Corporate Clothing As A Promotional Tool

We all grew up watching TV shows especially contests and games where competing participants intensively applied creativity in trying to win the prize. That’s the upside of competition. In the corporate world, organizations emerge with a number of innovative ways to promote their products and services. They leave no stone unturned and spend a huge amount of money on advertisements, social media, print media and others in order to create product awareness and visibility of the highest level. Any marketing strategy that an organization adopts must be fail-safe. There are cases where even good products fall flat because of poor marketing and promotional activities.

One of the best and the most universally applied promotional tactic is the use of promotional items. We at Giftwrap supply quality promotional items and corporate gifts. One of the best gifts is corporate promotional clothing. Promotional clothing is one such item that can generate a lot of response. Depending on who wears it and where it could potentially generate a lot of interest, awareness and higher visibility. A piece of corporate clothing can have your organization’s logo and the message printed on it. Such gifts can be distributed to your employees, business partners, suppliers and other parties you have a professional relationship with.

We offer you an assortment of corporate attires that help you promote your brand. This is one of the most successful tools to enhance the image of your brand in the minds of your existing customers and the potential clients.

We have a wide range of corporate clothing such as formal and semi-formal apparels. You can offer them to professional associates and employees.

We supply aprons, bathrobes, belts, blouses, bush shirts, Christmas hats, corporate headwear, formal jackets, cricket shirts, denim shirts, dresses, dust coats, gloves, golf T-shirts and more. One of the most well-liked pieces of corporate clothing is the T-shirt. We can print the logo of your brand on it which would serve as a promotional tool to boost your organizational image.

Professional attire make deep-seated professional impressions and can give you that elegant look inside the office. With such gifts, your employees will certainly feel appreciated and obliged to give their best to the organization; a clandestine secret to boost productivity of the employees and profits of the organization.

Products such as waistcoats, trousers, tracksuits, ties, sweaters, sunglasses and others will definitely delight your employees.

We specialize in supplying promotional clothes that have your corporate messages printed on it.  With swift and efficient services, turnaround time, product branding and personalization, perfect packaging and countrywide delivery, we at Giftwrap feel extremely fortunate to be South Africa’s pride in corporate gifts and promotional item industry.

We at Giftwrap believe that the growth of your organization is dovetailed with what you give to your employees, clients and prospect customers.



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Corporate Gifts That Enhance Your Brand

Alongside hefty salary packages, ambient infrastructure and bonuses, there are non-monetary items that also contribute to the happiness and engagement of your employees, business partners, investors, and suppliers. Giving gifts has become one of the most popular strategies in the corporate world. These are not mere gifts but promotional tools that directly and indirectly enhance the value of your brand.

We at Giftwrap deeply understand the value of branding through the distribution of corporate gifts and promotional items. That’s why we are in the supply of our much-loved corporate gifts and articles. We offer corporate and promotional gift services. Our product variety includes a variety of products such as writing instruments, corporate clothing, leather products, customized hampers, hi-tech products and more.

We steadily believe that offering gifts and promotional vouchers is the best and the most valuably cost-effective way to push your businesses brand.

While advertising methods such as magazines, leaflets, and top commercials put dents in your pocket, giving corporate gifts is a cost-effective instrument that serves a dual purpose; people develop appreciate and use your gifts and your brand is promoted.

We are South Africa’s beloved corporate gifts manufacturer located in Pretoria East. We manufacture a collection of products varying from writing instruments, leather wallets, corporate wears, bonsai trees, custom-built hampers and more. These products will certainly exceed your expectations of presenting an ideal gift to anybody who you professionally respect.

Your relationships make your business. Whether they are employees, customers, partners or suppliers, when it comes to praising people with something a little different, just come speak to us.

We have a team of gift experts and consultants who are keen to help you in picking the perfect gift from a wide variety of our products. They will help you with the right selection of gifts that fit your budget. Catering to your business needs, we can pad-print, embroid, laser engrave, silk screen print and sandblast your company logo or any form of customisation on certain products. We would like to inform you that it takes up to 14 days from date of receiving signed proof, to deliver the goods.

We endeavour to make your company grows by presenting new and existing clients with a vast selection of our promotional gifts, corporate clothing, promotional gadgets and corporate gifts including eco-friendly recycled items. You will certainly secure a place in the minds of your target audience. Our enthusiastic sales team are always looking to ensure that you get excellent service and consultations on the latest trends, making sure that you have an easy-going gifting experience.


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Electronic Items: Best Corporate Gifts and Promotional Tools

The world is transforming from a man controlled society to automation or machine control. In other words, digitalization and electronics are taking over every aspect of your life.  Gadgets and gizmos are so enchanting that even the professional tech wizards are amazed an in awe of the marvels we as people are creating. Electronic items like cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders, DVD players, headphones, USB memory sticks etc. are now integral parts of your daily life.

These gadgets have overtaken the traditional greeting cards and other items in terms of giving gift ability and appreciation. We at Giftwrap understand the value of relations and offer a wide range of electronic items which you can give as gifts to those who matter a lot in your life.

You don’t have to rush to a nearby shopping mall to buy electronic gift items when we are around. Do it from the comfort of your own home our official site features a variety of gift and promotional items that will undoubtedly and subtly enhance your relationship with others.

If you want to retain and increase the productivity of your employees then why not give them a useful gadget that will make them feel appreciated and increase productivity?  You can gift solar chargers to your sales and marketing teams that spend most of their time outside the organization in order to bring in clients; a solar charger would be a great gift. These kind of gifts boost their moral and make them feel like they are part of a family and not just another faceless corporation.

Our electronic gift range includes computer mouse, desk fridges, digital photo frames, earphones, headphones, mini video recorders,  mobile speakers, MP3 players, MP4 Players, Phone Handsets,  Power Banks, Solar Chargers, Speakers, USB Car Chargers, USB Coffee Warmers,  USB Desk  Fans, USB Memory Sticks , USB Products and USB Wall Chargers. Click on the following link to find out the entire range of electronic items.

Apart from electron gift items, we also provide you with a wider spectrum of corporate gifts and promotional services such as corporate clothing, printing, branding, gift hampers, drink ware, writing instruments, stationery items and more.

We at Giftwrap understand how one can grow connections with clients through the invaluable exchange of gifts.  Do you know that gifts help you boost and improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization indirectly? We have a wide assortment of gifts and office equipment that help you promote your business.

Remember that an organization with a high amount of clients and employees should always promote its products and services through corporate gifts.  You make them feel important and not just another client to be dealt with. The problem with massive corporations is the loss of personal service. Gifting is an easy and cost effective way to break down these misconceptions.

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the importance of advertising and branding in the choice of your corporate branding and promotional items

A number of people understand branding and advertising as an interchangeable thing. Most people see these tasks as the same. Of course both are stemmed from marketing. However, there is a difference between the two.  Advertising precedes branding; a product needs to be advertised in an effective way that helps establish the product as a brand that performs what it promises.

Branding is just like a relationship between two people taking months and years to build but takes a second to break. We at Giftwrap understand the sensitivity a brand holds in the minds of your target audience. It has always been hard to build a brand, and even harder to maintain it.

These days, it has become crucial for corporate organizations to keep the value of their brands amidst cut-throat competitions where ‘pull-others-down’ strategies are the norms. The way you brand your products through packaging, brand names, slogans, designs and other elements, determines the value of your brand. Branding gives you a valuable tool to get your brand in front of the audience. Corporate items and corporate clothing with your logo on them reinforce your brand in the minds of your consumers and clients.

We at Giftwrap are proud that we undertake branding activities for over 5000 corporate promotional products as a value added service across the African continent. A stronger brand maintains existing customers and draws in potential clients. We provide you with quality branding services that boost your brand. Our services include pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving, embroidery and more. Let’s look at these services in a nutshell.

Pad printing: This service suits plastic products such as rulers, pens, clocks etc. Our skilled workers and technicians transfer inked images from a photo etched plate to a soft silicon pad, and then presses the pad against the target object.

Screen printing: This service is ideal for T-shirts, caps, shopping bags, sports bags, conference bags, bandanas and more. In the process, a metal frame screen is laden with fine gauze tightly stretched over it.  The gauze is sheltered with a light-sensitive coating, into which the logo is burned. Ink is pressed through the screen by a squeegee and only transfers where the logo was burned.

Digital Printing: This is best for any product where you can glue Vinyl or stickers; products like rulers, Frisbees, keyring’s, pens etc. Stickers are digitally printed in full-colour by computerized Vinyl Printers and then automatically cut to an assortment of shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle and oval, by computerized Vinyl Cutters.

Laser engraving: Laser engraving service is best for the products like metal pens, metal plates, metal clocks, aluminium and stainless steel water-bottles, leather folders, wooden boards, wooden pens etc. We use YAG and CO2 lasers for marking images into the surface of metal or organic items by eliminating 0.8 off the surface of a product. Then, we use our computerized system to to drive the movements of the laser head for achieving precise and clean engravings.

Embroidery: This is one of the most accepted printing for T-shirts, golf shirts, lounge shirts, blouses, caps, hats, conference bags, sports bags, aprons beanies, etc. It is the skill of embellishing fabric or other materials with designs stitched in the strands of thread. We have computerized industrial embroidery machines that read digitized embroidery files created by special software.

To know more about branding options visit Just get in touch with us and let us create an accepted brand for your product and services.

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