Easter and the Ways to Celebrate it

There are many celebrations that happen across the world at more or less the same time. For example while there may be a Chinese new year, they still celebrate the new year the same we all do and Christmas holidays just happens to coincide with hundreds of other holidays that take place at the end of the year.

One celebration that is celebrated at the same time almost everywhere is Easter. Now, if you are a Christian you have an entirely different reason to celebrate it than what it was originally meant for. In the modern context Easter celebrates the death and rising of Jesus Christ; however there are countries were times when it was different and the traditions that followed it were not at all connected in the ways that you may think.

Easter Bunnies
Easter Bunnies doing what they love, hiding eggs

So where did it start?

The way we recognise Easter, with the celebrations, feasts and hiding of eggs wasn’t always the go to way to celebrate it. In fact, the name Easter didn’t exist until almost 600 years after Christ, it was called Passover. A name that many people still use to this day.

We all know the base of the holiday, or we should at least, Passover mourns and celebrates the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection three days later. While there have been many debates, some dating back to the 4th Century as to when exactly this happened we won’t have to focus on that here. Two thousand years of debate has more or less nailed it down.

However, in the 7th Century the name Easter was first used to describe this event. Easter has it etymological routs from a goddess from the Germanic tribes call Eostre. These tribes would celebrate the month of Ēosturmōnaþ they would celebrate her. Roughly this translates to the month of April. A single person called Saint Bede describes this celebration and can be traced back as the first person to call this period Easter.

Luckily, by the time Bede could examine this goddess local Germanic tribes had already shifted over to celebrating Passover. As for the other traditions that Easter has, like hiding eggs and going to church they can explained with simple things. Like eggs representing death and rebirth in the ancient world, which is why they became representations of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Crosses on Hill
A Christian tradition

Modern Ways We all Celebrate

In the modern world there are many ways to celebrate Easter, with difference found in every part of Christianity. Some cultures and religions also have important event that take place during this period as well.

To start with, in the United Stated of America painting literal eggs and hiding around a garden or park is a well-known tradition. Having kids go out and look for the best eggs or simply looking for the most. While here in South Africa we celebrate with the ever present Beacon Easter eggs.

Further, if a country has an overwhelming majority of Christians in its population the Easter period is a public holiday that lasts between two to three days. This of course means that locally we celebrate with more than just eggs, the South African tradition involves coming together as families, visiting the church and having a braai.

Painted Easter Eggs
For some reason painting an Easter egg is a very relaxing experience

What the Corporate Easter Celebration Involves.

So this is the big spot, we saved the full histories and the international traditions in this one. Leaving you to enjoy and learn just enough to be entertained. However, we know that you will have to celebrate Easter with more than just your family.

Or you may not even be celebrating the tradition at all, but you have got friends that will celebrate it. So, we combed through a lot of things, some so strange and weird that we are still questioning why they were made to begin with, and found some of the best Easter specials on the market.

For those of you wondering this is where the article turns into a full blown list of what you should get for friends, family or just office colleagues to celebrate Easter this year.

Easter Promotional Branded Mugs

This is one of our own promotions, and it will definitely help you get into the Easter Spirit. It started when we needed to find a way to celebrate the holiday ourselves without having to break our heads or just place a boring old box of eggs somewhere in the office.

So, we reached out to our suppliers, we bought a lot of eggs and we gathered all the mugs we could find. What we ended up with is this great deal, sublimated mugs with a good custom branding that also includes a free Easter egg. We recommend sending these out before you ever see them; we made the mistake of stocking them in the cupboard.

We’ve yet to find the chocolate thief.

GiftWrap Easter Promotion

Vibrant Corporate Drawstring Bags.

Now, this one is weird and most certainly not what you would expect to be included in a list of things you should get or send out for anything to do with Easter. But, you should know that it is perfect precisely because it is unexpected, and vaguely egg shaped. These drawstring bags are also higher quality and lot more creative than normal drawstring bags.

These are perfect for when you yourself might not be celebrating Easter but you have a lot of friends that are. You can buy a few of these, fill them with Easter goodies and send them out into the world. Or, better yet, if you’re a company looking for something effective to gift for Easter celebrations these will be perfect when branded and given away as gifts at corporate functions this Easter season.

Vibrant Drawstring Bags

The Chocaholic Gift Hamper.

I know chocolate, and it definitely has nothing to do with the 40 missing Easter eggs. This is why I know that Easter for a lot of people is also about eating chocolates that you won’t find any other time of the year. Gifting or just having chocolates is always something that we work towards, which is why it is just so great that we added this small and effective hamper.

You can easily buy a few of these and disappear into chocolate bliss. Or alternatively you can easily brand them and send them out to your favourites; we mean more than just clients here. The chocoholic hamper includes some of the best chocolates we could find, sharing it with the people you love this Easter will be a great experience.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
The actual hamper may vary

Now, these are only three of the things we have listed on our site, the long range of items available is excessive. However, since this is Easter, you’re reading this on a Tuesday only a few days before the long weekend start we also know that having too much variety will bore and confuse.

This is why we recommend choosing one of all of these before we run out or our promotions expire! And I promise we really haven’t found that chocolate thief.

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