The smallest promotional gifts make the biggest impact

When it comes to promotional gifts it is not the size of the gift that matters but rather it is the gesture of giving and receiving, along with some clever logo placement that can have the desired effect on your marketing. The giving of promotional gifts is all about boosting your brand, building up the trust with your clients and your potential clients, and to bring in some new customers. Promotional gifts are a must for all companies but sometimes what you need is not the biggest gift available but rather the smaller gift that can easily be given to many people and save you money.

Even the smallest gifts can be a promotional gifts
Even the smallest gifts can be a promotional gifts

Remember that the giving of all types of gifts has the ability to make an impact on your market. The purpose behind gift giving remains the same, whether you are giving a pen or a water cooler! Here are a few of the smaller promotional gifts that have the power to make the biggest impact.

1. Cell phone accessories

Cell phone covers, pouches, protectors, wallets and stands, they all make great small promotional gifts and they are all highly affordable. These days everyone has a cell phone and just take a look around you and you will see people constantly using their most favourite accessory. It is the item that almost every person on the planet owns and the ability to accessorise it makes it more personal and a whole lot more stylish.

Cell phone accessories can be promotional gifts
Cell phone accessories can be promotional gifts

2. Fridge magnets

If you are looking for a corporate gift that is going to show off your brand each time it is looked at then you should consider a fridge magnet. These sneaky promotional items can be accessorised with your company’s details and each time they are seen the person seeing them is going to be reminded of your company. These small promotional items are also very affordable.

3. Lip balm

Given to a man or a woman, lip balm makes for an interesting gift to give. Small enough to be placed into a pocket or hand bag. Lip balm is extra nice to give during the winter months when lips can get chapped and sore. Lips balm bought in batches and branded with your company logos are more than affordable and they are quite nice to receive. Looking for a small promotional gift? This is a great one.

4. Set of sticky notes

Everyone who works in admin, which is quite a few people, are going to enjoy receiving a set of sticky notes as a promotional gift. A set of sticky notes can be branded on its cover and whenever it is used the person is going to see your branding. Sticky notes are really affordable and they can be bought and branded in bulk.

Sticky notes can also be promotional gifts
Sticky notes can also be promotional gifts

The smallest promotional gifts can truly have the biggest impact on those who receive them. You can make your branding a success when you use corporate gifts, and at Gift Wrap we have all of those promotional gifts that can transform your marketing.

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