Your customers won’t stop talking about these promotional gifts

The ultimate goal of any company that invests part of its budget in promotional gifts is to buy those gifts that their customers are not going to stop talking about and that they are not going to throw away. The longer your customers keep your gift, the more of an impact your gift is going to have. We have done a bit of research to determine exactly which gifts will get people talking the most, and here is the list that you should consider when you are buying promotional gifts.

  1. A stress ball

Who doesn’t have stress these days? The stress ball is one of the most popular gifts to give and they are so easily customised to suit your business. Does your company have a mascot or other type of character attached to the logo? You can easily have the face printed on a stress ball, or you can take it in another direction by having a villainous figure placed on the ball, a proper bad guy to take their stress out on. Not matter what you choose to feature on your stress ball, make sure that it is memorable as that is the best way to get people talking.

Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
Stress balls can be customised, making them extra memorable
  1. Games or toys

Even adults enjoy games and toys, so you won’t be going wrong by giving them such a promotional gift. If you want to really wow your market then you can unleash your creativity and create a game that is unique to your company. Customised games, perhaps even with their own rules and characters, are going to be spoken about by your customers. If you are able to make that extra step and unleash your creativity, then you are sure to cement your company in the memory of your clients.

  1. Shopping bags

No matter how many of these bags a person has, it never really feels like enough. How often do you finish your shopping, head to the till and then get agitated with yourself because you have forgotten your shopping bags in the boot of your car? Shopping bags make fantastic corporate gifts; they are easily customised and will always come in useful. These bags can also have custom images printed on them and they are available in different colours. And one of their biggest attributes is that they are cheap and can be bought in bulk, so your company will not be breaking the bank with these promotional gifts.

  1. Multifunctional gifts

A keying that doubles as a flash light? Perhaps a Swiss Army Knife? Multifunctional gifts are among the best gifts to give and they are sure to spark an interest in your clients and therefore keeping the dialogue going, long after you have given the gift.

You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
You would be amazed how many people love this kind of promotional gift
  1. T-Shirts

The personalised T-Shirt is certainly up among the most popular gifts that you can give. Depending on what you print on the shirt, your customers are going to love having a custom T-Shirt and because they will love the shirt, they will wear it for as long as they have it. Interesting clothing is also a great conversation starter.

GiftWrap continues to stock a wide variety of promotional gifts, and with the option of customising the gifts made available, you are sure to give those gifts that will make the biggest impact.

Giftwrap Trading glimpses the future in Hong Kong

Giftwrap takes over Hong Kong trading.

South African-based corporate and promotional gifts provider Giftwrap Trading recently visited the 31st Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums Fair and returned with some exciting glimpses of what the future may hold for the business in South Africa.

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums Fair is the largest event of its kind in the world. Held from the 27 – 30 April, this year’s event attracted over 4 000 exhibitors and just under 50 000 buyers from 134 countries across the globe.

As South Africa’s premium supplier of corporate and promotional gifts, Giftwrap Trading made the long trip to Hong Kong to gain valuable insight into the market and identify new cutting-edge products which are making a buzz.

hong kong picture

Some of the most innovative products which the company may soon add to its online catalogue of more than 10 000 items include:

–          Cardboard 3D glasses which can be used to turn your phone into a 3D device.

–          Virtual reality 3D glasses which transform your phone into a theatre within minutes.

–          3D pens that allow you to draw virtually anything you want into a solid 3D object.

–           A private desk lamp power bank with a large capacity of 5200mAh. You can choose any colour lighting you want.

–          A card-sized power bank which you can fit into a jacket pocket.

–          2 in 1 CoolPop Pocket Fan, a fan which you can plug into your phone to cool you down.

Giftwrap Trading’s Marketing Director Benje du Toit said that it was exciting to see the development of new products internationally.

“It’s amazing to see how fast the industry is expanding and we want to bring this expansion into South Africa. We are always excited to add to our product range and provide customers with novel gifts and technological innovations,” said du Toit.

During the event, surveys amongst buyers and exhibitors showed that decorative gifts and figurines are likely to have the strongest growth potential this year, followed closely by technological gifts. Respondents also voiced the opinion that consumers are increasingly focused on product practicality and pricing, followed by pricing and cosmetic design.

“As we look to play on a global stage, it was educational/insightful to get some insights into the industry, which will allow us to better develop our products offerings,” du Toit said.

To browse Giftwrap Trading’s large online product offerings, visit The website has a handy search tool which allows you to find whatever you’re looking for. You can also fill out a contact us form, or complete an online request form. To get in touch directly, call 0861 111 457 or email