The 5 strangest promotional items

Imagine being able to show the world your company’s ingenuity, creativity or maybe just its sense of humour, with interesting promotional items. That is exactly what companies have been doing throughout the years, and although these gifts have been strange, they have been a memorable talking point, which is what has made them so memorable for those who have received the promotional items.

Promotional items are a great way to promote your company
Promotional items are a great way to promote your company

The promotional gifts you give don’t always have to relate to the business that you do. Your promotional gifts can be pretty much anything and while some will say that it is better to have the item relate to your business, others will argue that it is the memorable qualities that make the lasting impression. So slap your company name and details on any one of these items and you are sure to create a stir:

  1. The Hydro Water-Power Clock

This item is so unique that there are few to no other companies out there that will use this gift to generate interest in the company. This clock is energy saving and will never need to have batteries thanks to the hydro electrical technology. They are a great talking point and will open up the conversation to discuss the products or services you are selling.

  1. A collapsible travelling cup

I personally love this one, purely because it is nostalgic and reminds me of when I was a young child. Collapsible travel cups are so convenient. They are compact when they are collapsed and can be carried in a bag or in a pocket. Maybe these cups aren’t the strangest things that you have seen but they are always a welcome promotional gift because they are so nice to have.

  1. A boomerang

When was the last time you saw a boomerang? These are not common items by any stretch of the imagination and you will probably even have a tough time finding one of these in a toy shop. But this unusual promotional item can really have a big impact on those who are receiving them. The boomerang is also a big talking point, thanks to its unique qualities, and that is one the reasons why it is a great promotional gift to give.

Boomerang's make for unique promotional items
Boomerang’s make for unique promotional items
  1. A digital jump rope

Almost anything can be turned into a promotional item, including jump ropes. Place your company details on the rope handles and give it away, you will be enticing people with a positive experience as they are going to be getting lots of exercise and happiness out of your promotional gift and every time they use it they are going to be reminded of your company. Definitely an all-round win for everyone involved. This rope can count up and down and it will keep track of the calories being burnt away.

  1. A custom selfie stick

The selfie stick makes for an interesting gift
The selfie stick makes for an interesting gift

Okay, have you seen these things? Not only are they rather unusual if you don’t know what they are, but they are also buying into one of the biggest trends at the moment. Everyone wants one and as a business owner looking for promotional items that are going to make a big impact, you will be happy to know that these days they are cheap and you will be able to have your company logo printed onto it before you give it out.

Your promotional items need to make a big impact on your market. If you are looking for that promotional gift that is going to bring the wow factor, Gift Wrap has the biggest selection for you to browse through.


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