as you have your company’s details placed onto them. This means you should aim to buy those gifts that can have your company logo and perhaps even your company contact details printed onto it.

Here are the corporate gifts that have a quick turnaround time even when you want to have your logo placed onto it.

  1. A customised blanket

Winter is around the corner and before you wipe your eyes out we will be feeling that all too familiar chill. Giving a client a winter blanket is not going to break your bank and it is going to be very useful in the coming cold months. With your logo placed neatly onto the blanket, each time it is used this winter people will be reminded who is keeping them warm. Customised blankets can be made quickly and you can have them in time for the big chill.

Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
  1. A travel mug

How easy is it to print your logo and company details onto a travel mug? Exceptionally easy is the answer we can give you. It takes almost no time at all to get a travel mug branded, giving you plenty of time to give it away to the right people. A travel mug is convenient especially as it keeps the liquid warm, and when used often it will be seen by many people. The usefulness of a travel mug is only going to work in your favour.

  1. A stylish picture frame

Easy to brand and always on display when someone has framed a picture in it, using a picture frame as a corporate gift is a great way to make sure that your branding is always seen. This constant reminder, along with having a happy memory in the picture frame is going to give your corporate branding a much-needed boost.

Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
  1. A journal or diary

Nothing starts the year off in a better way than being able to open a brand new journal and start writing on a clean, new page. A diary or journal is almost always going to be a much-appreciated gift, with anyone running around in the 9 to 5 needing such a tool to get through their day. Journals come in different materials and they can be branded fairly quickly.

2016 can be the year that you make that big impact on your marketing by getting a head start with your corporate gifts. Gift Wrap has a wide range of promotional gifts that you can choose from, and with our speedy turnaround time, you don’t have to wait long to make your mark with promotional items.

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Are you a non-profit looking to give promotional gifts? Read this to make sure you do it right.

As the leader of a non-profit, or as a non-profit marketer or donor officer, you know that the community holds immense power when it comes to fundraising. Once you have the community on your side, your funding battle is almost won as the community can be the most stable donor you will ever have.

With this knowledge, you have probably tried all sorts of methods and techniques to win the community over to your side. But have you tried giving promotional gifts?

Charities can get a boost in their support when they use corporate gifts to reach out
Charities can get a boost in their support when they use corporate gifts to reach out

Promotional gifts can be so easily overlooked by a non-profit because unlike a business, a non-profit has to work with a very specific budget that often doesn’t make allowances for marketing. But if you are a non-profit that is able to set money aside for promotional gifts, you are going to be giving your organisation the opportunity to truly stand out from all other similar organisations looking for donations. But the success of a campaign that includes promotional items lies with the non-profit making a few wise decisions regarding the items that they choose.

Top tips for non-profits looking to use promotional items

Know who your audience is

Certain age groups like to receive certain gifts, for instance, the younger generation might prefer to receive something electronic rather than stationary. This is one thing to consider when you start your research into promotional gifts. You should also consider the income groups of those who you will be giving the promotional items to. You want your promotional items to bring in some funding so targeting children with your products might not yield the results you need. Once you understand your audience and what types of items they would like to receive, you can start looking around.

Keep the purpose of the item in mind

Promotional items are used to build a brand and to ultimately encourage people to support your non-profit in all sorts of ways. Promotional gifts can be given to donors, fellow non-profits and supporters, to say thank you and to build your brand. Promotional items can also be given during campaigns, outreaches and community meetings.

A simple gift given can increase the awareness of your charity
A simple gift given can increase the awareness of your charity

You don’t have to give away the same gift at every event so your promotional items can change from event to event and serve a different purpose at each event.

Keep your vision, your mission and your non-profits values in mind

At the foundation of every non-profit, you will find the vision, the mission and the values of the organisation. These factors usually form the reasons why the non-profit was founded in the first place. The promotional items that you give should be in line with your vision, mission and values as well as be in line with the values of your supporters. This will drive home and reinforce your organisations need for support and commitment to the work that it does.

Be creative with the items you choose to give

To truly stand out you need to be creative and not give the usual, more common gifts unless you absolutely have no choice. Instead of stickers, badges and t-shirts, think about giving out awareness bracelets. One of the nicest, and most useful gift to give is a USB bracelet.

Your non-profit can really take marketing to the next level when you decide to use promotional gifts. To save money but still make an impact on your marketing, you should look for affordable promotional gifts.


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A stuffed toy is the best promotional item ever! Here are 3 reasons why they are great

There is a lot of debate surrounding which promotional items are the best ones to give. Each company might have its own strategy surrounding the gifts that they give and each with their own ideas about which promotional items are the best to give. While promotional items need to be planned according to your market, your budget, your campaign and your image, there are simply some promotional items that work better than the rest. And some promotional gift experts are saying the best item to give is a stuffed animal.

A stuffed toy can become a great promotional gift
A stuffed toy can become a great promotional gift

Wait, what? Stuffed toys are the best items to give? Well yes, this is what some people are saying and they are saying it for 3 very good reasons. I know that the philosophy of corporate gift giving states emphatically that your corporate gift needs to be useful and relate to your business but stuffed toys have some of their own versatility that allows them to adhere to all of the rules for promotional marketing items:

Rule #1: The promotional item must have staying power

When was the last time you actually threw away a stuffed toy? Not gave away, but placed in a rubbish bag and put it out on the street. And if you have thrown away a stuffed toy, how many years did you hold onto it before it went into the dustbin?

Stuffed toys are cuddly, they are cute and they are usually made from a high-quality material that gives them a long life and thus much “staying power”. Even when the appeal of those gorgeous cuddly toys wears off, you are likely to either pass it onto a child in your family or donate it to charity. And when the toy is branded with a company’s information and logo, the promotional gift is likely to be a huge success.

A stuffed toy won’t be used up and thrown away like a box of chocolates or a pen and it is also unlikely to be misplaced. And finally the stuffed toy is not necessarily going to be hidden away in a cupboard, rather it will be put on display…with the promotional branding seen all the time.

Rule #2: The promotional item should be versatile

The usability of the promotional gift is not likely to be overly obvious and it is certainly not conventional. But it is rather powerful. Once the toy has been loved and is ready to go to a new owner, the toy can actually be sold, for charitable reasons. Or the plush toy can be sold brand new to raise funding for all sorts of reasons.

Their versatility makes them excellent gifts for brand building
Their versatility makes them excellent gifts for brand building

You can sell the plush toy at a reasonable price and still gain plenty of exposure for your company while you raise money for a charitable reason. This versatility is a win-win for everyone involved.

Rule #3: A promotional item should be able to be customised

Again it might be hard to imagine it, but the stuffed toy can be customised. You must have seen this before, a stuffed toy wearing a hat or a t-shirt, or perhaps even carrying something. The options available to those companies wanting to customise their toy and add a bit of branding are almost endless. A customised promotional gift is not only incredibly cute but it is also an eye catcher and a conversation starter.

Transform your promotional gifting strategy by including soft, plush toys and make an impact on your market.

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Promotional gifts to say thank you to your hardworking staff

So Christmas is literally right around the corner and if you are giving your staff a little something to end off the year, chances are you have already bought, packed and labelled the gifts. Giving your staff a little something at the end of the year is a great way to say “thank you” for the commitment and hard work that has been put in throughout the year. Christmas gifts for your staff don’t have to be promotional gifts, but they should be able to reflect your thanks.

Christmas is a wonderful time to thank employees by giving promotional gifts and other gifts
Christmas is a wonderful time to thank employees by giving promotional gifts and other gifts

Your employees have contributed to your success throughout the year and now is the time to be thankful and give a gift in return. There are such a variety of gift choices this holiday season. Have you put off your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Here are some of the best promotional gift choices that you should consider:

A beautiful selection of wine

For a small staff, the gift of wine is always a special treat. Most people are going to be enjoying a relaxing drink during this festive season and when they have that special bottle of wine to celebrate the end of the year, their festivities are going to be even more enjoyable. Bottles of wine will also make stunning promotional gifts when you place your company logo onto it. These bottles can be commemorative and opened on a special date.

Along with that special bottle of wine, you can also give your employees a box of chocolates or other special treats to be enjoyed over the holiday season. This is the season to give and if your company has enjoyed a successful year then now is certainly the time to be celebrating.

Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift
Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift

A full gift basket

Everyone loves to receive an assortment of products at the end of their year. With a little bit of everything in it, a gift basket is a very generous gift to give. Most gifts of this nature will consist of food products such as jams, biscuits and other delicious foods to indulge in. You can put almost anything you like in a gift basket, this is what makes it a wonderfully versatile gift to give. If you know your staff well then you can fill the gift basket with gifts that are suited to their hobbies and tastes.

A useful gift of electronics

Electronics are becoming more and more sophisticated while also being easy to carry around. You can never go wrong with giving electronics as gifts and both your clients and staff are going to be grateful for being given such a useful gift. Some of the more popular electronic devices to give includes Mp3 players, USB ports, coffee warmers, adapters and even digital picture frames.

Mp3 players are great gifts that are also very affordable
Mp3 players are great gifts that are also very affordable

A handy bag for work

Many of us carry bags for work purposes. We carry our laptops to and from the office, we carry briefcases filled with important papers and we also carry bags containing our personal belongings. Conference bags, backpacks, laptop bags, and even briefcases all make wonderful gifts for your hard working employees.

Promotional gifts to start off the holiday season are truly wonderful ways to say “thank you” for contributing to the success of the company before your employees go on their annual leave. Gift Wrap has one of the biggest selections of promotional items in South Africa and you can purchase these gifts for your employees this festive season.

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A quick guide to corporate (promotional) gifts

Many companies give away gifts as a way to say “thank you”, as a way to start a conversation and as a way to gain interest and support. The sad thing is that many of these gifts end up being put away somewhere else, forgotten relics that are certainly working in no one’s favour. This is the best case scenario for a gift that is wrongly selected, the worst case scenario is the promotional gift gets thrown away. A promotional item always serves, at least, two purposes; to make a person give attention to the company and then to be a continued reminder of the company as the item gets used again and again.

Promotional gifts come in all styles, let these tips guide you to finding the right gifts
Promotional gifts come in all styles, let these tips guide you to finding the right gifts

The selection of the promotional gift is an important one. Choose the wrong corporate present and your money might as well have been spent on other marketing. Here are 5 tips to be your guide to choosing corporate gifts that will be a hit:

  1. Keep things within reason

The gift that you give is in many ways meant to be a thank you. You can use it to thank potential supporters for paying attention to your company or to thank your existing supporters for their ongoing support. Giving gifts that are too expensive means you will have to limit the amount you give and it can also backfire if people start thinking you are trying to buy their loyalty with expensive gifts. Don’t bankrupt yourself, give an affordable gift.

  1. Make sure your corporate gifts are useful

With every bit of advice that you read regarding promotional gifts, you will always come across this point. In every good piece of advice at least. People love to be given a gift that they can actually use. Always make sure that the gift you give actually has a purpose. When you give away gifts that make a person’s life easier or is able to solve a problem it is going to work in your favour. Simple, but useful gifts, will be incredibly appreciated. Trust me.

  1. Give some sales talk with the gift

There is no reason to give your gift without adding a few sugary sales talk telling the person receiving it why this gift, in particular, is being given. Tell them, within reason, why that gift, in particular, was selected. This can form part of some really necessary trust building that can, in turn, lead to bringing in some new customers. Business doesn’t have to be a cold interaction, you can bring some warmth to the table and your support base is sure to appreciate it.

Promotional gifts are great talking points
Promotional gifts are great talking points

4. Give a special gift

Receiving a gift when you least expect it is a lovely surprise and one that will be remembered. While it is the business norm to give promotional gifts during the festive season or during other holidays, giving away gifts randomly throughout the year shouldn’t be overlooked. Giving gifts during the holidays is a lovely gesture but think about the impact you will make by giving gifts through the year when least expected? Now that is a surprising gesture.

  1. Play by the rules

Before you give out gifts in all sorts of industries, find out if there are any industry rules against accepting the gifts. It is highly unlikely that you will have any problems, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Make an impact with your promotional gifts. At Gift Wrap, we have the wide selection of gifts that you can use to make a great impression on your market.

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5 promotional gifts to give during the festive season

It is quite something when you think that the festive season is once again upon us. The year has passed by in a blur and we are again approaching the season of giving. Have you thought about what your company is going to be giving this year?

The festive season is one of the best times to give away promotional gifts
The festive season is one of the best times to give away promotional gifts

To give you a head start in finding the perfect holiday promotional gifts, we have compiled a quick list that will simplify your holiday shopping experience and still allow you to make an impact with your gifts.

  • Chocolates and sweets in a beautiful box

Using chocolates as promotional items will provide you with endless opportunities to promote your brand. Giving away sweets and chocolates in a special little box with your branding on it will be a memorable gift to give and people are simply going to love this simple but highly effective gesture. If you are not keen on giving away chocolate, you can always give away biscuits, fudge, truffles, brownies or savoury goodies such as peanuts, biltong or pretzels.

This option will really allow you to customise your gift and make it something special. If you give your gift away in a special box you can be sure that the box is going to be kept by those receiving the gift.

The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items
The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items
  • Miniature tools and torches personalised with your branding

Keeping tools in a handbag, cubby hole or attached to your belt is something that many people will not do without. Miniature tools are great gifts to give away at this time of the year, when they are branded with your logo and company details you will enjoy plenty of success with giving your company branding a big boost. Small flashlights are equally fantastic gifts, especially as load shedding is always a possibility in our country.

  • Easy to manage cooler bags

These are ideally given at this time of the year when people are going to be preparing their Christmas meals in the heat and will need a cool place to keep the food should they be preparing food in one place and taking it to another. Cooler bags are generally just a great gift to give because they are always handy. Hiking trips, road journeys or even just defrosting a deep freeze at home, people can always use a cooler bag. And as South Africa is currently experiencing strange weather patterns that are leaving various regions of the country sweltering in the intense heat, a cooler bag to keep the ice cream cool is just the thing people would love to receive as promotional gifts.

Cooler bags are relatively cheap and they can be easily branded just in time for the holidays.

  • Board games, card games and puzzles

Most people take their annual leave at this time of the year when companies start closing up shop for the year. To keep busy but to still relax during their off time, many people turn to games. Socialising with family members will also oftentimes be a great opportunity to bring everyone together and play cards. You can personalise the game in numerous ways such as by printing your logo on the box or on the actual game. Each time they play your game your branding is going to be seen by everyone.

Board games such as Dungeons and Dragons can bring the whole family together during the
Board games such as Dungeons and Dragons can bring the whole family together during the holidays
  • Branded water bottles

Branded bottles for travelling, along with branded coffee mugs, are a really great way to get your brand moving. Travelling mugs are always welcomed by those who are heading off on various travels and want a convenient way to carry their drinks.

This is the time of year to start organising those promotional gifts you will be giving away this year. For these items and more you can find them in our easy to use online shop.

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5 reasons why promotional items work

Reading this article means you have probably already come across the term promotional items and you want to know if making an investment is really worth your while. The truth is that finding the right promotional item can have a lasting effect on your business and the marketing that you do. Look around your work desk. Do you have a calendar with a company’s details on it? That right there is a promotional gift and the genius surrounding the gift of a calendar is that it is going to be sitting your desk for 12 months. That is 12 months of subtle marketing. And every promotional gift has the power to make a big impact.

Modern marketing is not just about advertsing copy. Giving away freebies is how to get in on the action
Modern marketing is not just about advertsing copy. Giving away freebies is how to get in on the action

Giving away gifts with your company details on it is always going to have an impact on your marketing. So before you splurge your entire marketing budget on that banner you were thinking about buying, read these reasons why promotional items work:

  1. The power to stay

Like the idea of your promotional gifts having staying power and continuously reminding the person who has received it about your business and your products. Promotional items have more staying power and thus make more of an impact than other forms of marketing. Not only are promotional gifts eye catching but they are also not likely to be thrown away in a hurry. The longer an item is kept, the more power they will have.

  1. Numerous opportunities to do impression advertising

When promotional marketing using items is done right you will find that you are getting more than your value for money. This type of marketing is going to carry on working for as long as it is around. Think about political campaign T-Shirts. They are given out at a rally and people continue wearing them for months or even years afterwards. And each time they are worn, people will be exposed to the message that the T-shirt is presenting. The right design is sure to get your company noticed again and again.

  1. Everyone loves getting something for free
A flash drive is one of the best items to give away.
A flash drive is one of the best items to give away.

Are you going to say no to a new flash drive? Of course not! They are so handy to have. They are so convenient to have both at home and at work. If the gift you are planning to distribute is creative and useful you will have no problem in getting the promotional item to really give out a fantastic message with staying power. If people are happy to be receiving the product then they will associate happiness and your business. This will have the power of bringing in new customers. And what is better is that once people receive the gift and make that happy association they will be telling their friends and family all about it.

  1. Bring in your charitable side

Everybody likes to hear about how a company is helping out the community and what better way to lend a helping hand than by donating a few promotional items to the cause. Before you think that this is a shameless way in which to promote your company, think about how useful your item is. After all, you should only be giving away useful items as promotional gifts. If you don’t want to donate items you can sell your promotional items and give the proceeds to a charity.

  1. Everyone else is doing it

If you have come across promotional items before, then you can be sure that your competitors have also discovered the power of giving this type of gift. And while you are reading this there is a very real chance that they have read this as well and they are now already placing their orders for unique promotional items.

Looking to make an extra special big impression to give your company a boost? Gift Wrap has a huge range of promotional gifts, perfect for your next marketing campaign.

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The 5 strangest promotional items

Imagine being able to show the world your company’s ingenuity, creativity or maybe just its sense of humour, with interesting promotional items. That is exactly what companies have been doing throughout the years, and although these gifts have been strange, they have been a memorable talking point, which is what has made them so memorable for those who have received the promotional items.

Promotional items are a great way to promote your company
Promotional items are a great way to promote your company

The promotional gifts you give don’t always have to relate to the business that you do. Your promotional gifts can be pretty much anything and while some will say that it is better to have the item relate to your business, others will argue that it is the memorable qualities that make the lasting impression. So slap your company name and details on any one of these items and you are sure to create a stir:

  1. The Hydro Water-Power Clock

This item is so unique that there are few to no other companies out there that will use this gift to generate interest in the company. This clock is energy saving and will never need to have batteries thanks to the hydro electrical technology. They are a great talking point and will open up the conversation to discuss the products or services you are selling.

  1. A collapsible travelling cup

I personally love this one, purely because it is nostalgic and reminds me of when I was a young child. Collapsible travel cups are so convenient. They are compact when they are collapsed and can be carried in a bag or in a pocket. Maybe these cups aren’t the strangest things that you have seen but they are always a welcome promotional gift because they are so nice to have.

  1. A boomerang

When was the last time you saw a boomerang? These are not common items by any stretch of the imagination and you will probably even have a tough time finding one of these in a toy shop. But this unusual promotional item can really have a big impact on those who are receiving them. The boomerang is also a big talking point, thanks to its unique qualities, and that is one the reasons why it is a great promotional gift to give.

Boomerang's make for unique promotional items
Boomerang’s make for unique promotional items
  1. A digital jump rope

Almost anything can be turned into a promotional item, including jump ropes. Place your company details on the rope handles and give it away, you will be enticing people with a positive experience as they are going to be getting lots of exercise and happiness out of your promotional gift and every time they use it they are going to be reminded of your company. Definitely an all-round win for everyone involved. This rope can count up and down and it will keep track of the calories being burnt away.

  1. A custom selfie stick

The selfie stick makes for an interesting gift
The selfie stick makes for an interesting gift

Okay, have you seen these things? Not only are they rather unusual if you don’t know what they are, but they are also buying into one of the biggest trends at the moment. Everyone wants one and as a business owner looking for promotional items that are going to make a big impact, you will be happy to know that these days they are cheap and you will be able to have your company logo printed onto it before you give it out.

Your promotional items need to make a big impact on your market. If you are looking for that promotional gift that is going to bring the wow factor, Gift Wrap has the biggest selection for you to browse through.


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Colourful promotional gifts and marketing done right with the Colour Run

The Colour Run has given companies a great platform from which to distribute promotional gifts and reach new markets.

The Colour Run has taken hold of South Africa and every town visited gets excited about running what they say is the happiest 5 KM on earth. Not only has it pulled people out of their homes this summer but it has had an impact on the way in which marketing is done and the way in which promotional gifts are given.

The Colour Run gives marketers a new way in which to distribute promotional gifts
The Colour Run gives marketers a new way in which to distribute promotional gifts

The Colour Run was first hosted in 2011 in the United States of America. The idea was driven forward by the desire to promote healthier and happier living, getting people active in what many will say is the most energetic and fun way possible. This is a running event like no other on the planet. A fun run rather than a race, runners are showered in bright, happy colours as they run past various colour stations. The Colour Run is now the single largest running series in the world with more than 200 runs hosted in around 50 countries. And around the world it has become a great opportunity for sponsors to do some innovative marketing.

Some say that the oldest form of marketing can be found right there in promotional items, and running events are not shy to use this fantastic form of marketing to draw in the sponsors. Each year companies will see millions of rands disappear into promotional gifts to be given at all sorts of events and used for other marketing opportunities.

What the Colour Run is all about

First and foremost, the Colour Run has nothing to do with conventional racing. That certainly takes the pressure off as there is no need to dash to the finish line. Runners need to wear white at the start line and at each kilometre mark they will be showered with colour, a different colour marking off each kilometre. Each event is finished off with a wonderful party for the runners where they are again covered in powdered paint.

The event caters to all people, including those who are not regular runners. This is the way in which the Colour Run promotes a healthier lifestyle. And right next to being healthy comes being happy and the Colour Run certainly ticks that box off, with runners unable to keep the grins off of their faces when they run through the first colour station.

And the organisers take the event one step further by giving some of the proceeds away to charity. Everything surrounding this event is linked to positivity and living a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. This makes it an attractive option for sponsors and their promotional gifts.

Powdered colour turns this run into a positive experience.
Powdered colour turns this run into a positive experience.

The Colour Run and Marketing

Attracting thousands all over the country, The Colour Run has given companies an incredible opportunity to gain the maximum amount of exposure in one of the most positive ways. The connotations surrounding the happiness of the event leaks over into the promotional gifts given by various sponsors and this is able to give the promotional items an extra positive boost. People link the happiness they experienced at The Colour Run with the promotional items they get.

This year South African Colour Runners are really being treated to an interesting gift pack. Each runner will get packets of their own colour powder, fake tattoos, sweatbands and T-Shirts. The race runners are also treated to a number of other sponsored goodies to enhance the experience and to give the sponsoring companies a marketing boost. Free samples of products are also included in the bag. This year’s Colour Run sponsors include Capitec Bank, Jacaranda FM, Nashua, MediHelp, Vanish and Rekord.

The Colour Run is first and foremost a happy, energetic event that encourages people to live life to the fullest. But the behind the scenes, delicate and positive marketing by sponsors shows you that promotional gifts don’t have to be boring or given away at boring events. Companies using promotional gifts the right way, and can make a positive and powerful impact, are more likely to be successful with this type of marketing.



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5 Greatest Sporting events in South Africa

Things you should take to Sporting Events…

Sporting Events

South Africa might have its problems, but one thing this country can do is to host major international sporting events successfully. If you are a highly enthusiastic fan of sports, you were probably one of the fans across the world that came to support these games with promotional items like a big foam finger, vuvuzela and patriotic flags & hats alike. If you’re going to one of these big sporting events in the near future and you want to get your hands on specially branded sporting goods, accessories or clothes, there’s a company that specializes in exactly what you need. Giftwrap will provide you with anything from beer mugs to vuvuzelas and everything in between; take a look at all the items they can personalize for your sporting needs. Rugby, cricket, soccer or golf; there are always more sporting events to look forward to in this country.

Looking back, here are 5 of the Greatest Sporting Events that have already taken place in South Africa.


The Fifa World Cup:

Ten stadiums in nine cities across South Africa had the privilege of hosting the soccer games for the Fifa World Cup in 2010. Those cities were Cape Town, Durban, Port Elisabeth, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, Pretoria and the finals took place at Johannesburg’s Soccer City. Being one of the biggest sporting events worldwide, it was a really big deal for this country to be a host.

Spain narrowly defeated Netherlands in 2010 by 1-0 when Andrés Iniesta scored a goal, mere minutes before the end of extra time. The crowds that gathered to watch these games had so much spirit, waving their South African flags and wearing clothes that supported their favorite soccer teams. Giftwrap can supply you and your friends with any of these items, as well as soccer fan glasses and even soccer themed Belgian chocolates. You can watch the next soccer game with all the appropriate paraphernalia.

The Rugby World Cup:

Not only did South Africa host the 1995 Rugby World Cup, they won it! Spirits were high and excitement overpowered the nation when the reigning president, Nelson Mandela, handed the trophy to Francios Pienaar at this major sporting event. This historic game brought South Africans together in such a remarkable way, being the first year after Mandela was elected, the country needed to unite and when they beat New Zeland 15-12, the crowds in the Ellis Park stadium of Johannesburg went wild!

Everybody who had a South African flag waved it with pride and the faces that had our flag painted over them smiled from ear to ear. If you’re looking for a bunch of whistles, branded spare wheel covers or Springbok caps and a South African flag to show your support, take a look online in Giftwrap’s catalog. You can be waving your country’s flag proudly with the next Rugby World Cup.

Cricket World Cup:

54 matches in the 8th Cricket World Cup were hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya in 2003. Although South Africa missed qualifying for the Super Sixes stage by 1 run, South Africans all over was enjoying the benefits of hosting such an amazing sporting event. The 14 participating teams were divided into two groups and the top three from each group were Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

The first four entered the semi-finals and then Kenya and Sri Lanka also fell out. In the end, Australia won vs. India by 125 runs. That was the biggest win in Cricket World Cup history. Get into the cricket spirit and get your hands on branded cricket bats, a can holder belt, temporary South African flag tattoos or cricket hats galore, so you’ll be kitted for the next big game.

World Cup of Golf:

In 1996, South African golfers Ernie Els and Wayne Westner broke records on their own grounds when South Africa hosted the World Cup of Golf sporting event. Already being familiar with the Erinvale Golf Club in Cape Town, they blew the crowds away when they slaughtered their opposition and won by a whopping 18 shots!

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A1 Grant Prix:

Another South African favorite sporting event is the annual A1 Grand Prix and Durban hosted it for three years in a row. It started with a leg in 2006 and then it was named the best event in the first season of Motorsport World Cup. Almost 100 000 fans roared with the Netherlands engines during the feature race after the sprint was dominated by France. Germany won back-to-back feature races and sprints in 2007, but Switzerland and Canada both won sprints and feature races in 2008.

The deafening event moved to the Kyalami race track in Johannesburg from 2009, when Netherlands and Switzerland shared victories of feature and sprint races. If you’re looking for a company that can make embroiled racing pit shirts and caps, look no further – Giftwrap can provide you with all that and so much more.
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