How Digital Transfer Printing (DTP) is shaking the colours

Our experience with clothes is almost as long and as specialised as our experience with promotional gifts and corporate items. At a recent event, we were shown some amazing new shirts, jackets and fleeces. These are all simply astounding in their material usage and the prints that have been applied to them, namely the process of Digital Transfer Printing (DTP).

DTP is something we would like to shine a light on, simply owing to the quality of each print being several times better than normal printing and a million times more detailed than embroidery.

Digital Transfer Printing
The print quality of Digital Transfer Printing is significantly better and faster than traditional printing

This is DTP

DTP is a high quality printing process that allows for faster printing on smaller quantities of items. Unlike screen printing, different screens are not required in the process of DTP to apply each colour of a job. This, along with the fast turnaround time, means that DTP allows for the chance of providing faster delivery times.

The process of DTP starts by having an image processed by a computer, which can then print that image onto most products. This means that the cost of creating screens for a new logo or image is also non-existent as DTP prints the image directly onto the product. The process is quite fast and delivers photo like images, with vibrant colours that won’t crack or easily be damaged by washing cycles.

All of this allows DTP to deliver high quality prints onto items that are traditionally known to receive low quality, weak prints. To further bolster why DTP printing is so preferable, the process leaves the print as a part of the fabric or item it has been printed on.

This significantly reduces the chances of cracking over time or being washed out in washing and drying cycles.

The detail of embroidery branding
While embroidery lasts longer than other types of branding it does not deliver the same levels of details or colour accuracy

DTP is not new

If you are familiar with our industry then you will know that DTP has been gaining momentum for quite some time; you will also know that there’s a problem with DTP on darker colours.

This was owing to DTP not having white as a colour to print in; the lightest colour available was yellow. However, with new technologies, newer printing and brighter colours the process can now be applied to even the darkest of colours.

This is owing to DTP now having the full colour spectrum, including white, available to print in. Black prints on white shirts now look amazing and white prints look clean and clear on black shirts. Graphics can now be printed on t-shirts, coming in clear, vibrant and long lasting for the fraction of the price.

The quality of traditional printing `
Traditional screen printing can deliver accurate colours but are prone to breaking or flaking after repeated wash cycles

Where DTP is going with GiftWrap

Our stock of clothing and caps already includes the digital transfer printing process; however we are always looking to add more choices to our range. In the coming weeks we will be adding several new items to our selection.

By doing this we are streamlining our range of products, soon it won’t matter where you are going, our clothing will be able to travel along with you. Your brand will also be able to travel with your clients to all of their events, be it a walk in the bush, a hike up a snowy mountain or just an early morning run.

There’s still space for the traditional printing methods, embroidered logos will always last longer and standard screen printing will always be faster for larger quantities. This is why GiftWrap supports these and other ways of printing on clothing, products and gifts.

When you are ordering your next set of corporate clothes, or giveaway prizes, be sure to consider all the ways of printing available to you.

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