Why you should give pens as corporate gifts

There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.

– William Makepeace Thackeray

Pens make great corporate gifts
Pens make great corporate gifts

It might seem like the simplest gift to give and it is certainly one of the cheapest gifts to give, so it is no surprise that giving a pen as a corporate gift is as popular as ever. Even though the world has gone digital, the use of a pen is as important as ever. We still reach for a pen for many reasons and for most people working in an office setting, not having a pen on their desk is almost unthinkable. So if you are looking to give your brand a boost then you should consider having a look at giving branded pens as promotional gifts.

Everyone uses a pen, and since a corporate gift needs to be convenient, useful and long lasting, the pen kind of ticks all of the boxes. Depending on how often you use your pen, the pen can have quite a long lifespan. Since most people these days are using computers, the pen has a much longer lifespan and this means that your pen corporate gift is going to be much longer lasting than it would have been a couple of years ago.

Although the pen has been around for years it is still a popular corporate gift
Although the pen has been around for years it is still a popular corporate gift

Many people are going to see the branded pen gift. Office workers will usually leave a pen on their desks and all of those who walk past the desk are going to see the pen. If the design placed on the pen is really beautiful then it is going to be picked up and admired, spreading your brand even further. It is also important to make sure that your pen is well designed as it is unlikely that your pen is going to be the only corporate gift pen on the person’s desk. Make sure that the design on your pen is really eye catching and beautiful. This is part of what is going to make the gift so memorable.

The best gift is the one that keeps on giving and this means only giving corporate gifts that both have a use and can actually be used. How many times have you received a pen as a gift, or bought a pen, and found that it is not working or that it is blotchy? Giving an inferior gift can reflect badly on your business and on your brand. Buying the pen from the right company can help you to make sure that you receive a pen that is going to write smoothly and become something that the receiver cannot do without.

The right pen is a mighty tool, both in the office and in the home. Make sure that the pens that you give are great quality and well branded. If you are looking for pens that you can brand and that you can buy in bulk, then Gift Wrap can assist you. With our variety of all sorts of corporate gifts, you will be able to give the best pens to your clients amongst our collection.


The 5 factors that make promotional items awesome

So you are stuck with ideas for promotional items? When it comes to choosing the right branded promotional items to give to clients it can sometimes become problematic, especially if you have never had to make such a decision before. Taking some time to think about the promotional gift you want to give to your loyal clients can make a difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. Promotional items are always going to be a great option for those who want to make an impact on their business. But some promotional gifts are able to make more of a meaningful impression than others because they have a few meaningful factors that make them stand out. Memorable gifts are usually going to be those that are kept for a long time. The longer a gift is kept the longer it has an influence. So having some background information about what makes a promotional item great can benefit your company.

It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts
It costs money to give promotional items, so make sure that you consider how these factors are going to have an impact on your marketing before you buy gifts

Without further ado, here are the 5 factors that make certain promotional items awesome!

  1. They are absolutely unique

Anything that is designed to be memorable is going to be unique. Like most things in life, it has to be different in order to stand out. The more unique the gift is the more effective the branding is going to be. If you want your promotional item to stand out among the hundreds of other promotional gifts that a person might receive, then you have to make sure that the promotional item is unique. Now is the perfect time to think out of the box and be creative.

  1. Make sure to place your branding

If you don’t have branded corporate gifts then you have certainly wasted your time and your money. The one thing that is going to link the gift to your company after you have given it is the branding that you have placed on it. Each time a person sees your branding they are going to remember who you are and this might encourage them to support you.

Even if you are giving something as simple as a post-it note, make sure your branding is on it
Even if you are giving something as simple as a post it note, make sure your branding is on it
  1. Don’t give a cheap looking gift

You want your customers to want to proudly use the gift. Why? Because when people are proud to use the product no matter where they are, more people are going to be seeing the product and the branding. If your product looks tacky or cheaply made, then those who receive it are unlikely to use it outside of the comforts of their homes. Tacky or cheap gifts are not likely to be creative so you are going to have to be unique to make that impact.

  1. Pick something that is going to be long lasting

Research has proven that those gifts that last long are more successful than those gifts that last a few weeks and are then thrown away. Perishable gifts are a great choice when you want to make an instant impact, but should you want to make a lasting impression, give a long lasting gift.

  1. Give an interactive gift

Imagine a corporate gift that you can build yourself. Sometimes, when those who receive a gift have to assemble it themselves or have to do something to it, such as opening and drinking that wine, the gift can make a bigger impact.

And there you have it! These 5 factors should be kept in mind the next time you are thinking about giving promotional items. At GiftWrap, we have a number of promotional items that you can use to give your company a promotional advantage.

Combining the power of corporate gifts and social media

What is a company without social media? Most companies have an online presence that works as part of their marketing strategy. A social media presence is one effective and affordable way to boost the image of a company, but what if you combined the power of social media with the power of corporate gifts?

Social media and corporate gifts can work together to boost your brand
Social media and corporate gifts can work together to boost your brand

Corporate gifts hold a lot of power and they are designed to be an effective long lasting marketing tool that will assist you in getting your company name out there. Putting plenty of time and effort into choosing, branding and distributing your corporate gifts can benefit you as much as your social media is likely to benefit you, should you be using it properly. Much like social media, your return on investment when it comes to your corporate products is very important. It will reflect the success of your campaign and it will also reflect the amount of further income you can expect to receive from the successful campaign.

Corporate gifts last long. This is because people are less inclined to dispose of them, especially if the gift is useful. You can use the long lifespan of the products to give your social media a boost if you do it the right way. At the end of the day, your social media and your corporate gifts are working towards the same goal, bringing you more income and making your business a success. Here are three ways that you can combine your corporate gifts and your social media to make a bigger impact on your profit.

Start a hashtag campaign

People are using hashtags on social media to popularise trends, ideas and topics. Hashtags are most commonly used on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and users place a word after the hashtag as a way for other users with similar thoughts and trends in mind, to find them. But the hashtag is also a great way to see how people are interacting with your brand and following what you have to say.

You can promote a hashtag that is related to your company by printing it onto the promotional gifts that you are giving away and then by encouraging people to repeat the hashtag on social media. This will boost the attention that you company will get while the promotional gift will also grow in popularity.

Hashtag campaigns and corporate gifts work equally well together
Hashtag campaigns and corporate gifts work equally well together

Promote your sales staff on social media

If you place photographs of your staff on your social media and promote those who are doing your sales, you might just find that people are more willing to engage with your company and accept your promotional gifts. By promoting your staff and then creating personalised corporate products exclusively for those special clients, you might find your brand enjoying more attention. People like to know who is offering them a product.

Place a QR code on your promotional products

QR codes are very flexible and they can be printed on almost any type of material. These codes can be read when they are scanned with a special smartphone app. You can easily have these codes printed on your promotional products and thus merge your social media and your corporate gifts.

Your social media holds a lot of power and when you decide to merge your social media and your corporate gifts, more people will have the opportunity to engage with your brand. At GiftWrap, we have a wide variety of corporate gifts for you to choose from, all at affordable prices.

Best promotional gifts to give to men

No promotional item should be given without first considering who is going to be receiving the gift. The biggest impact that you can make with promotional gifts is by giving the right gift to the right person. When you are thinking about giving away promotional gifts, the first thing that you should consider is the gender of the person who will be receiving the promotional item. Men and women have very different tastes, so it is important to make sure that you give the right kind of gift to the right person in order to ensure that you make that big impact that will encourage people to continue supporting your business.

Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts
Braai tools make wonderful promotional gifts

Are you going to be giving out promotional gifts to a male target market but you have no idea where to start looking for that ideal promotional item? Let this guide help you make the right decision.

  1. Every man deserves a Swiss Tool

With a pliers, screwdriver, scissors, wire cutter, saw, and a number of other wonderful gadgets, this is one of those ultimate gifts for men. You never know when you might need to have a tool set available, and having an all in one tool set is a wonderful thing as you will not have to walk back and forth to the tool box. Giving a Swiss Tool gift is an incredible way to make an impact on your male market. Think about giving this type of promotional gift when you are looking to make a great impression.

  1. For those who are about to braai

There are some very nice braai tools on the market these days and they can make a wonderful impression on your male market. Most men love to braai and giving them some grand braai tools that are not only exclusively theirs but which are going to be a great addition when hosting a braai, is fantastic starting point in your corporate item marketing. Braai tool sets, braai gift packs and classy carving knives make for wonderful gifts.

  1. A great quality wallet

Every man needs a wallet. But finding the right wallet is not always an easy task. Why not make the lives of your male clients a little bit easier by giving them a wallet? A leather wallet, embossed with your company’s logo or other details is going to be a constant reminder of who the gift is from. This is just one of the many things that can help to make a promotional gift a success.

Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
Every man needs a wallet and they make wonderful corporate gifts
  1. Always have an eye on the time

Very few businessmen are going to go about their daily business without a watch. When you give away a quality watch as a promotional gift, you can be sure that your gift will be well received. To really treat your special clients to a wonderful gift, consider giving them a great looking, good quality watch.

At GiftWrap we cater to all types of people and all types of tastes. Within our collection of gifts, you are sure to find those ideal promotional gifts that are going to utterly spoil your clients and encourage them to buy more from you.


18 quick compelling reasons why you still need promotional gifts

Almost every piece of advice regarding marketing and promoting your business will mention promotional gifts somewhere. Promotional products are often the reason why a company does so well with their marketing, why they make such an impact. Even the smallest promotional item has the power to make the biggest impact within your market.

The world might soon be going through some tough times and so it is more important than ever before to make sure that you have all of the marketing magic available to you. Companies that give away promotional gifts are sure to be a hit, even statistics prove that promotional gifts can be a huge success.

Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies
Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies


Here are 18 interesting facts about promotional products and why they are a success (statistics were collected in the USA but can be applied to countries around the world):

  1. At least 31% of Americans own a bag that has promotional branding on it.
  2. 53% of people who receive useful promotional products will use them once a week.
  3. Only 1 in 5 people will throw away an unwanted promotional gift.
  4. 55% of people who receive promotional products in the USA have already done business with the company in the past and 85% of people who receive a gift will do business with the company afterwards.
  5. In the US, bags make the biggest impression among those who receive them.
  6. Bags and writing instruments are the cheapest gifts to give.
  7. More than 50% of promotional gifts create a good impression for the person giving it.
  8. Promotional items are on average kept for 6 months.
  9. 69% of people would choose a promotional item based on its usefulness.
  10. 63% of people who receive a gift will pass the gift on when they no longer want it.
  11. 89% of people who are given a gift will remember the gift for up to 2 years even if they have given it away.
  12. 91% of people keep a promotional item in the kitchen.
  13. The number one reason cited for keeping a corporate gift is its usefulness. Writing instruments, computer products and health products all come a close second.
  14. The first trade show promoting corporate gifts took place in 1914.
  15. Men are likely to keep hats and shirts while women are likely to keep bags and writing instruments.
  16. The top industries that give promotional products are finance, education, non-profit, construction and healthcare.
  17. Promotional gifts have the power to draw around 500% more referrals from clients who are happy with the gifts that they get.
  18. Promotional gifts used alongside other media improve the effectiveness of the media by up to 44%.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.

Promotional gifts are the best way that you can make your company more popular and if you are looking to boost your company you should give away promotional gifts. They are a sure way to get your company noticed. With Gift Wrap’s wide selection of corporate gifts, you will find the ideal gift to give.

Party accessories and decorations: Planning a perfect party with promotional items

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you’re clueless, or you have to plan a team building party for your office, whatever the occasion, Gift Wrap can help you out. With a wide variety of party accessories and decorations, as well as gifts for any occasion, you can find it all in one place. When it comes to planning the perfect party, find great ideas on Gift Wrap’s website; your one stop corporate gifts and promotional items solution. Here are a few things you might want to consider ordering for your perfect party…

Birthday parties

Looking for party accessories for the next party you host? Gift Wrap has numerous party accessories for you to choose from.
Looking for party accessories for the next party you host? Gift Wrap has numerous party accessories for you to choose from.

You’ll need a wide variety of party accessories and decorations to make a kiddies birthday party memorable. Among these accessories, you need balloons of various shapes and sizes, swirly straws, sugar sticks, handheld windmills, face paint and yo-yo’s to keep the little ones busy, as well as an assortment of gift bags, soft toys, puzzles and board games for gifts. But if you’re planning a party for grownups, you might want to get a few paraffin lamps or electronic candles to create ambiance, along with tablecloths, swivel sticks, salt and pepper mills, napkins, ice buckets, coffee pots and mugs, bottle openers and an assortment of electronic gadgets for gifts.

Slumber parties

If your daughter asks you to invite a few friends over for a slumber party, you’ll want to be prepared with all the party accessories and decorations for the perfect party so that your daughter’s friends will enjoy it as much as possible. In the winter, you’ll need warm water bottles, soft fleecy blankets – fully customized with your daughter’s favorite Disney princess if you like – portable speakers for their music, manicure sets, folding mirrors, eye masks, disposable cameras and even fortune cookies for fun.

Beach parties

Now you’ve got to think about an entirely different array of elements, such as sun and wind issues, so you will be looking at different party accessories and decorations for this occasion. For the perfect party on a beach, you might need a gazebo, umbrellas, towels, cooler bags, picnic baskets, beach buckets and spades, collapsible tables, beach balls and mats, flip-flops, hats, and water bottles to keep hydrated. Gift Wrap has all of these and more.

Gift Wrap has an assortment of promotional items that you can use at your next beach party.
Gift Wrap has an assortment of promotional items that you can use at your next beach party.

Corporate parties

This is a great opportunity to promote high spirits among employees as well as your company by planning the perfect party for your employees. You can get embroidered or dyed tablecloths and napkins with your company’s logo branded on it, awards and trophy’s for outstanding employees and you can choose from almost 50 different promotional items, ideal for year-end functions. From cufflinks to i-Pad covers to personal organizers, you’re bound to find the perfect party gift online. Party accessories and decorations are easily found at Gift Wrap. Corporate parties are a great place to give away a few promotional items.

If you’re a party planner and you want to buy the perfect party accessories and decorations in bulk, Gift Wrap can supply you with all kinds of fun and funky things to help make your parties unforgettable. Not only that, but Gift Wrap can give you a discount on big orders as well. Gift Wrap has a variety of promotional items available for all occasions.


Promotional Products and the History Thereof

Being in the industry of Promotional Products means that we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of promotional products with different shapes and sizes; whether we are using them, selling them or even just talking about them, we love promotional products and what they represent, but not everyone knows the facts about their history or when and where they originated…

Promotional Products have been around for centuries and they are integral to countless companies worldwide. Let us give you a brief insight to when and why the first promotional product was produced:

If you could guess what the first promotional product was, you would probably choose a pen, but you would be wrong; it was not a pen, nor was it a key ring or a cap, it was a commemorative button. Yes, a button! President George Washington was solely responsible for the production of the first promotional product when the newly reformed United States of America elected him to be President in 1789. They produced countless commemorative buttons to celebrate this historic occasion.

George Washington played a role in the history of promotional products.
George Washington played a role in the history of promotional products.

The promotional product craze did not start until about a century later in 1886 when a newspaper man in Ohio had the brainwave of using his printers to print advertising messages for a local shoe store onto bags. He told the shoe store owner that if they placed every purchase of shoes in these bags and if the bags are reused – to carry school books for instance – the shoe store would be advertised wherever the bags go, making them instantaneous promotional products.

This idea became so popular that promotional product companies popped up everywhere and in 1904, twelve representatives of these companies began the Promotional Product Association International trade association and it still exists today. This is essentially how the promotional product industry started up, but it took half a century for corporate marketing to start using promotional products in Britain, which practically jumpstarted the industry in the late 1950’s.

Vintage promotional products
Vintage promotional products

That is only the industry as we know it today; there’s evidence of certain forms of promotional symbols or brands that existed long before 1789… The Babylonian Kings stamped the bricks they used in their buildings with symbols and brands around 300BC as a way to show who constructed them.

The Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, also stamped jewelry and coins with Christian symbols which promoted the new, united, Christian State in 312AD. The Romans had to use some forms of promotional items to ensure that the message of the new faith, reverting away from paganism, would spread through the masses.

Jumping forward again, the use of business cards dates back to the 1600’s and even bookmarks with advertisements were given away in the 1800’s. Then there was also a beer brewery in the mid-1900’s who supplied his travelling salesmen with pocket knives and corkscrews which he had branded to promote his beer among tavern owners. This was evidently effective as this exact same brewery, Anheuser-Busch, is now a global producer of leading brands like Beck’s and Budweiser.

Now that you know a little bit more about the history of promotional products, do you see why they are integral to the promotion of companies worldwide? They have been around for so many centuries and you can be sure that they will only become more popular in the centuries to come.

Promotional gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again and it is giving all types of businesses the opportunity to give promotional gifts. Chocolate is definitely a favourite gift to give on Valentine’s Day and a business that treats its customers to a delicious gift of chocolate is sure to make a memorable impression. But it is not the only gift with the power to make an impression.

Valentine's Day is on Sunday and it is the perfect time to give promotional gifts
Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and it is the perfect time to give promotional gifts

Valentine’s Day is steeped in history and in tradition, but these days it is known as the day of love and many people use this day to spoil their partners. For businesses, it is a great day to give away a few promotional items.

A few of the best promotional gifts to give on Valentine’s Day:

Dipped fortune cookies

Cute fortune cookies are always interesting. People love to receive them and although the messages within the cookies are not to be taken too seriously they do make an interesting talking point. Giant decorated fortune cookies make wonderful Valentine’s Day corporate gifts. The container in which they are held can be branded with company details and contact information. When people are happily munching on this sweet treat they are going to be thinking about your company.

A bowl of truffles

Are you thinking of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day? For many people chocolate is their go-to gift. As a company, you can really spoil your most supportive clients by giving a bowl of truffles. Such a lovely gift is really designed to make an impression and with a whole lot of truffles within the bowl, you are going to be thought of with every bite.

Colourful candles

Candles and romance simply go together and giving a few candles away as promotional gifts for the most romantic day of the year is quite probably going to make a wonderful impression. Candles are not just for Valentine’s Day they are also for every other day of the year. This means they will be seen and used throughout the year and your company is going to be thought of every time that wick is lit. Candles are soothing and they truly create a wonderful ambiance.

Red candles can make a great gift
Red candles can make a great gift

The conventional chocolate

A heart shaped chocolate that is wrapped up in a red paper is enough to remind anyone of the love that is celebrated on this day. Your gestures towards your clients don’t have to be grand, even the smallest gift is going to be appreciated. A small chocolate to nibble on while they are walking through the shops, or while they are stuck in traffic, is a great way to promote your brand.

Chocolates are conventional Valentine's gifts
Chocolates are conventional Valentine’s gifts

A red notebook

Not everything given as a Valentine’s Day gift needs to be heart shaped or designed to create a mood. Rather a colour relating to Valentine’s Day is good enough to remind people of the day and with a highly useful red notebook, you might find that the gift is a hit.

At Gift Wrap, we have numerous promotional gifts and gift ideas for you to use this Valentine’s Day. Contact us and visit our website to find out more.

The importance of promotional items for any business

If you have found your way to our website then you have probably already heard about the importance of promotional items in your business. Promotional items hold a lot of power and when you are looking to build your brand or to enhance it more than just a little bit. Big businesses, small businesses, medium businesses, even start-ups! Every business can harness the power of using promotional items and this is why every business should.

Promotional items are important for all companies.
Promotional items are important for all companies.

We live in a world where there is an overabundance of choice. In the shops you are likely to see numerous brands of coffee, countless cereals and when you are driving on the road you are going to pass countless car brands. There is no longer just one shop selling just one product and within your industry, you are likely to be facing many competitors who are selling the same things to the same market. Standing apart from the rest and standing out in a way that captures interest and attention is the only way that you are going to survive.

Promotional items allow you to be different, they allow you to be unique in a world where everyone and every business is the same. Promotional items are used by those who have a clever approach to business and who are serious about making their company become a stand out success. The success of a company using promotional items is quite astounding as research a few years back showed. Researchers have shown that 52% of people who receive a promotional product will think positively about the company and of those who receive a promotional product 50% use the product on a daily basis.

Don't underestimate the power of a well thought out promotional gift.
Don’t underestimate the power of a well thought out promotional gift.

What do these statistics tell us?

Promotional products that are seen often or used often are going to become a constant reminder about the company which has given the promotional item. The more a person is reminded of a product and a company, the more likely they are to buy the item from the company. There are few marketing strategies that can claim to have as much swaying power as a promotional item.

With an increase of brand recognition, a small budget required to purchase the promotional items en mass and the gifts being helpful to the person receiving them, promotional items are definitely the way to go. A branded promotional item is going to become the best business card you will ever own.

Now is the time to introduce corporate gifts to your marketing

It is always a good time to add promotional gifts to your marketing strategy, and when you are suddenly facing more competition than before, adding promotional gifts can only make your company unique. One bit of advice before you go out and buy promotional products is to think about how the item is going to be relevant to your business. An item that is relevant is going to make a bigger impact.

After reading this, I hope you are considering how to bring in promotional gifts. They are affordable and with so many options you can really be creative. Dare to stand out in your industry, and claim your place among your market.

Best corporate gifts to give to students

Diaries, calendars, writing instruments and notebooks, you are going to have plenty of options when you are looking to give corporate gifts to students. Students are mostly living on a budget and they are going to appreciate getting some free stuff to assist them through their time studying. Not having to pay out money towards stationary or notebooks, because you have given them the right corporate gift, is going to make a massive impression on the student receiving the gift.

Corporate gifts for students require the same manner of thinking in order for the gift to be a success. The gift still has to be relevant to your company and it still needs to be thought out as it needs to make that impression that will not only bring attention to your company but that will encourage them to support you.

Corporate gifts for students can make a big impact
Corporate gifts for students can make a big impact

Corporate gifts ideas for students


Most students are going to love music and what is better for a music lover than receiving a set of headphones as a gift? Living in dorm rooms or living at home, students are probably not going to be able to listen to their favourite music at a high volume. But they are still going to want to enjoy their escape from reality, something they will achieve when they put on their headphones and crank up their tunes. Headphones are great promotional items because they allow the company giving the gift to place their details onto the headphones.

A diary

Not all schools and colleges give students a diary and not all students will like the diary they get should they receive one from their school. This leaves an opening for you to give a diary, or a personal organiser, as a corporate gift. A gift such as this will give students the opportunity to get organised with their studying schedule and to ensure that they know when they will need to be attending their classes or submit work.

A diary, and stationary, are always going to be a hit.
A diary, and stationary, are always going to be a hit.

Pens and pencils

As a student I had many pens and pencils, a lot of them were promotional gifts. A student is always going to need stationary to get through their studies. From taking notes in their classes to completing their assignments, a pen or a pencil is always going to go down well with a student. When giving pens and pencils as corporate gifts you are going to be saving the student money, and this is going to make a big impact.

A memory stick

Students these days do a lot of their work online, or at least on a computer, especially if they are university students. Being able to save work to a memory stick and take it to class, or to be able to share notes using a memory stick is going to make their lives a whole lot easier. Memory sticks make great corporate gifts and they are fantastic to give to students.

Don’t think that students are not going to become your customers. They moment they start working and spending, that promotional gift they received, the one that made life so much easier, will remind them of your company. At Gift Wrap, we have all of these gifts, and a whole lot more.