How to order promotional sets

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you order a promotional set from some sites then you’ve most likely experienced finding the perfect set for your needs as well. This week I am going to let you in on a little secret, a look at the insides of promotional items, corporate gifts and what really happens when you place an order.

First, let’s start with the gifts themselves. For this article we will be focusing on a thermal mug, water bottle, a bread box, a soda bottle and the cooler bag that they all come in. These all look really good when placed together and when they are used they are loved by most people that have them.

However, this set didn’t start this way, in fact before I started writing this article it didn’t exist at all. These are part of the random selection of items that we keep in our showroom at the head office of GiftWrap. Getting the parts together took only a few minutes and at first look it looks really simple and easy.

However, we know that when you have to decide what 6000 of these will be and what they will contain the stress will be overwhelming. This is why we like to show pre-made packages that look good and serve their purposes. Creating the custom set I have will allow us all to take a look at what exactly goes into selecting the best parts of a complete set.

We are going to see just what exactly you have to get to make the perfect whole piece of promotional products.

Complete Promotional  Set
This is the complete sealed set

Promotional Coolers

This is the item with more variety and colours than you could ever imagine. When I chose the one in our bundle I already knew what I wanted to keep in it, however I was still faced between three different bags that would all have worked just as well.

Despite this I chose a longer one that can stand upright on its own and can easily hold two drink bottles, some fruit in the main bag and a lunchbox in the second compartment. If you need something more normal you might choose a square cooler bag that would be perfect for your brand to shine on.

However, I’ve seen some weird ones as well, like a long straight one that won’t stand up on its own or the rounded one that has to be on its sides all the time. Now, if you’ve ever received cooler bags as promotional gifts you will also know about the average rectangular ones that are given away by almost every company on earth. That allows for the easy to find solution and can show some lack of creativity, but still be effective.

Material Selection

Next in the race for choosing the best cooler bag is the challenge of materials, not all cooler bags are the same, when it comes to leakiness at least. This is where plastic cooler bags come into play, the small one you can sometimes see people keep their drinks in when going to a braai. The ones made from plastic, that are both waterproof and float when necessary.

There are some plastic cooler bags that can be branded, but then we also have the normal cooler bags that are made from denier material and lined with insulating silver stuff. Yes, I just used the word stuff because I really don’t know what type of material it is.

These are much more common and will serve some purposes a lot better than hard plastic coolers will. However, they are prone to leak when fluids are placed in them, which make them less than ideal for long term trips. Alternatively they are perfect for everyday travel with your lunch and anything else that you may need at the office or in school.

These are just he challenges and options that you will face when choosing the bag, let us move on to the trickier and altogether more chaotic options that this set has.

Promotional Cooler Bags
This is the cooler bag that I chose, long and pretty big

Promotional bottles

Choosing the right promotional bottle for the job at hand was really easy for me. I saw the sleeved glass water bottle and knew it should be here, along with the aluminium drink bottle. These two are both things I have used in the past and are both perfectly capable of doing their job without fail.

Through when you visit our website and take a look at the hundreds of options that are available there you will be just as confused here as we all were with the bags. Really, when I first looked at all the brandable bottles, the shapes they’re available in and the colours we have to choose I was a little bit dumbfounded.

The first thing that you have to decide on when you choose a bottle is what exactly they will hold. Plastic bottles are versatile but can also leave a feeling of low quality, whereas each glass bottle is a lot more specified to certain tasks. Then we throw in the aluminium range of bottles that have their own unique properties that affect different drinks in different ways.

The Three Main Types

You’ll find that plastic bottles can be double layered and therefore keep hot or cold drinks at their temperatures for longer, however plastic bottles are also harder to keep clean on the inside. Glass bottles are perfect for regular everyday use, for drinks like water and juices. This is mostly because you can see when the bottle is dirty without too much hassle.

Glass bottles do have a seal problem though and when broken cause a lot of stresses to anyone close to you. This is where aluminium bottles come into their own, they always look really good and they can carry a brand like the best of them. While there are some that can be double walled for insulation most are just single walled and slightly thicker than a normal can of soda.

The reason aluminium bottles are here though is because they work perfectly for outdoor activities with drinks that are fizzy and environments where water, running or just a general large amount of fun is involved. So just knowing what you want to put in the bottle, like water, juice, coke-cola or cold coffee is the biggest step in this process.

After the decisions has been made of what to keep in the bottles, like the two I chose are aimed at holding water and soda’s, then you can stress about the size and shape of the bottles. This is rather easy, as the size of your cooler bag will decide what you can choose. The bag I have is rather long and large enough to easily hold the two bottles along with some fruits and snacks.

If you want to see the full range of bottles we have I recommend visiting the bottles section of our website. You will be surprised how many bottles are available just here in South Africa.

The main promotional bottles
These are the two bottles that will be perfect for the everyday lunch experience

The Lunchboxes

As someone looking to promote a company this is where things become entirely dependent on who you are and what you want in your promotional set. Since almost everyone on earth has some Tupperware or other plastic lunchboxes that they have available for use you can leave this out entirely if you want.

However, I found this quirky one in the showroom that looks perfect for just one sandwich. In other word it’s the perfect addition to my set. Something that I would like to point out though is that since most of these cooler bags are made from denier and other soft materials it’s usually the lunchboxes that help them stay rigid.

This is also the shortest part of this article, since your personal preference is really important to deciding what you include or what shape you choose. I will say though that it’s best to stick to plastics here since lunchboxes can endure some amount of abuse and metal tends to bend after a while.

The Accessory

This is where things get really fun, for me anyway. With this set I included one item that won’t ever be kept in the cooler bag, this is of course the thermal travel mug. I’ve only been working for a few years and in these few years I have learned that one of the best calming feelings for morning traffic is nice hot mug of coffee.

Or tea, or shake, whichever you choose, which is exactly why I included this mug into my set. Anyone that might get this will instantly love it, which means that they will always be happier every morning on their way to work. This is also the one thing that can be entirely random.

There are various things that you can add here, since it is the accessory that you add to the set. If you’re a tech company you can just add a USB desk fan, or you can add something a lot more unique if you are working in a niche industry. We once saw a clothing manufacturer add fully dressed straw men and women to the sets they were sending out as Christmas gifts. Luckily they were only key shaped straw men so birds were hurt the production of them.

Our range of extras is truly amazing as well; if you want to feel unique you can browse through the website and easily add a few to your quotes to see what they look like. Or, if you are a bit more creative and already know exactly what you want in a promotional set you can easily just call us and ask for exactly what you need. We will work towards providing it perfectly for you.

Or you can just contact us at our Facebook page for a chat!

Thermal Mug
This is the perfect promotional mug to travel with when you know you need a morning kick

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