The quickest turnaround corporate gifts with a logo

The holidays are over and it is time to get back to reality. Part of your business goals for 2016 should be to increase your turn around time when ordering corporate gifts. You don’t want to order corporate gifts that can take months to get to you when you request for them to be customised, rather you want to aim for a turnaround time that gets your gifts to you as quickly as possible so that you can start making some marketing magic happen.

Corporate gifts are hugely effective so long as you have your company’s details placed onto them. This means you should aim to buy those gifts that can have your company logo and perhaps even your company contact details printed onto it.

Here are the corporate gifts that have a quick turnaround time even when you want to have your logo placed onto it.

  1. A customised blanket

Winter is around the corner and before you wipe your eyes out we will be feeling that all too familiar chill. Giving a client a winter blanket is not going to break your bank and it is going to be very useful in the coming cold months. With your logo placed neatly onto the blanket, each time it is used this winter people will be reminded who is keeping them warm. Customised blankets can be made quickly and you can have them in time for the big chill.

Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
Fleecy blankets with corporate branding are very easy and quick to create
  1. A travel mug

How easy is it to print your logo and company details onto a travel mug? Exceptionally easy is the answer we can give you. It takes almost no time at all to get a travel mug branded, giving you plenty of time to give it away to the right people. A travel mug is convenient especially as it keeps the liquid warm, and when used often it will be seen by many people. The usefulness of a travel mug is only going to work in your favour.

  1. A stylish picture frame

Easy to brand and always on display when someone has framed a picture in it, using a picture frame as a corporate gift is a great way to make sure that your branding is always seen. This constant reminder, along with having a happy memory in the picture frame is going to give your corporate branding a much-needed boost.

Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
Picture frames are very effective corporate gifts
  1. A journal or diary

Nothing starts the year off in a better way than being able to open a brand new journal and start writing on a clean, new page. A diary or journal is almost always going to be a much-appreciated gift, with anyone running around in the 9 to 5 needing such a tool to get through their day. Journals come in different materials and they can be branded fairly quickly.

2016 can be the year that you make that big impact on your marketing by getting a head start with your corporate gifts. Gift Wrap has a wide range of promotional gifts that you can choose from, and with our speedy turnaround time, you don’t have to wait long to make your mark with promotional items.

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