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Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is an economic requirement for companies with far-reaching impact. Increased competition, globalization and desire to enter developing markets overseas, all have increased global sourcing. With the help of global sourcing, companies can have access to the new technologies that are beyond what a domestic only supply network offers.

Our company is has the service of company global distribution and sourcing capabilities. We have collaborated with our sister company, Supply SA. We offer our regional and international customers the global brand supply chain. Supply SA is popular for their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Supply SA is a South African based company that specializes in the in the import and export of all types of bulk promotional products. They have manufacturing facilities in China, Mauritius, India, and South Africa. This means we can provide you any product that you require. This allows us to customize and brand products internationally. Our website is constantly updated with the most recent trends and innovations in the promotional industry.

We work with our supplier to make sure all the products are developed from socially responsible and environment-friendly standpoint. The overseas factories let us to bring the best product in terms of quality, service, and delivery to our customers. Whether you need 100 or 100,000 pieces, Supply SA can deliver any product at the right time and at the correct place. We have developed good relationship with the Supply SA that allows us to deliver products internationally. Our extensive global network with Supply SA covers most of the product categories and manufacturing processes.

Asia is the global center of promotional products and for this reason, we have a manufacturing facilities there. It maximizes our global sourcing opportunities from across the region. We work with an approved supply chain to source custom-made products, keeping manufacturing costs to the minimum.

South African Manufactured

Supply SA helps us in providing promotional products from our factories to your door. They aim at empowering local factories and give back to their community. They help in manufacturing plenty of custom products locally that help cuts the costs and lead times. Supply SA manufacture great quality South African items that will enhance South African identity as a brand.

Express Imports

We can manufacture any corporate product according to your preference in bulk. We make sure your products are delivered as fast as possible. The products you order can be delivered in 2-6 weeks depending on your specifications.

Exports to Africa

We supply wide range of products to the African Continent. We offer competitive pricing and lead times. South Africa is the gateway to Africa and we have steady clientele in countries like

   • Botswana

   • Zambia

   • Mozambique

   • Ivory Coast

We have extensive knowledge of trading in Africa, especially with SADEC countries.

Supply SA is known for their creative thinking and problem solving abilities