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Corporate Items and Corporate Gifts Full Catalogue

The corporate environment can be hard to navigate, filled with large words, complicated situations and easy to make mistakes. Which is why choosing the perfect item for any event, celebration, anniversary or achievement is of the utmost importance.

GiftWrap has a full catalogue of all the items anyone swimming through the corporate world needs, from unique desk ornaments all the way to larger items such as spare wheel covers and sleeping bags. Having the perfect corporate items when you have clients, business partners or friends� visiting is an important part of improving your chances of surviving in the corporate world.

Tailor made corporate item experiences

There are several ways that choosing the right item can help to improve the way you are viewed in the corporate world. The GiftWrap catalogue of corporate items and corporate gifts has been made to perfectly guide you in choosing the right gift and having it elegantly branded with your full company logo.

For corporate events we have gift hampers that are filled with goodies that anyone with taste buds will enjoy. These include simple hampers that have cufflinks, ties and handkerchiefs that are for the more sophisticated man to sweet filled treat boxes that will satisfy anyone.

For smaller businesses, during the mid-year slump, we have items that can help to impress even the most stubborn of clients without breaking the bank. These can range from simple items such as bells and book lights all the way to nicer items such as Victorinox knives and promo sets.

These are all meant to help improve your corporate standing, through gifting your favourite clients or giving away bonus items when the time calls. However, we also understand that choosing the perfect gift or item when you’re busy floating in and out of work can be difficult.

To help our clients see the full potential of having promotional items and gifts our system has the top items and gifts we have available within easy access on the home page. We update this list by looking at which products are selling the most and have proven popular with brands.

The widest reaching promotional items we have

Through experience we have learned that certain products spread faster and easier throughout the corporate world. This can be seen by the mysterious ways they disappear from our clients throughout the months; the popularity and feel of these products helps spread a brand image even further.

One of these, which happens to be one of our most inexpensive items, are branded rulers. This small yet effective item is always a useful and helpful item to have on any desk. We’ve seen these selling from Durban to Cape Town and we’ve seen them at international locations when we least expected.

On the other side of the argument sometimes you want to leave a lasting impression over a long or short holiday, these usually also fall over a worldwide special event. Events like Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity for corporate items and gifts.

There’s also the option to impress with less traditional items, such as tea hampers, which will impress even the most stubborn of people. When it comes to gifting long lasting items you can also choose more grand options, like leather bags, which will help your brand travel with your partners, clients and friends, wherever they may go.

Items to compliment your corporate experience

GiftWrap understands that you might want to build the relationships within your own company. For this we have more catered and specialised items that will help your internal relationships improve.

When your fellow partner has built a new house and you want to help add just that personal touch. Our line of serving dishes that range from candy bowls, dinner plates or the portchie collection of platters is sure to leave a lasting impression.

We also know that the world is ever growing, but sometimes you just want some traditional items to gift for those stubborn partners that are more than comfortable wearing true leather shoes. This is why we have a range of vintage gifts, bringing back classic styles and memories of sundowns next to lakes.

Corporate worlds are ever evolving

Years ago a defined man would be the one wearing cufflinks, a nice silver watch and a clean shaven face. However, times change and while a man in a suit still looks amazing the accompanying accessories have changed significantly.

The modern fashion wise man lives a connected life; this is why the gift of a smart watch will be sure to catch his eye. Further, a stylish leather laptop cover or bag will surely put your brand in his eyes. These subtle ways of adding to the modern man will also help your brand to be associated with the high fashion that is the modern business man.

Good looks, corporate gifts

There are times when you just want to treat the girls in your office or you have been invited for a spa day from your favourite client. At these times it is important to spend a little more and forget the rest.

For these occasions we have bath hampers that will make any spa day last longer than just one morning, or we have more focused items like pashminas and leather ladies purses. These are simple yet effective ways to pamper the girls or just to say thanks for being such awesome people.