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Digital Printing

Digital Printing Image

Digital printing is a new and advanced process that contains printing an image or logo. The design is directly printed from the computer on the product by the large-format inkjet printer. The dye sublimation printing involves transferring the image onto a special coated paper. Then it is transmitted to the product with the help of pressure and heat.

The Process of Digital Printing

There are different types of digital printing techniques. They are digital sublimation, vinyl stickers, domed stickers and direct printing.

Digital Sublimation

In digital sublimation, the design is printed onto a special transfer paper using the sublimation inks. The correct shape is automatically cut. With the help of heat, the image is placed onto the product and applied. As a result of the heat and pressure, the ink is transferred from the paper to the product. The digital sublimation produces logos that are colorful and detailed. Sublimation printers are unable to print white color. This technique is best for man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon bags, shirts and umbrellas.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl sticker are digitally printed in CMYK on vinyl sticker. Then it is automatically cut into the shape of the image. After that, the stickers are applied onto the product. This process is easy and simple. The vinyl stickers are available in following colors:

  • Clear
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White.

As the logos are printed CMYK, white and metallic colors are not printed.

Domed Stickers

This digital printing process is ideal for multicolor logos. This process is used for images that are usually hard to copy in other printing techniques. This method is most commonly used for cooler bag and key rings. The vinyl stickers are glazed with polyurethane resin to provide a 3-D look. The domed stickers can be applied to rigid and smooth surfaces. They work best with purpose-made recessed plaque.

Direct Printing

In this process, the ink is directly printed on the product. This works in the same way as normal printer but instead of paper, the product is accepted. It is usually used for garments like t-shirts and that’s why it is often referred to as direct to garment digital printing. In this process, highly modified inkjet printer is used that is formulated with garment inks. Moreover, after the artwork is ready on the computer, it can be printed onto the fabric. As there are less steps involved, it can produce order quickly and economically.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Here are some advantages of digital printing.

  • It is ideal choice for bulk orders.
  • The process is faster and cost-effective.
  • Many colors can be used for printing that provides colorful, vibrant and detailed prints.
  • Digital printing can produce high-quality prints within less time.
  • It is a great choice that can be used both on dark and light colored products.

Products Suitable for Digital Printing

See examples below...

Digital Printing Image 1 Digital Printing Image 2 Digital Printing Image 3 Digital Printing Image 4

USB Sticks


Spray Bottles

Spray Bottles