Marketing With Your Exposure

Did you know that there’s over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute?  This is enough video to keep you busy for well over a week, being uploaded every minute. This means that when you get a hit video on the platform you are really, really lucky.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with well over 7.5-billion people all running around on our planet, all asking for attention it can be a daunting task getting yourself seen. Luckily you aren’t reading other blogs that talk about being positive and making ‘connections’ without ever really explaining where to go and what to buy.

In this week’s blog we are taking a look at what exactly it means to market with the exposure your company receives in the day to day world.

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What Does It Mean To Market Through Exposure?

There’s a lot of ways to market yourself, which means that there’s always a way to market yourself in a unique manner. The way that we would recommend for anyone small or incorporated to start their promotional journey is to focus on marketing through exposure. Now this means different things depending on the size of your company.

Either way, it will mean that you are marketing and making new clients by simply having your brand be seen by as many people as possible, then making a lasting impression on them. It means having a full marketing plan and impact that allows people to know who you are and what you are doing.

This is when you see golden arches and think of a burger or when you see a white suit and crave chicken. Our favourite example of marketing with exposure is in the world of cars, yes, those things you see riding around everywhere. If you see the badge of a car, chances are high that you will recognize it. When you see a car or bike you like, you immediately go to the badge to see what it is.

This is the most basic form of marketing through exposure that we can think of, it is why manufacturers added badges to their cars. It is this technique that you need to master if you want to successfully have a marketing campaign that is both effective and wide reaching.

By doing this you will keep the costs of your campaigns manageable, more importantly you will get more clients. It’s also important that you do not think of this as a technique that needs to be done once or twice a year to be effective. It requires dedication and a focus on what you want to accomplish.

We’ve found that being flexible helps to further increase the effectiveness of everything you do.

Upward Promotional Marketing
The movement and implementation of your marketing strategy should always help you grow

How To Start.

We all hate starting anything, whether it be starting the day, starting a new workout routine or starting a campaign that does something different than what you are used to. So, starting with an effective marketing technique will seem difficult.

We broke it down to four steps, each requiring you to follow and understand them before we can even begin looking at what products and techniques we will be using.

Visual Marketing
Making an impact through your marketing is always important

Get the Basic Visuals to Work

Your company should be easily represented with a few key visuals, primary colours, the slogan and the logo. Almost every company on earth has these, some simply use their name in one colour and bold print. Others, well they use iconic symbols to show who they are, with catchy slogans and memorable names.

You get different mixtures of effectiveness as well, Microsoft has an iconic name and an even more recognisable logo, the windowpane. However, the average person won’t know that they also have a slogan, which is ‘Be What’s Next’ a slogan that’s neither catchy nor rememberable.

So, what’s a good example of a good logo, slogan and image that’s effective? Our favourite is the combination over at LG, which has their primary colours, white and red, along with a memorable slogan, ‘Life’s Good’ and a logo that is memorable. This is what you need to start a successful promotional campaign that relies on marketing with exposure.

Your logo needs to catch the attention of everyone that sees it, meaning that it must be eye catching, easy to remember and show who your company is. However, a logo does not always have to be specifically focused on just a good-looking symbol, if your company name is short enough it can be used as your logo.

Our logo is the perfect example of this, our name is GiftWrap, so we used that to create our logo. The full logo we use includes our slogan as well, the Promofessionals, this makes us easy to recognize and remember. Your logo should be the same, your slogan should be short and your combined image should be rememberable.

Visual Impact
Having a good and consistent visual impact is always important

An Impact Through Visuals

Once you have your logo and slogan sorted your next move will have a large impact on how impactful you are at events, on the road or even on your pens. Choosing the colours that you company works with is probably something that most people would think is easy.

However, when you are at an expo with well over 500 other companies trying to sell and leave a memorable impression with the same stuff that you have, the colours you are using will mean life or death. What makes this even more impossible to get perfect is that certain industries stick to certain colours, which means that if you choose the wrong colours your company will be lumped together with the wrong industry entirely.

Tech companies like to use striking colours that range from blue, silver and white. Whereas companies that provide foods prefer warmer earthier colours, all bakeries have red, brown and white logos. To complicate things further these colour preferences change over time as well.

This can be seen with the vibrancy that Apple started with in the early 70’s, that slowly faded into just a few primary colours and eventually ended up with the plain white apple we now all easily recognize. Other brands have moved in the opposite direction, like Pepsi that had a bright and clear blue and red logo that has slowly moved to a more faded look in the 21st century.

Your field will determine the colours that you use, so it is always a good idea to look at the colour palette that your competitors use and then find something that is somewhere in the middle and yet still catches the eyes of your potential clients. A recent campaign that used this theory to an absolute success was the Fyre Island festival (which turned out to be a major disaster, but that was for entirely different reasons).

When the festival started its advertising campaign it used nothing but one simple colour and a link. The social media managers of the Fyre Festival looked at which celebrities had large followings online and asked them to simply post a plain orange square with a link to a video. This caused people around the world to suddenly see just an orange block on their social media feeds.

The entire campaign used colour to the best effect, which meant that the festival became a household name in its target audience in a matter of hours. This is why making a visual impact is vitally important for your marketing campaign.

The difference between almost being successful and being entirely successful is really just between choosing whether or not to add that splash of colour.

Being Loud Helps
Having a loud and impactful marketing strategy is always important

Loudness Does Improve Impact

This is something that goes against a few principals for modern marketing, where subtle marketing techniques are encouraged as much as possible. Sometimes it really is about being the loudest, most irritating thing around.

Just think of the last time you went to an expo, which stalls received the most visitors, the one that had one or two people waiting around or the stalls that clearly made everyone aware of where they are. The stalls with the bright lights and the loud machines going off throughout the day.

That being said being loud all the time doesn’t necessarily mean having the largest stands or the loudest speakers. If you have some well-placed promotional stands spread throughout an expo you might just make a bigger and more widespread impact than any one large stand could make. Further, if your overall corporate gifting plan is more developed than others you will speak louder by well-placed gifts throughout the year.

Remember, the CEO who gets a nice gift for his grandchildren on their birthday is more likely to use your company than the CEO who gets a million gifts on their own birthday. Then there’s the old saying of “actions speak louder than words”, which for us means that you should always have something good to give to the right people at the right time.

When you are starting on a new business venture, either with a new partner or new clients the impact your office space has on them will be worth more than a thousand words. If there are tastefully branded mugs, or other accessories spread throughout, the chances are high that the overall feel of your company will be improved.

No one will reference your mugs being branded, but when a client or partner thinks about your meeting, they should feel like your overall image was consistent. That your company does indeed have what it takes to provide everything that they may need.

The loudest impact you can make through marketing is the one that lasts the longest and doesn’t necessarily mean that you are spending thousands on getting your image on TV or billboards.

Unique Impact
Marketing with a unique impact means reaching a larger audience

Unique Impacts Brings it all Together

You always see people going out of their way to do something unique, one of our favourite examples of companies understanding how to do impactful marketing properly are gaming conventions in Japan. At these things people look insane, their stands are always creative, colourful and unique in ways that the West has only just started to accept.

Being unique in the way your company looks, for day-to-day operations or at events and other shows, will help to increase the renown you are gaining. Just think back on history and the companies that had unique impacts on their fields and how they accomplished it.

Coca Cola

Company’s like Coca Cola stayed with their price of 5c for a coke for almost 70 years. Or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes literally inventing the dietary must of having breakfast each morning. The one we love the most is the image Apple made when they launched the iPod.

The entire promotional campaign of Apple relied on the public having a complete image change, where not owning an iPod was to be left in the dust. For the public it was simply a style change, something that meant having music in your pocket at all times. However, for Apple it was a massive risk, the company was in dire straits at this point, facing bankruptcy.

The iPod and later the iPhone helped Apple to become one of the largest and richest companies on earth. It all started with a marketing campaign that could easily grab the public’s attention and then change it to Apple’s benefit. It’s this that you have to focus on with your unique promotional, marketing and advertising campaigns.


Through using promotional items, corporate gifts and well-placed logo’s you will be able to have similar effects depending on what your end goal is. We have worked with some smaller companies that just wanted to increase the public knowledge about them. We’ve also worked with large companies that wanted to thank their clients and partners.

Either way, we always recommend looking for more unique items if you want to hand out gifts and we always recommend doing something amazing when attending events. However, we do give a word of warning, being too unique or using things that are not related to your industry can have a negative effect.

A quick example of this would be a clothing company using car shaped USBs to promote themselves at an expo. While this could work in some way, the ultimate effect will be negative as anyone that happens to use the USB will rather think of cars than clothing. Btw in this case it would be more effective to use hanger or shirt shaped USBs with a company logo on them.

Keeping to some industry standards will help your company be recognised as being a part of it, meaning that you can be sure that the average person will recognize your logo. Ultimately what we are saying is to be unique in your industry but not so unique that no one knows what your industry actually is.

Your Promotional Items
Choosing the best items for your marketing strategy will keep you going forward

What Items to Get for Your Campaign

Choosing what to get is a difficult task that only experience, and a lot of gut feelings will help you with. Having the proper items for each occasion means that you are ready to be seen by a larger crowd of people than ever before.

Each event and occasion also require a unique set of items to be given away. At your office having a few odd creature features that you can hand out when a client asks for your contact details will help them to remember you. It also does not have to be something large or impressive; a few of our clients use custom paper cappuccino cups.

Whenever someone would visit their offices, the last thing they do before saying goodbye is handing them a fresh cappuccino. Each cup had their company name, logo and slogan on them. Which means that each client or partner walking out of their offices becomes a walking advertisement with the cost of only a few cents per client.

It’s approaches like these that helps your company to reach new clients and gather the attention of the public. However, we also realise that not everyone has the time to think of new and unique ways to advertise themselves. That’s why you’re here, we have a good list of starter items that has proven to be both effective and unique enough to bring clients to your door.

Branded T-shirts are beyond effective

The Shirt Makes The Promotion

This is our go-to one for advertising in your office or at an event. If you are attending shows where engineers and technicians are around your personnel will take lead and represent who you are. However, if you are in a livelier industry you will find that having good looking, branded t-shirts will help word spread about you faster than butter on toast.

We’ve seen companies buy close to two hundred shirts and then just throw them into crowds, this may seem wasteful but at the right place and time this is one of the most effective things you can do. A go to example of this is rock bands throwing shirts into their crowds, of course we don’t expect small expos and shows to have the same vibe as those.

There’s is also the brand loyalty that wearing a t-shirt brings. If your employees, friends and clients walk around with your logo then there will be a loyalty built towards your brand that further increases the reach of your brand. However, we also recommend having two different kinds of shirts, the one you wear and the one you give to clients and partners.

The standard business professional t-shirt, golf shirt or button shirt usually only gets a small logo printed or embroidered on the chest. This is easy, professional and always looks amazing. This is why you and your staff should wear these when working or just relaxing at company retreats.

One of the most creative things we’ve seen a company do with the customised shirts that we supply was a range of limited-edition shirts.

The other shirts that we recommend companies have in stock is a bit more fashionable, also requiring more work. These shirts are more dependant on the styles that are currently active, meaning that their types and designs will change with the times. Meaning that you and your company will have to keep a finger on the pulse of what looks good and which styles of shirts are in fashion.

One of the most creative things we’ve seen a company do with the customised shirts that we supply was a range of limited-edition shirts. Having a popular artist create some unique designs, each one a first of their kind, and then having them printed on shirts. These shirts were then packaged in special gift boxes and sent to our clients’ best clients.

Luckily this is just the tip of the promotional clothing iceberg. There are many companies out there that want and use custom clothing items in their industry. The most basic example of these are the aprons and hats used by chefs at high level hotels and restaurants. Using clothing like this will mean that your presence at events will be larger and that your employees will have a clear and visual impact.

However, clothing is just the first and most basic item you can get for promoting your company.

Badges or maybe just a sign
Marketing with your signs and badges is always important

Keep the Name on the Badge

There is one thing that everyone can wear that will have you be seen anywhere. Or maybe just have you be recognised without introductions. That thing would be the badges that people wear when they walk around. The tricky thing is that sometimes it’s not even just the badge that promotes your company.

Badges themselves also come in a variety of ways, with some even being as advanced as storing currency for private events. This is why you should get yourself on the branding, supplying and delivering of badges for any event that you and your company may be attending. This would already mean that everyone would see your company and wonder what you do.

…you can easily increase the awareness that the public has of your company in ways that you never thought possible.

Part of this is the things that keep the badges around your neck, or sometimes your wrist. Having custom lanyards and wristbands supplied to events means that your brand will travel with each and every person at the event. However, in the modern world this is a well-known strategy, so we also recommend having something unique to go along with it.

For example, a unique way to use custom lanyards or wristbands along with a tagging system could be to make a competition that spans across an entire event. With the combination of social media, you can easily increase the awareness that the public has of your company in ways that you never thought possible. If you want to have your brand and some of your partner companies to be remembered this simple technique will help you achieve it.

An example that we’ve seen take place at other events has been groups of companies working together, having badges with lanyards being given away at one stand. Then having that badge be scanned at each stand meant that each company got proper exposure, if someone had each company scan their tag, they were instantly entered into a competition to win a prize.

That’s just one way to look at how to use lanyards and badges together when you’re at an expo. There are several more traditional ways, like just handing them out to people that visit your stand or maybe just having them loaded with the bags that are given away for free at the entrance of the expo.

However, how you use badges, tags, lanyards or even wristbands are all up to you and the kind of influence you want at an expo. All we’re saying is that you should always keep them in mind wherever you may go.

Corporate Marketing
Marketing in the corporate world is always fun

Gifting Corporate Things With Gifts of Style

This is where things get varied and really, really fun. There is no limit to what you can hand out as a corporate gift, anything from just wine bottles all the way to custom shaped and engraved jade lions (yes, we have those). The items we’ve seen people carry with them has a range that is so varied and strange that we barely know where to start.

So, let us then begin with something that has nothing to do with the actual items and more to do with the where and when you would hand out these gifts. Now, a corporate gift says a lot, not just in where you would use them but also how you would use them. The most surprising thing about them is how the size of your own company affects the gifts that you use.

When we work with larger companies, with well over 500 employees all in one building, they always have a large range of corporate gifts on hand. These gifts are used from anything to say thanks for employees and their hard work to making new deals with clients or partners.

Then there are the corporate gifts that smaller companies have. These are more aimed at specific people or clients; they are also a lot more personalised to each client. Smaller companies’ value certain gifts a lot more than larger ones. Which is why we recommend taking a look at who you are and what your target audience will be.

Find out what you need, where you fit in your industry and look for corporate gifts that will bring value to you and your clients. Once you have that, we can safely recommend certain favourites and a lot of unique gifts that will make your company stand out against the crowd. So, let’s start with the most obvious gifts, the ones you can find anywhere to the one or two that you may not even have heard of before.

Braai Sets

Bags, braai sets, and cutlery are some of the most popular items that you can find being gifted in South Africa along with the corporate worlds’ favourite gift, the executive pen. We have all of these and they certainly are effective when you want to give out several gifts over a holiday period or you just want something handy to gift in an emergency.

However, we recommend having a few items that no one else would have, items that are so unique the shopping malls would be surprised to see them in South Africa. That would mostly be because they are hampers that have been premade. This writer’s personal favourite involves the tea and coffee hampers that are littered across the GiftWrap site.

Then there are the biltong hampers, kids hampers and the ladies bath hampers. In between all of these are the gourmet hampers that involve items like custom made Amarula Cream Liquor, wooden spice gift packs or techno hampers that includes everything a tech geek would ever want.

With just these few options being mentioned we are quite sure that we’ve made the process of choosing the right items even harder. That’s why we recommend knowing who you are and what part you played in your industry at the start.

Signs in places like these count
Marketing should include signs in locations you would never expect

Subtle Signs That Attract

There are few things that attract attention like a giant screen the size of a building. However, screens of that size do actually become easy to ignore after a few minutes. There is a way to make your logo be seen by more people than you could imagine, or maybe even have your slogan be remembered by thousands without ever having to lose track of where your money went.

Well placed signs, that are easy to read can be infinitely more effective than giant ones that take up entire buildings. We’ve helped clients with simple banners that ensure that entire stadiums saw them, we’ve also helped companies place their logo in the line of sight of more people than can be calculated.

One of the most underrated yet effective ways to have your company be seen by thousands is hand out branded cooler bags. Nothing more and nothing fancy, just a small rectangular cooler bag that can fit a drink and one lunch box. Anyone that uses your branded cooler bag will then easily help your company be seen by hundreds of people each week.

There’s also the technique of simply having small signs spread throughout events or just the street that helps make the public aware of your company. We use signs on our trucks and trailers to show everyone where we are going and where we’re from. There are also companies that do things more subtly, which is something we have helped them accomplish across the world.

One of the sneakiest ways you can see a company having their logo out in the public is the way some companies brand the items that they sell. Just take a look at the clothing, bags or even glassware that we all use. Brands have been placing their logo’s in front of us for hundreds of years without us caring one bit.

For an effective marketing strategy, you should be doing the same, with several of your own items carrying your brand to wherever you are sending them. We also know that some companies don’t always provide items that they can simply brand and give to their clientele.

For this we have a solution as well, we’ve provided several companies with small stickers that they hand out or place on items that they’ve serviced. This brings in a few random fun things as well, like seeing your logo being used in spots that you would never have thought of. This is a strategy that even one of the largest companies in the world uses. To this day if you buy a new Apple product you will receive two stickers with their logo on to use in any way that you would like.

This all ties in to using your logo and slogan placement in effective and subtle ways to influence people to think more about you, who you are and the services that you can provide. In the grander thinking of marketing strategies signs are often overlooked, which is why you should use it effectively and in subtle ways throughout each marketing campaign you have.

Watch the times
Marketing with your watch is always a thing you can do

Watch The Times

This is the one we added simply because we love it, we love playing with the items and we also believe that no outfit is complete without them. This is the final item that we recommend you add to your list of products to get when you create a marketing strategy that drastically increases your exposure.

This should be obvious from the picture, but what we’re talking about here is the simple watch. We have several suppliers of all kinds of watches, and because we are who we are, we can brand them and customise them in several ways.

You may also be wondering why this should be a part of your marketing strategy, it’s simple really. We can’t think of anything that would attract people to your company like customised watches would. Well, we can, but nothing would be as unique as a watch that both looks good and tells the time.

Through the years we’ve also added more than just the normal analogue or digital watch. We have smart watches, those things that measure your heartbeat, counts steps and shows notifications, that can be branded and customised in almost any colour you want. The uses of these can be weird and awesome, especially since they aren’t bank breaking.

One we’ve seen that grabs attention immediately was using watches as part of the dress code for everyone at an expo. This meant that the company had employees at their stand that looked both professional and unified. There have also been companies that used the watches as prizes in competitions, ranging from lucky draws for more expensive watches to scavenger hunts that spread across several weeks in cities.

How you use a watch to help promote your company depends almost entirely on how much you want to spend. Normal watches or smart watches all have their places and uses, with each making the man or woman. Adding them to the list of promotional items you have in stock when you are trying to reach a larger audience will mean that your entire marketing campaign will be more effective.

Loud and proud
Signs can be louder than any words

How to Shout That You are Here and Ready

Ok, so you have your set of items, they’re in a storeroom somewhere waiting to be given away. You will need to go out and make people see you, your posters won’t hang themselves and no competition will be won without anyone taking a part in them.

But, where should you start, I hear you grumbling as an avalanche of promotional items fall on you. The answer is that you should be planning a multi-level attack, starting with your clients and spilling out into the streets. Your signs should be plastered in areas where your clients naturally gather, and your name should be spoken about in loud whispers around campfires.

So, to get your creative juices flowing we have a few ideas and places that will help your company to easily stand out in the crowd.

rAge 2014 expo
Visit as many of these things as you possibly can

Visit Every Expo

Seriously we mean this, if there is an industry expo running somewhere you should be there. Either as an exhibitioner or just as a visitor, you should be seen by other companies and the clients that go to these events.

We would definitely recommend attending any show that is in line with your industry. Mostly because it’s always fun to see what your competitors and suppliers are up to, but also because being seen at any of these events means that you can easily gain more brand recognition. But there is a way to gain even more recognition, which is the obvious way, having a stand at a market related expo.

Planning to attend an expo requires you to have several people that are ready to help promote you and your company. Then there’s also the things that you hand out during the expo, which can vary greatly depending on the type of company that you are. Promotional companies like to give away bags, gaming companies like bright lights and automotive companies seem to prefer USB sticks.

Just handing out flyers is rarely a good idea unless you are also selling items at the expo. What we always recommend is having a combination of items and never handing out the same thing at two expos’ directly following each other. This is just the start though, as mentioned above if you want to attract attention and be remembered by everyone visiting the expo you should create engagement with everyone.

One way to do this is run a competition that involves several other stands across the expo. Or having a stand that is so unique (more on this later) that people cannot resist taking a closer look. While trade shows and hobby shows tend to be more tamed there is a breed of expo that is always loud and gets the attention of so many people that it is simply amazing.

These would be gaming and comic expos’, mostly because they are loud, colourful and always busy. If you ever need inspiration for what to do at your own stand, a quick visit to one of these will surely inspire you. Expo’s are gaining popularity in some parts of the world as well, especially with the digital age nearing its peak.

If your store is mostly online, with all your clients communicating with you through emails and quote requests, having a presence at expos will mean a closer connection. This is part of why we highly recommend that you attend as many expos’ as you can, this will help you to see who your clients are and to learn just what it is they want to be added to your line of products.

We should also add that attending expos’, visiting partners and seeing your favourite clients is a really fun experience that everyone in your company should enjoy.

Unique Events
Going to unique events or just sponsoring them will drive a large amount of traffic to your company

Do Unique Events

This is where things get tricky, especially since we are moving away from expos. An event that happens in your industry can be anything from your favourite supplier throwing a birthday party, school events or just a golf day. Each of these gives you the opportunity to leave your mark on new or old clients.

Attending them can be a whole different experience as well, especially if you are a service provider or someone who makes unique items that no one knows about. Your presence alone will mean that people can learn to know your company and what it does. Before we go into all the benefits and what you should do at these events, let’s discuss what the events are that you should attend.

When we say attend golfing events, we don’t mean to limit you, because the sky is literally the limit here. You and your company can have stands at small community markets, sponsor school sporting events, have a team running in city marathons or maybe even just have other people use your branded gazebos.

You should never just focus on one type of event; different people go to different things. The same crowd of people that would visit an expo on a Wednesday would never go to a local market on a Saturday. So, having a wide spread of where you are and showing what you do will allow you to easily reach more people.

These events allow you to do a few things differently than you would at an expo. Namely show up with larger vehicles, have more varied products and definitely use weirder signs. Most of these shows also take place outdoors, at various times of the day with some running well into the night. This means that a brighter stand really does mean that you will be able to gather more attention.

This leads us back to how you should plan your marketing strategy that let’s your exposure gather more people and attention. Getting ready for these events and attending regularly, with just a few basic promotional items like shirts, glowing balls or even just YoYo’s will allow your brand presence to continually grow with ease.

At events like these it’s almost more important to make a lasting impression than it is to showcase your company. This leads us neatly into the next step to shouting that you are indeed here, using creative stands.

Use a Kombi
Using something unique like a kombi will always draw attention

Use a Kombi, a House or Just Something Never Seen Before

When it comes to your physical stands at events, expos, markets or just outside your office being creative and attention grabbing is always important. Having something that makes people stop and take a look means that you will be spoken about by everyone around, this also means that you can easily gain the attention of more people as time passes.

We’ve started using a custom made 1972 Volkswagen Kombi as our mobile showroom. Which is why we know that the strategy of grabbing attention and keeping attention on us is to be unique in a sea of people that tend to all do the same. At one of our previous expos we were one of the few stands that was able to grab the attention of everyone passing by.

This strategy needs to be used by you when you plan for events or expos. Even if you don’t necessarily use a kombi as your entire stand, having a layout that attracts the attention of people is a vital part of a good stand. You can visit other shows and events to see what techniques are effective. As an example of this some of the larger stands do better when they actually allow foot traffic to pass through them.

This can be seen with the strategy that Microsoft has with the Xbox stand at each year’s rAge expo. Instead of having a very large and closed stand that blocks traffic, the company has a large stand that encourage people to walk through it to get to the rest of the expo. This means that more people see what they have available. You can use this strategy as well.

If you are a small company it may even be worth it to work with a group of companies that are your partners, letting all of you work together to create an open area that showcases everything that you all sell. This would mean that even at larger events your costs will be low while your exposure can be quite high.

No matter what, it will always be important to keep your stand unique, in a way that would make people remember about you and your company for weeks.

Stick around
Stickers are always popular promotional items for marketing campaigns

Maybe Just a Bunch of Stickers Will Help

We touched on this earlier, mentioning that having stickers for people to place everywhere can be effective. Here we are going to take a close look, as well as the different kinds of stickers that we recommend you use.

Mainly, each company vehicle should be a moving advertisement, making your presence in certain areas work towards spreading awareness of your company. We use this with our delivery trucks and now on our Kombi showroom, which means that our brand and image is seen by people without us ever being intrusive. However, this is not the only way to use stickers.

We know, through experience, that stickers can be extremely inexpensive. Which means that whether you print them small or big you can start influencing large amounts of people without ever having to spend large amounts of money. Further, as your brand grows and people like your company there will be a general movement to have your stickers on more and more products.

If you travel through urban areas, you may even see other brands currently being plastered on a lot of different things. Some of the locations like skate parks, malls or arcades are known for having different brands stickers on them. If you spread enough stickers you can find your company being easily recognised.

There is also a trick to this, your entire brand image should be relatable for this effect to be strong. If you and your company rarely want to work with end users, then it may be better to not use stickers. Similarly, if you are working with young adults and teenagers it may be a good idea to have your stickers more stylised to what is currently popular.

The second pitfall that we’ve seen people fall into is placing too much value on their stickers. For your brand to be placed in everyday places you will have to let as many people as possible have them. This also means that it may actually be better for a box of these stickers to be at your stand than it would be for people to hand them out one by one.

The last problem that you may face is the amount of time that it would take stickers to become popular and stuck all over the place. In the first few weeks people may only be placing the stickers on their own laptops or somewhere they themselves will see them. If you continue to supply stickers to people to use in any way that they want eventually they will appear in locations that you never could have expected.

All of this takes time which just means that you should always be ready to hand some stickers out. After a while you will easily be able to enjoy the influence that stickers have on the opinion of the people around you. You can also place stickers on your building, upgrading and changing them as time passes. We recommend stickers mostly because the promotional industry seems to have forgotten just how effective they can be.

If you use and implement them accurately then you can take your specific market by surprise, after all, if Apple still adds stickers to every new iPhone being sold then you have to know something about them is still effective.

Branded horse
Getting your brand on a horse may be just a little bit extreme

Get Your Image to be on Brand, or Just Branded

After all of that we are going to move on to the most traditional promotional items that every single company on earth should know about. The reason these are so popular is simply because they are not only effective, they are reliable through the ages.

We have used all of these across our own industry, either in house, as gifts or at events. They are also in line with having the best possible items that could easily have your brand be spread to more and more people without any real trouble.

Mugs make the Coffee
Having branded mugs may just be something that helps you to be seen

Pens, Lanyards and Mugs

We start of with these three simply because they are what could be considered the perfect spot for every company one earth to have something. Seriously, we can’t think of any company that doesn’t at least have two of these. As mentioned earlier lanyards have so many uses, we can barely keep track of them all.

This extends to mugs and pens as well, nothing says a company has it together like a full cappuccino and espresso set that has been branded. Pens are just easy ways to spread your brand, or when you get a branded Parker or Waterman pen you can use them as executive gifts or first place prizes. We’re not saying you have to use them for this.

Either way, these three simple items with your logo, slogan or just creative art on them will help awareness spread with absolute ease throughout the world. Picking who you hand these things to can also drastically help your brand. If you need further proof of how this can be effective just think of the coffee machine maker and supplier Illy.

You can see their logo around the world, but not just on their machines. At most cafés that uses Illy coffee and machines they also have Illy mugs and espresso mugs. This is because the company usually supplies several sets of these when they get a new client that uses their machines. Your company can use the same tactics, or just have your brand be seen everywhere in a way that allows you to reach new people.

The same technique works more than perfect for pens, seriously the number of pens that have been branded could fill a country. However, there is still a trick to be found here; using cheap pens can be one of the most detrimental things you could possibly do. Just think of the last branded pen you received that failed after only a few minutes of use. Were you frustrated with the pen or did you automatically assume that the company was also useless?

This is why we recommend using high quality German inks, along with high quality pens overall. Sometimes even going the brand name route will mean that your pens can gain more strength as time goes by. Using Pentel, Croxley, Waterman or Parker pens will help your brand to easily gain more attention and love.

Luckily this is just the start and choosing which of these you use to boost your marketing campaigns is an easy option. It’s the next few steps that makes things almost impossible to do correctly, mostly because the variety of options makes it difficult to do anything properly.

Caps with brands
Having a branded cap will always help your campaign reach more people

Caps, Bags and USB’s

This is where the true fun starts, namely we love having these around, with some of us even collecting them when we can. The use cases of each of these is luckily easy and obvious at the same time. An example of this being the USB’s, mostly because it doesn’t matter what shape they are in they will serve the same function, transferring data.

Things get fun and messy when we look at caps (headwear) and bags. The amount of headwear that we have provided and can provide is what makes this such a fun conversation, then there is the variety and odd add-ons that we can do with bags as well. Let’s take a look at the different types of headwear that we can do first.

The best thing we’ve learned about hats, caps, scarves, beanies, bandanas and even hard hats is that they can indeed be made in any flavour that you can think of. Basically, what we are saying is that headwear can be customised in any way that you can possibly imagine. This means that we love selling them and you should love having several thousand of them on hand for any event that you may be attending.

The fact that they can be branded, printed, embroidered and coloured in more ways than most cars should help to further their popularity. So, depending on what your industry is, your choice of headwear will vary greatly. Companies that like to go on golf trips will like stylish golfing caps whereas companies with strong sportsmanship bonds might even go for cricket hats.  

It all comes down to what you want and where you will be using them. Caps also make great and easy to spread promotional gifts at some expos. This moves smoothly to the next item, promotional bags. These come in all shapes, literally, we’ve helped companies with backpacks shaped like animals. Bags are usually loved by many people, meaning that you can be assured that your investment in them will be worth it.

They also range from side bags with only two pockets to backpacks that can and will make any hiker wish they had it. Placing brands on them is also one of the things we love to do, mostly because everyone has a unique spot where they want to place their logo. Sometimes, we have companies that only add artwork to their bags.

These are just the things you can do to a bag, the range of reasons that you should have bags as a part of a loud and consistent marketing strategy is varied. A simple example of how they can help your marketing campaign is by having your employees travel around with them wherever they may go.

You can also add a piece of art to most bags, either from your company or from an artist that you are working with. To help your bags gain even more love from clients and partners you can have limited editions. We have a few clients that specifically only has a few hundred bags branded every few months, then handing these bags out as the opportunities arise.

This has helped their employees easily recognise when someone has worked with them and has made clients happy to finally receive one of the ‘collector’ bags that they hand out. Having one of these three items as a part of your marketing strategy is an effective way of ensuring that your brand will be spread throughout the world without requiring you to spend large amounts of money.

Helping a promotional campaign is not the only thing wristbands can do

Wristbands, Rulers and Power Banks

These are some of the more odd and unique items that we have seen people simply love. We provide several of these with our own brand on them simply because people never expect to receive them.

For starters, rulers are an old favourite of the marketing industry to use. Yet somehow most companies have to be reminded that we can brand them before they add these to their strategies. A ruler is also something that is along the line of being more useful to everyday office use than most other items.

With renewable items becoming popular rulers are also seeing a comeback in weird materials, like bamboo and stainless-steel rulers. Both of these are environmentally friendly and are chip resistant, something that normal plastic rulers are prone to do with regular use. We have several engineering clients that love the bamboo rulers, something to do with not damaging tools but still being hard enough to not be chipped.

We mention this because you can’t always predict how a promotional item will be used. Power banks, rulers and wristbands are some of the most unpredictable items we have seen. Your branding on them will help to show that you are both flexible and adaptable. Further, wristbands are fun and easy things to hand out no matter what you are doing.

Sometimes wristbands are collected, as evident when they are thrown into crowds at rock concerts or simply kept as mementos of past events. If you have them on hand throughout your marketing campaign you can create small, precise influences on the masses. Plus, most wristbands fit snugly around larger power banks.

Power banks are relatively new on the market, which is why you get hundreds of kinds of them currently floating on the market. The uses for them has started to be extremely varied as well, like the small ones that can be used to power you phone or start your car. We’ve also encountered several that have ports to charge up laptops in emergencies along with having detachable solar panels for sunny days.

However, nothing prepared us for our own strangeness of custom-made power banks. All of this means that you can be sure that your marketing campaign will be bolstered. This is also where we end our recommendations for items and gifts in the promotional space. These are all the basics that we know work, the ones that have gathered the attention of people before and will continue to be effective.

Make it last
Making your marketing campaign last for a long time is always important

Make Your Marketing Impact Last

We’ve helped many companies over the years to have stunning marketing impacts, and we’ve also seen many of these companies lose momentum as times passes. This is usually a costly mistake and can cause unnecessary spending on items that they already have.

There are several things that we would like to highlight you should not do too often. The first one is rebranding, meaning that if your logo and slogan changes drastically every year your clients won’t know who you are, and you will confuse them. This can become costly as you will have a surplus of items just lying around that no one wants.

The second thing is not continuing to push marketing across the board. It’s great to have a good plan in place for one expo but if you stay quiet for the rest of the year you won’t be able to easily gain staying power in the minds of everyone around you. You should be continually making a presence in your market, making your voice heard.

The last thing we recommend is to have a constant stock of at least three different promotional items in your office. This means that if there is an event that takes you by surprise you will have something to hand out. It also helps to have these things in stock so that you can see which items are the most effective in your market.

All of this has to combine together to help your marketing last for a lot longer than just a simple bag or ball would at expos or events. Having a constant presence in the minds of your clients also means that you will be constantly working towards having people see and hear from you. Well placed gifts, items and relationships with you clients are vital to accomplishing this.

After everything we’ve said you should be ready to start or maybe restart your company’s marketing strategy in a way that will have it be more impactful than ever before. If you’re still a little confused, which after so many words we’d understand, we would be more than happy to help you in person.

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