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A list of the best promotional products and corporate gifts

Competition is very tight in every industry which means that your company needs to stay ahead of the game and constantly be in the mind of its customers. Your client base is your bread and butter so ensuring that they always think of you first when they are in need of the product that you provide or the service that you give is of the utmost importance. Corporate gifts or promo items are going to help you to achieve that. Using high-quality products that are unique and have a purpose are going to boost your company’s image and improve the goodwill and support that your company will receive.

But what makes a gift ideal for giving within the corporate industry and what are the best gifts for you to give? The gifts that a company gives does not necessarily have to be related to what the business does but it should be a genuine gift that is given without expectation and the gift giving should never be seen as a bribe. The gift should be something that the person receiving it will appreciate receiving rather than something that they will throw away as soon as they can.

Buying corporate gifts can be very tricky however with the increased amount of online shops catering for this very industry, you will not be short on options.

What to keep in mind when you are selecting a corporate gift

  1. Usability

A corporate gift should be able to service a purpose rather than be an ornament. These days a popular item to give is a flash disk with the company logo attached to it. This is a very useful gift for most people and it is a quality gift to give.

  1. Price tag

You don’t want to use your entire advertising budget on your promotional items so when you are selecting promotional items you should select quality items that are reasonably priced. Having reasonably priced corporate gifts will make them easier to give away.

  1. Keep cultural differences in mind

The corporate world involves all types of cultures and it has become very important to keep the cultures of those who you are giving the gifts to in mind. You would not want to inadvertently insult someone by giving them a gift that they might consider inappropriate.

  1. Keep an eye on the quality

Corporate gifts should always be high quality not matter what the gift is because it is going to be a reflection of your business. You wouldn’t want to give your clients or stakeholders a low-quality gift as the impression that it would give might not be favourable.

  1. Personal delivery

If it is possible delivering the gift personally is a nice way to show your clients and your stakeholders that you are willing to go the extra mile. Unfortunately, this is not always an option as the list of people that you would like to give gifts to could be very long. An easy way to hand deliver your corporate gifts would be to give the gifts away at an expo or convention where your company has a display stand or to hand a gift over the counter to your customers when they visit your business.


Top promotional and corporate gifts to give

Promo items, also known as promotional giveaways, can be given at any time of the year although the giving of these types of gifts will usually increase during the festive season. The giving of such a gift is used to increase your brand, increase goodwill among your existing clientele and stakeholders, and to attract new customers to your business.

Depending on who you will be giving the gifts to, the type of gift that you are likely to give will vary. Your stakeholders will probably be given a pricier gift as a thank you for their involvement and as they are a smaller group you can afford the few small but more expensive gifts. Your loyal customers might number in the hundreds so giving a smaller gift but one that is of a high quality is usually the norm. Regardless of who the gift will be going to, you should always invest in gifts that are high quality as the name of your business will be attached to the gift.

Some of the most popular promotional gifts include:

  • Stainless steel business card holders branded with the name and logo of the company giving the gift.
  • Drinking glasses are also a popular gift to give as they will be used every day and they will be a constant reminder of the company that gave the glasses. The glasses can be engraved as well. Wine glasses are also a popular choice and they will usually be given to stakeholders as this type of gift is not one that will normally be given to clients.
  • T-shirts are a popular choice for many companies as they can be quickly manufactured in large numbers at an affordable price. Think about the companies that sponsor running races, usually their names and other details will be branded on a T-shirt given to runners. This type of gift can be used to improve goodwill and attract new customers rather than be used as a thank-you for customers.
  • Soft toys with the company name and branding details are also popular items. They can be manufactured at a reasonable price and given to regular supporters. These gifts can be small which makes them ideal for a client can keep them in their car, allowing your brand to be seen by many.
  • Sweets and chocolates are a fantastic way in which to thank clients. Stickers with your company details can be stuck onto the sweets and chocolates. Remember that sweet things have the ability to improve the mood of many people enabling them to have a good impression of your company.

Promotional gifts and corporate gifts are the best way for a company to reach new people and to make those who you give the gifts to not only remember your business but also have a good impression of your business. At GiftWrap, we specialise in high-quality corporate gifts at affordable prices.

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