How many wristbands at Tomorrowland festival ?

Record Breaking wristbands sold for Tomorrowland Festival Each Year

Do you plan on or have you ever been to Tomorrowland?

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Tomorrowland’s festival goers enjoying the music…

It is the world’s biggest and most popular electronic music festival held in Brazil, Belgium and USA every year and has been experiencing sold out tickets since 2012. To make access to the festival easier and to reduce paper usage, the festival planners began implementing the use of wristbands instead of tickets. Wristbands are increasingly popular and have a variety of uses; for customized and glow in the dark wristbands, visit the Giftwrap website and order them in bulk online.

Different uses of Tomorrowland wristbands:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
More than just a wristband

These wristbands come wired with RFID technology as well, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! You scan your wristband at the entrance to gain access and, depending on the option you paid for, your wristband can give you access to the different camp grounds or V.I.P areas as well. Apart from the easy access function, you can now also order a wristband with the capability of linking your Facebook account with your wristband to enable you to invite fellow festival goers as friends. All you have to do is to be near your new friend and then both of you press the heart button on your wristbands at the same time. Email requests will be sent immediately and you can accept or decline at a later stage.

Different kinds of Tomorrowland wristbands:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Different types of wristbands for the Tomorrowland Festival

There are different options that you can choose from for your Tomorrowland experience. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can afford to go to the festival for the entire weekend; that will get you a Full Madness Pass which is usually a green wristband and allows you access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A Magical Friday pass will give you access to the festival on the Friday only and they are usually blue. The same goes for the Incredible Saturday Pass that is some shade of red and the yellow or brown Glorious Sunday pass. There are different options for accommodation as well; Full Madness camping will give you access to the different campgrounds for 5 days and 4 nights. The options are Dreamville Camping, where you bring your own tent and accessories, Easy Tent packages are provided by Tomorrowland and available for 2 to 4 people, while the Dreamlodges can house 2 people at a time. The Cabanas also houses two people but they are even more luxurious than the Dreamlodges.

Record breaking sellouts every year:

Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year
Record breaking wristbands are sold at Tomorrowland each year

Tomorrowland is a massive festival that has 16 different stages where more than 400 DJ’s play their jams. This attracts crowds from all over the world and will continue to do so for years to come. Over 1million beers are sold in those 3 days alone and the festival is now running for two weekends in a row. So how many wristbands does Tomorrowland sell every year? With a capacity of 180 000 people per weekend, you better believe that double that amount of wristbands were sold out in under an hour! Yes, 360 000 people bought their Tomorrowland wristbands online within one hour of availability…

If you need customized wristbands or other promotional items for any reason, simply visit Giftwrap’s website and order it online.

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