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Buy Personalised corporate gifts to up your marketing game

Buy personalised corporate gifts to up your marketing game

This winter you should consider treating your clients to a selection of memorable corporate gifts, the kind that will make their lives easier while making your company truly unforgettable. Promotional gifts are not the only way that you can make a big impact on your audience, but they are an important part of the marketing plan of any company. With promotional itmes, you will be able to bring in new supporters for your company and help to generate a new client base. Giving away a gift can be one of the best ways to help your company grow, even without making a massive dent in your marketing budget.

The key to the success of your gift marketing lies with the planning that you need to do. With the right plan, you will certainly be able to do magic!

When choosing any corporate gifts, you will need to consider a few very important facts:

  1. Is the gift useful?
  2. Is the gift unique?
  3. How much is it going to cost?

Once you have answered these three important questions you will be able to figure out just how successful your project is going to be. Boring gifts can be the death of an otherwise good campaign, so when you are doing your planning, a lot of thought is needed.

Marketing a company using corporate gifts is a technique that has been around for many years and will continue to outperform just about any other physical marketing technique available. Promotional gifts now make up a multi-million dollar industry and they have become a part of a strategy that is as successful in South Africa as it is in other countries.

Promotional giveaways can become the most important marketing tool you use

And this is because promotional giveaways are wonderfully memorable and they have the staying power needed for the company to remain in the minds of those receiving the product. Research has proven that a promotional gift is more effective when it is kept for a long period of time. This is where the usability of the product becomes so important. If those receiving a promotional gift find that the gift has no purpose, they are more than likely to get rid of it.

What turns a gift into a corporate gift is the branding. This is the most important aspect of this kind of marketing and when it is done properly, you are guaranteed a gift that is going to have staying power. The branding that is place onto a gift is usually fairly simple, with the company’s logo, perhaps a slogan as well as its contact details included on the corporate gift. Each time a person uses the gift, they will see the branding and be reminded of your company.

Promotional giveaways are not just a reminder about your company, they are also a great tool for engaging with your potential audience. Using a promotional product as a conversation starter can help to give you the platform to answer people’s questions and start building up their trust in your company.

3 methods to use when giving the corporate gift

When you decide to give away products, you need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to get the most out of each gift given. This goes beyond the basic planning that you would need to do, such as buying gifts at the best prices. There are a few methods that anyone can use to improve the impact of their promo items and this impact will go a long way towards being the secret to your success.

Not every company has a massive budget to spend on corporate products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this strategy. Basically, the more simple your gift is, the more effective it is likely to be. People will appreciate even the smallest gesture but you should not start out by giving a promo item which has been used by every other company. When you are looking to grab attention, unique but affordable products are a good start. Once your campaign is off the ground you can slip back into the more comfortable habit of giving your everyday gift.

To get your marketing going, and to really stand out, try these 3 techniques:


  1. Be authentic and give from your own stock

If your company is all about selling products, the biggest impact gift lies on your shelves. Giving from your own stock will allow people to try out your products and get a feel for the quality you are offering. When you let your products speak on your behalf, you are very much likely to win over more than a few new customers. By giving your own stock, you are marketing in the most authentic way possible. This will help to build up a trust in your brand and your products.

But I hear you asking, “What if I don’t sell products but rather offer services?”

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be authentic with your customers, you will just need to be a little bit cleverer with your planning. For instance, if you are offering IT services, you won’t go amiss by giving away a useful flash drive with your company’s details branded on it.

  1. Always make extra sure that your gifts are useful

It can’t be stressed enough that your gifts must have a use. When gifts are useful, they have more staying power as they are less likely to be given or thrown away. While you can give a more affordable gift, you should never go the cheap route as that can severely compromise the quality of the product. If a promo item breaks just a few days after giving it away, you have wasted your time and your money, while you might have also compromised the success of your campaign.

Buy quality, useful products at affordable prices and you won’t regret your choices.

  1. Give gifts

When you are looking to make a short-term impact, you can give gifts of chocolate and biscuits, but when you are ready to make a long-term investment, you need to give away actual gifts. Edible, or drinkable, gifts will be used once and then they will more than likely be completely forgotten. The real power of promo items lies with giving away the gift that has staying power.

Corporate gifts and Clothing to giveaway in winter

Whenever the seasons change, you have a new opportunity to give gifts that will be useful, at that moment, for those receiving them. Giving away gifts that people might not have otherwise bought for themselves can also have a positive impact on your brand exposure. Winter is the season when there is a more than a usual number of options for corporate gift giving.

Here are a few useful gifts that you can give this winter:

  • Branded scarves and beanies
  • Hot chocolate or coffee hampers
  • Hot water bottles
  • Aluminium water bottles (to keep coffee and tea warm)
  • Biscuits and chocolates

If you haven’t added promo gifts to your marketing campaign just yet, now is the perfect time to get started. While in winter you can focus on giving away those gifts that will keep people warm, you can really give away just about any gift in winter. For instance, a USB drive or a battery charger is going to be a welcome gift all through the year. When you are planning your campaign, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right gifts as your clients are unlikely to use a scarf in the middle of summer!

Choose GiftWrap

Now that you know the power of the corporate gift, you need to work with the company that has years of experience and a seemingly endless variety of promotional products. GiftWrap is South Africa’s preferred promotional products supplier and manufacturer and if you can think it up, you can probably find it in their product range. Here you will find everything you could need to successfully market your company using promotional products.

Perfect your promo gift marketing campaign by getting in touch with GiftWrap. With our products and your imagination, you can reach an audience in ways you might not have considered before.

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Promotional Items

A list of the best promotional products and corporate gifts

Competition is very tight in every industry which means that your company needs to stay ahead of the game and constantly be in the mind of its customers. Your client base is your bread and butter so ensuring that they always think of you first when they are in need of the product that you provide or the service that you give is of the utmost importance. Corporate gifts or promo items are going to help you to achieve that. Using high-quality products that are unique and have a purpose are going to boost your company’s image and improve the goodwill and support that your company will receive.

But what makes a gift ideal for giving within the corporate industry and what are the best gifts for you to give? The gifts that a company gives does not necessarily have to be related to what the business does but it should be a genuine gift that is given without expectation and the gift giving should never be seen as a bribe. The gift should be something that the person receiving it will appreciate receiving rather than something that they will throw away as soon as they can.

Buying corporate gifts can be very tricky however with the increased amount of online shops catering for this very industry, you will not be short on options.

What to keep in mind when you are selecting a corporate gift

  1. Usability

A corporate gift should be able to service a purpose rather than be an ornament. These days a popular item to give is a flash disk with the company logo attached to it. This is a very useful gift for most people and it is a quality gift to give.

  1. Price tag

You don’t want to use your entire advertising budget on your promotional items so when you are selecting promotional items you should select quality items that are reasonably priced. Having reasonably priced corporate gifts will make them easier to give away.

  1. Keep cultural differences in mind

The corporate world involves all types of cultures and it has become very important to keep the cultures of those who you are giving the gifts to in mind. You would not want to inadvertently insult someone by giving them a gift that they might consider inappropriate.

  1. Keep an eye on the quality

Corporate gifts should always be high quality not matter what the gift is because it is going to be a reflection of your business. You wouldn’t want to give your clients or stakeholders a low-quality gift as the impression that it would give might not be favourable.

  1. Personal delivery

If it is possible delivering the gift personally is a nice way to show your clients and your stakeholders that you are willing to go the extra mile. Unfortunately, this is not always an option as the list of people that you would like to give gifts to could be very long. An easy way to hand deliver your corporate gifts would be to give the gifts away at an expo or convention where your company has a display stand or to hand a gift over the counter to your customers when they visit your business.


Top promotional and corporate gifts to give

Promo items, also known as promotional giveaways, can be given at any time of the year although the giving of these types of gifts will usually increase during the festive season. The giving of such a gift is used to increase your brand, increase goodwill among your existing clientele and stakeholders, and to attract new customers to your business.

Depending on who you will be giving the gifts to, the type of gift that you are likely to give will vary. Your stakeholders will probably be given a pricier gift as a thank you for their involvement and as they are a smaller group you can afford the few small but more expensive gifts. Your loyal customers might number in the hundreds so giving a smaller gift but one that is of a high quality is usually the norm. Regardless of who the gift will be going to, you should always invest in gifts that are high quality as the name of your business will be attached to the gift.

Some of the most popular promotional gifts include:

  • Stainless steel business card holders branded with the name and logo of the company giving the gift.
  • Drinking glasses are also a popular gift to give as they will be used every day and they will be a constant reminder of the company that gave the glasses. The glasses can be engraved as well. Wine glasses are also a popular choice and they will usually be given to stakeholders as this type of gift is not one that will normally be given to clients.
  • T-shirts are a popular choice for many companies as they can be quickly manufactured in large numbers at an affordable price. Think about the companies that sponsor running races, usually their names and other details will be branded on a T-shirt given to runners. This type of gift can be used to improve goodwill and attract new customers rather than be used as a thank-you for customers.
  • Soft toys with the company name and branding details are also popular items. They can be manufactured at a reasonable price and given to regular supporters. These gifts can be small which makes them ideal for a client can keep them in their car, allowing your brand to be seen by many.
  • Sweets and chocolates are a fantastic way in which to thank clients. Stickers with your company details can be stuck onto the sweets and chocolates. Remember that sweet things have the ability to improve the mood of many people enabling them to have a good impression of your company.

Promotional gifts and corporate gifts are the best way for a company to reach new people and to make those who you give the gifts to not only remember your business but also have a good impression of your business. At GiftWrap, we specialise in high-quality corporate gifts at affordable prices.

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Your customers won’t stop talking about these promotional gifts

The ultimate goal of any company that invests part of its budget in promotional gifts is to buy those gifts that their customers are not going to stop talking about and that they are not going to throw away. The longer your customers keep your gift, the more of an impact your gift is going to have. We have done a bit of research to determine exactly which gifts will get people talking the most, and here is the list that you should consider when you are buying promotional gifts.

  1. A stress ball

Who doesn’t have stress these days? The stress ball is one of the most popular gifts to give and they are so easily customised to suit your business. Does your company have a mascot or other type of character attached to the logo? You can easily have the face printed on a stress ball, or you can take it in another direction by having a villainous figure placed on the ball, a proper bad guy to take their stress out on. Not matter what you choose to feature on your stress ball, make sure that it is memorable as that is the best way to get people talking.

Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
  1. Games or toys

Even adults enjoy games and toys, so you won’t be going wrong by giving them such a promotional gift. If you want to really wow your market then you can unleash your creativity and create a game that is unique to your company. Customised games, perhaps even with their own rules and characters, are going to be spoken about by your customers. If you are able to make that extra step and unleash your creativity, then you are sure to cement your company in the memory of your clients.

  1. Shopping bags

No matter how many of these bags a person has, it never really feels like enough. How often do you finish your shopping, head to the till and then get agitated with yourself because you have forgotten your shopping bags in the boot of your car? Shopping bags make fantastic corporate gifts; they are easily customised and will always come in useful. These bags can also have custom images printed on them and they are available in different colours. And one of their biggest attributes is that they are cheap and can be bought in bulk, so your company will not be breaking the bank with these promotional gifts.

  1. Multifunctional gifts

A keying that doubles as a flash light? Perhaps a Swiss Army Knife? Multifunctional gifts are among the best gifts to give and they are sure to spark an interest in your clients and therefore keeping the dialogue going, long after you have given the gift.

You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
  1. T-Shirts

The personalised T-Shirt is certainly up among the most popular gifts that you can give. Depending on what you print on the shirt, your customers are going to love having a custom T-Shirt and because they will love the shirt, they will wear it for as long as they have it. Interesting clothing is also a great conversation starter.

GiftWrap continues to stock a wide variety of promotional gifts, and with the option of customising the gifts made available, you are sure to give those gifts that will make the biggest impact.

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Giftwrap Trading glimpses the future in Hong Kong

Giftwrap takes over Hong Kong trading.

South African-based corporate and promotional gifts provider Giftwrap Trading recently visited the 31st Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums Fair and returned with some exciting glimpses of what the future may hold for the business in South Africa.

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums Fair is the largest event of its kind in the world. Held from the 27 – 30 April, this year’s event attracted over 4 000 exhibitors and just under 50 000 buyers from 134 countries across the globe.

As South Africa’s premium supplier of corporate and promotional gifts, Giftwrap Trading made the long trip to Hong Kong to gain valuable insight into the market and identify new cutting-edge products which are making a buzz.

hong kong picture

Some of the most innovative products which the company may soon add to its online catalogue of more than 10 000 items include:

–          Cardboard 3D glasses which can be used to turn your phone into a 3D device.

–          Virtual reality 3D glasses which transform your phone into a theatre within minutes.

–          3D pens that allow you to draw virtually anything you want into a solid 3D object.

–           A private desk lamp power bank with a large capacity of 5200mAh. You can choose any colour lighting you want.

–          A card-sized power bank which you can fit into a jacket pocket.

–          2 in 1 CoolPop Pocket Fan, a fan which you can plug into your phone to cool you down.

Giftwrap Trading’s Marketing Director Benje du Toit said that it was exciting to see the development of new products internationally.

“It’s amazing to see how fast the industry is expanding and we want to bring this expansion into South Africa. We are always excited to add to our product range and provide customers with novel gifts and technological innovations,” said du Toit.

During the event, surveys amongst buyers and exhibitors showed that decorative gifts and figurines are likely to have the strongest growth potential this year, followed closely by technological gifts. Respondents also voiced the opinion that consumers are increasingly focused on product practicality and pricing, followed by pricing and cosmetic design.

“As we look to play on a global stage, it was educational/insightful to get some insights into the industry, which will allow us to better develop our products offerings,” du Toit said.

To browse Giftwrap Trading’s large online product offerings, visit The website has a handy search tool which allows you to find whatever you’re looking for. You can also fill out a contact us form, or complete an online request form. To get in touch directly, call 0861 111 457 or email

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Promotional items to build relationships with clients

There are many mistakes that you can make when you are using promotional items as part of your marketing campaign. And sometimes it is those very mistakes that can end up damaging the benefits that you would normally enjoy when giving promotional gifts. Giving corporate gifts can sometimes be given the wrong way, for instance, the gift might be too impersonal. The gift that you give can scream the wrong message if you haven’t given it the right way or if you haven’t given it to the right person. This is why those who work in the industry of promotional items have done plenty of research to find out the best ways to give promotional gifts and the most common mistakes that you can avoid.

Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift
Wine is always a most welcome gift at Christmas time and it can be easily transformed into a promotional gift

Give the right gift, the right way and watch your client relationships blossom

Giving a gift that is too impersonal or that is perhaps inadvertently offensive, can destroy the entire purpose of giving the gift. One of the biggest mistakes that we make when giving promotional items is to give gifts that are not what our clients want but that are rather what we would want to receive.

One of the biggest mistakes is when we think that we while we would like to receive the gift, others would also be happy to receive such a gift. But oftentimes our tastes are not at all the same as those to whom we are giving the gift. You might like to receive chocolate, but there are those who are not so excited about receiving such tasty treats. This is not just a mistake that businesses make, it is also a mistake that we make when giving gifts to family and to friends.

The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items
The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items

There is so much more to consider than just giving gifts. There is a whole lot of background information that you will also need to consider. Giving promotional gifts is not so much about giving an actual gift than it is about the message that will come along with the gift.

The biggest goal is going to be the return on investment on your promotional goods

The lasting impression is what you need to be aiming for. You need to make sure that your gift giving is all about making that lasting impression that is going to get the client buying from you. With promotional gifts, it is important that you go back to the number one reason why gifts are given.

By taking the time to make the right choice and by being willing to spend the right amount of money on the right gift you will be giving the right recipient the most perfectly chosen gifts. And you can get the best advice when you are buying gifts from the best promotional gift shop in South Africa. GiftWrap has a wide selection of the best promotional items and they are all available at the most affordable prices. 

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Get ready for winter with these promotional gifts

It doesn’t take much to notice that winter is truly right around the corner and there are a few things that you could really use to help you get through the season. Imagine the kind of impact that you would be making if you were to give away promotional gifts that would make the lives of your customers all the easier?

Winter is here and you need to adapt your promotional gifts to suit your campaign
Winter is here and you need to adapt your promotional gifts to suit your campaign

Everyone loves to receive something for free so when you are thinking about what you can do in the next few months to really give your company a boost turn your focus to giving corporate gifts that are perfect for the coming winter months. Promotional items are more affordable than they have ever been before, and they are always going to be making a big impact on those who receive them. Your promotional gifts can be given away to anyone; your students, your clients, and your colleagues. Corporate items are suitable for all occasions and if they are of a great quality, then you are going to immensely benefit from all of the positive factors that can come from giving such gifts.

Here are a few winter promotional gift ideas to get you ready for the coming months:

  1. Custom flask

Those cold winter mornings mean that most of us are getting up in the cold darkness and will usually hit the road bright and early before the sun has even provided a little bit of warmth. And so having a flask keeping your coffee or your tea nice and warm is something that many of us are going to be using during winter. From a company’s point of view, the flask is a great corporate gift to give. It is easy to brand.

  1. Coffee

How about some delicious coffee to go into that flask? Giving your own unique brand of coffee is most definitely going to be making an impression. Any coffee lover is going to appreciate being given a delicious blend of coffee.

Make an impact with coffee promotional gifts
Make an impact with coffee promotional gifts
  1. Pullovers, jerseys, and fleeces

To keep your staff warm this winter, you should be considering branded winter clothing such as jerseys, fleeces, and pullovers. Your company name and logo can easily be added to these items of clothing and your staff will keep warm this winter. The alternative will be to brand these types of clothing and then to hand them out at events or conferences.

  1. Scarves

Giving away a scarf is so simple and affordable. Scarves can keep you really warm in the winter months and they are also ideal for easy branding. Scarves can be handed out wherever you are, and they can just as easily be given to your staff, making them an all-round great promotional item to be giving.

Branded scarves will keep your clients warm
Branded scarves will keep your clients warm
  1. Mugs

Mugs don’t have to be boring, they can be decorated with stunning colours and designs. Cleverly designed mugs will usually become part of the office kitchenware which means that not only will the person you gave the mug to be seeing the mug often, but so will the rest of the staff at a company.

GiftWrap has all of these gifts and more, you can contact us today to get your marketing campaign ready for winter.

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The best promotional gifts for Mother’s Day

On Sunday, we will commemorate and celebrate mothers everywhere and one of the most popular ways that we will do this is by giving those promotional gifts that mothers everywhere can really appreciate.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and it is time to get your promotional gifts ready
Mother’s Day is on Sunday and it is time to get your promotional gifts ready

But Mother’s Day is not just a day for children to give their moms that something special.  Everyone should be appreciating moms, they do some of the hardest work around while also trying hard to compete in the very competitive corporate world. They are doing a tough job and they are doing it exceptionally well. So they deserve to not only be recognised and celebrated by their children, the rest of the world also needs to respect those who are raising the youth.

Businesses should consider using this time of the year to give away a few special, and useful, promotional gifts, to make moms life easier. Giving that special gift can truly make her day complete, let’s face it life is not easy at the moment for anyone and giving a little something will not only go a long way for your business but it is also going to put a smile on her face.  You can find a whole range of incredibly useful and interesting gifts from GiftWrap. Let us guide you to some of the best gifts to give mothers this Mother’s Day.

  1. An organiser or diary

You cannot go wrong with a personal organiser as a corporate gift
You cannot go wrong with a personal organiser as a corporate gift

Every busy mom is going to need an organiser to keep track of all of those things that she is going to need to do in a day. An organiser is also going to help her to keep track of her children’s extramural activities while being a helpful place in which to put her shopping lists and to make notes. The organiser, when it is small and compact, can easily be kept in a handbag and whipped out when needed. Consider giving an organiser as a promotional item and also consider personalising it with an engraving.

  1. A manicure set

Compact, neat and more useful than you would think, giving a manicure set as a promotional item is going to be appreciated. Manicure sets fit into handbags so easily and they are ideal for many things from broken nails to cutting off that exceptionally annoying piece of string. Manicure sets are available in different colours and they are very affordable. A helpful hint for you would be to give these promotional gifts if you are in some way related to the beauty industry. This will help you to make a bigger impact, especially if you place your logo and other details onto it.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic gift
Chocolate is a classic gift

It is a timeless gift that is suitable for almost any occasion. So why not give away some delicious chocolates on Mother’s Day? These gifts are convenient as they can simply be given to each customer that walks into your shop. Prepare for this Mother’s Day by buying and personalising chocolates for those customers who will be coming by on the day.

Mother’s Day is a great day to be promoting your company, so be sure to have promotional gifts to give away this Sunday.

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Get the most out of giving promotional gifts by using these 3 techniques

Whenever you are in the business of giving promotional gifts, you have to make sure that you are getting the most out of the gifts.

Corporate gifts can be pricey and when they are not given correctly they can actually have the opposite effect to what you are expecting. You need to get the most out of the promotional gifts that you are investing in, so it goes without saying that any advice given to help you make the most of your gifts is going to be worth listening to.

Make the most out of the promotional gifts you give
Make the most out of the promotional gifts you give

Luckily over many years of doing research, those working within the marketing industry have identified the 3 sure fire ways that you can use to get the most out the gifts that you plan to give, and a lot has to do with not only what you are giving but also the way that you are giving it.

It is a good idea to skip the overused branded pens and to rather go for the more memorable corporate items. While not everyone has the kind of budget that is going to be able to suit pricey purchases, you can make an impact by not giving predictable gifts.

The three ways you can be sure to get the most out of your corporate gifts

  1. Think big, and give yourself

Sometimes when giving promotional gifts you might be thinking on a grander scale and want to contribute to gifts that are going to be given to the entire company of staff. But this can be next to impossible when a company has a great amount of employees. So have you had a look around your own shop? You might have enough spare stock to tuning into gifts and then you can make the gifts personal by just paying a small amount to have your branding engraved onto it.

On the other hand, you might be a company that is unable to give products from stock simply because your company offers services instead of actual products. In this case, why not offer those important clients a free service instead of an actual promotional product? You have options, and some of those options can do wonders for your gifts, making them that little bit more special.

  1. Make sure that the gifts you are giving are useful

It might sound as if we are beating a repetitive drum with this particular tip, but this is one factor for successful gift giving that remains so important that it is worth mentioning every time. When you give a promotional gift that has an actual purpose then you are definitely going to find that they make an impact. Never give cheap, useless gifts that are going to get thrown away immediately after being received.  There are a few gifts that you cannot go wrong with, one being stationary and another being electronics.

  1. Actual gifts are better than food

It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing
It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing

Sure a gift here and there of chocolate or a bottle of wine is going to be well received and appreciated but the real value lies in giving your valuable clients something that is going to stay with them, rather than be consumed and forgotten.

Gifts have plenty of value and should not be left out of your marketing campaign. Be sure to only give the best quality gifts in order to get the most out of them. Contact GiftWrap to find out more about how the best promotional items to give.

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Promotional gifts for the desk

Promotional gifts are suitable for all sorts of occasions but have you considered the power of a promotional item for an office desk.

Sitting idly at their desks, wading through another work day, employees of any company could do with a little bit of distraction to keep their minds occupied. No one can be 100% focused throughout the day, and sometimes when a person’s mind wanders it is actually a great way for them to get back some of that productive energy that is bound to slump during the day. When that tiredness hits and their minds wander a bit, their eyes might be roving around their desks. They look at their desk plant, their pens and notebooks, their desk clocks, and all the while they are taking in the details of each item. Now imagine it was your branding on each one of those items on their desks.

Promotional gifts for the desk should be included in your marketing plans
Promotional gifts for the desk should be included in your marketing plans

Promotional gifts for the desk are a fantastic, constant reminder about your company and what it is that you do. Each time the person looks up from their work and looks directly at the promotional item on their table, they will be looking at your branding and your details. This is a powerful marketing technique and if you haven’t been investing in it then you have certainly been missing out. One of the greatest things about promotional gifts for the desk is that they are so much cheaper than other gifts to give away and they have longer staying power. You are unlikely to be giving out huge, pricey desk gifts simply because the office desk is only so big and can only accommodate so much.

The ideal corporate gifts for a desk

  1. Desk pad

Each year, thousands of calendar desk pads are printed and distributed. For the next year these pads are going to be on the desk and each day the person working at the desk is going to look down and see the branding of the company which gave the gift. Desk pads can be personalised and they can also be bought and branded in bulk.

  1. A pen and paper holder

Having a pen and piece of paper within reach is always incredibly handy. Almost every person working at a desk job is going to appreciate this gift as pens and paper are never turned away. A pen and paper holder is the ideal promotional gift as they can be elegantly and discreetly branded, allowing them to suit every desk.

Many industries still rely on the pen and paper
Many industries still rely on the pen and paper
  1. A frame and clock

No one wants to think of themselves as clock watchers but sometimes, especially when the mind is wandering off, looking at the clock might become a habit. Having a photo frame included with the clock is only going to make the promotional gift even more special as the person can include a photo of their loved ones within the frame.

If you haven’t considered giving promotional gifts that are ideally suited to the desk then it is about time that you start including them in your marketing campaign. GiftWrap has all of these gifts and more, you can really make an impression with these gifts.

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Corporate gifts and packaging

It is always exciting to receive a gift especially when you are not sure what the gift is. Packaging is a great way to keep the mystery of the gift alive and to get the person receiving the gift to keep on guessing for a little while. One of the biggest rules when it comes to making corporate gifts incredibly effective for marketing is to make sure that they are memorable. Once you have mastered the art of ensuring that the gifts you give are effective, you will have hit the jackpot for corporate gift giving.

Depending on how you package your corporate gifts, you can improve your marketing
Depending on how you package your corporate gifts, you can improve your marketing

The wrapping and packing of promotional gifts are a time consuming and challenging business. Many times the company’s staff will be left with the task of wrapping up the promotional items and it is important to get the job right even if it is not exactly the most exciting thing to have to do. Those who are doing the wrapping can sometimes feel just a little bit overwhelmed when they see all of the options that can be used to do the wrapping. But it is the effort that goes into the wrapping of the gifts that makes the gift all the more special. When a person can see the effort that has gone in as well as see that those doing the wrapping have taken the time to wrap the gifts in such a way that the gifts are personalised, they are going to be blown away.

Make it personal

There will always be those loyal supporters who have continuously supported a company to the point that the company is more than a business partner and is instead a friend. These people deserve to receive a special corporate gift that is designed to be more personal than those gifts which are given in bulk to the other clients.

The same goes for when you are giving the gift to your employees. As the boss of a company you know each and every one of your employees and you know their tastes. You can take things one step further by making sure that you give them a gift that has been wrapped in such a way that it suits them completely. Not only are they going to appreciate receiving such a personally wrapped gift but they are going to be surprised that the gift is so perfectly suited to them.

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Promotional items packed properly can make an impression
Promotional items packed properly can make an impression

Basically, the benefits of corporate gifts do not stop at the giving of an interesting gift. You can take the whole process much further by focusing on the wrapping of the gift. Combining the wrapping and the gift inside, you will find that your promotional gifts are going to do exactly what is promised. They are going to build up your brand and help you to make your company memorable. Promotional items are there to assist you in building your brand and building up the trust that people have in your company.

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