Corporate Branding: What it is?

Every entity, living as well as non living, on this Earth has an identity.  That identity makes them exist. Branding has been an internal part of business activities. One can carry out their business operations without investing in branding but its very likely that you will be dwarfed by your competition. Branding is an integral part of business and quite honestly…you cant operate without branding your business properly.

Branding is a systematic process of creating an exceptional image of the product or service, in the mind of consumers. This is achieved through effective advertising campaigns. With branding, corporate organizations seek to establish a unique identity of their products and services in order to win the loyalty of their targeted audiences.

Just like branding of products is aggressively undertaken to increase sales of the product, branding of a corporate entity is equally important. A reputed corporation will quickly finds acceptance of its products and services in the market.  It is technically called corporate branding. It means an endeavor to enhance the image of a company through offering quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of end consumers.

The past decade witnessed corporate entities investing in offering the best quality products and services. Now, things are changing. Perceptions of people are changing. Increased competitions once forced companies to offer better products. But now, consumers have a number of options; they can quickly switch between products. Realizing this, the companies now engage in enhancing their corporate image. It is firmly believed that a consumer would prefer to buy a product, even if it underperforms, from a reputed company rather than buying a glittery product from an unknown seller.  Developing a powerful corporate brand is a continuous process that can be applied at any stage of an organization’s development.

Corporate branding is an effective means or a systematic process to build your organizational brand in an optimistic manner. There are a number of strategies that are employed to better corporate image.  Such strategies include social campaigns, powerful advertisements, CSR activities and others.

There are other gainful ways that can enhance your organizational brand. Corporate and promotional gifts. The brand built through corporate gifts somewhat varies from those through advertising, marketing etc. Gifts are kept and often used. This constantly promotes your brand, logo and the message over a period of time. Corporate branding has become a crucial constituent of the corporate world, that is sometimes beyond the book value.

We are a South Africa based promotional gits company called Giftwrap. We sepecialise in the supplying of a variety of corporate and promotional gift solutions. We offer branding on over five thousand products as a value added service. We feel that influential corporate branding lets you keep hold of your existing customers and draw your potential clients without much effort.  We at Giftwrap provide you with the artwork and print your company logo and the message on the body of your products. Our service specialists recommend the most excellent branding solutions for a particular product. Our branding includes pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, laser printing and more. Kindly visit our site to find out the entire range of our products and services.


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Christmas Gift

When the world was getting torn apart by ruthless monarchies, a divine revelation presented itself in the form of Jesus Christ to bring the ignorant back to the righteous path. Today, the birth of Christ is celebrated all over the world in the form of Christmas.

Christ became an integral part of art, paintings and literature from the times between the third and fourth centuries. He is being remembered today by billions of people all around the world.

Christmas without a Christmas tree, gifts, decorations, songs, music, and food cannot exist. There are three customary colors which are often used in decorations. They are snow white, heart red and pine green. Apart from these representational colors, gold and silver colors take prominence as well.  Additionally, even blue along with white is also used as they epitomize winter and the Jewish holiday Festival of Light that happens about the same time. Emblematic images on Christmas decorations are The Baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem. Distinctive winter icons include snowflakes, snowmen and icicles. Yet, the decorations vary from place to place, country to country depending on the availability of resources and accepted traditions.

There are lots of ornaments for Christmas decorations available today. Mostly they are made up of metal, wood, ceramics, glass etc. A variety of ornaments draws a lot of people to the store. Some ornaments have simple ball-shaped forms while others have arty structure.

The most common decorative item is the bauble, a sphere-shaped decoration used in order to embellish Christmas trees. Since 1847, baubles are being produced and sold all over the world. The bauble is one of the most popular Christmas ornament designs, and they have been in production since 1847.  Other decorative items are Christmas crackers used at dinner or any celebrative parties. Crackers were invented by Tom Smith of London invented in 1847.  Without the crackers, there is no Christmas.

If you are looking for beautiful decorative items for Christmas which you can gift others, you can get in touch with us. We are Giftwrap having Christmas gifts and promotional items in stock for you. We supply Christmas crackers, decorations, headbands, stockings, party poppers, Santa sacks and snow spray. We are a wholesaler of promotional items; we pride ourselves with competitive prices and excellent customer service. We focus on a wide variety of promotional items.

Not only Christmas items, we also stock an array of corporate gifts and articles Our product range includes corporate gifts, clothing, drinkware, banners, express gifts, electronic gadgets, banners, bags, diaries, calendars, writing instruments such as pen and more.

banners, bags, diaries, calendars, writing instruments such as pens and more.

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Eco-friendly Gifts from Giftwrap

Corporate establishments are realizing the significance of ‘going green’ which means incorporating the use of eco-friendly products into daily routines. When a company is seen as being concerned by the health of the environment they operate in, they are said to be going “green”.

We at Giftwrap, South Africa’s proud supplier of corporate gifts and promotional items believe that ones who exploit our natural resources must be concerned with the environment and find ways to conserve our healthy surroundings.

Promoting products and services has always been an essential part of the corporate branding strategy.  Triumphant organizations adopt strategies that involve giving corporate gifts and vouchers in order to promote their brand names. Such strategies are better than heavy advertising and marketing campaigns that are just way too expensive.

These days, the drift towards having eco-friendly approach seems to be the new trend in the corporate world. This has resulted in the emergence of demand for eco-friendly gift items that you can give to your employees, suppliers, business partners and potential clients.

We offer a wide variety of convenient and eco-friendly gift items. We supply bags, folders, gift bags, notepads, pencils, pens, shopping bags, simple stationery holders, sticky note sets and more. Corporate products and items have become the norm when it comes to promoting your brand with a minimal budget.  Printed convenient shopping bags, jute bags, articles made of wood and bamboos, handmade paper stands, and recycled papers diaries are the new promotional items that are catching people’s attention; they trim down the increased need for our limited raw materials. When it comes to environmentally friendly promotional items, one must make use of products that cause little or no harm to nature. If you couple the appeal that going green gives to your clients with the branding we provide. The impact these gifts make is increased.

We are one of South Africa’s proud wholesalers, specializing in the supply of various corporate gifts and promotional products at a reasonable price.

We focus on supplying you with a broad range of promotional items, which can be tailored to your specifications needs or preferences. Our promotional products can be silk screened, pad printed, engraved, embroidered depending on the product.

It gives us immense pleasures that our promotional items are distributed throughout South Africa and Africa. With speedy, efficient, well-organized service packages, great turnaround time, product branding and customization. We at Giftwrap dedicate ourselves to providing you with a total gift solution. We thrive under pressure and always make good on our promise, fervour and made-to-order services. To find out more about our products and services, please visit our website, Or simply call us on 0861 111 457 and let us send you a quotation.

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