what role does eco-friendly products play ?

Lately, the corporate world has realized the importance of going green. Be it hotel, automobile, aviation or education industry, the significance of eco-friendly environment and nature’s conservation must be taken into consideration by everyone involved in exploiting nature. Going green is nothing but being environmentally concerned with and responsible for the environment we all live in.

Promoting products and services has always been an integral part of corporate branding strategy.  Successful organizations take to giving corporate gifts and vouchers that promote their brand names. This is one of the cost-effective promotional tools than the money-guzzler advertising and outdoor marketing campaigns.

Today, the trend of developing eco-friendly approach is up in the air in corporate world. Progressing with the ‘going green’ mantra has become the norm. And this has led to creation of eco-friendly gift items presented to the employees, suppliers, business partners and potential clients.

Considering this, we at Giftwrap offer a wide variety of convenient and eco-friendly gift items. These gifts created with the spirit of keeping our environment at bay from undue harm will surely please the recipients.

Out product range includes bags, folders, gift bags, notepads, pencils, pens, shopping bags, simple stationery holders, sticky note sets and more.

We offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases as we prefer placing the order in bulk. This encourages and helps us buy eco friendly materials at considerably low prices.

Corporate products and items have taken a new avatar lately. Bygone are the days when business houses gifted items like photo frames, key chains, plastic pen stand etc. Today it’s the eco-friendly gits such as clothing, household cleaning products and jute bags are the products that rule the roost.

Printed convenient shopping bags, jute bags, articles made of wood and bamboos, handmade paper stands, and recycled papers diaries are the new promotional items that are going abuzz in the corporate world.  Such products reduce an ever-increasing need for raw materials. When the need for raw materials dwindles, the amount of waste is considerably reduced.


When it is all about eco friendly promotional items, the gifts mentioned above are extensively used in marketing and promotional programs as they often have your company’s logo or name or even the message that promotes the brand name of your company.

We are South Africa’s proud wholesalers of promotional items. We pride ourselves with competitive prices and excellent customer service.

We specialise in a wide variety of promotional items, which can be personalised according to your specifications. Our promotional items can be silk screened, pad printed, engraved, embroidered depending on the product. Our promotional items can be distributed throughout South Africa and Africa. With quick, effective, efficient service package, great turnaround time, product branding and customization, we at Giftwrap commit to providing you with a complete gift solution. We believe that gift-giving should be simple, joyous and hassle free.  We thrive on our commitment, enthusiasm and personalised service to give you what you need.

To find out more about our products and services, kindly visit our website www.giftwrap.co.za. Or simply get in touch with us and let us send you a quotation.





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