Corporate gifts – How to Choose the Correct Supplier

Corporate gifts to promote your company

Choosing to include corporate gifts in your marketing strategy is the very best way to let your clients know that you appreciate their support. It is also a great way to encourage new customers to support your business. Now that you can boost your brand with promotional giveaways, why are you waiting to start benefitting?

When a company is giving away gifts, it is not a random decision that they have simply thought up on the spot. Instead, it is something that they have given plenty of thought to and that they have created a realistic strategy for. Corporate gifts are a part of a multi-million rand industry, an industry that has its roots in the United States of America, and has never stopped growing.

Unlike other marketing techniques that might fade away, the giving of corporate gifts is one form of marketing that has continued to be a viable and useful form of marketing and continues to reach thousands of people.

But what are corporate gifts and why are promotional giveaways so important?

In a nutshell, corporate gifts (or promo items), are gifts that are given to clients and potential clients at expos, in the mail, directly while shopping or to those passing the shop. What differentiates promo items from your ordinary gift is that corporate gifts are usually branded with the company’s details and they are usually given with the purpose of attracting business and/or continued support from clients.

Regardless of how small a gift is, a gift that is branded the right way can become a very powerful reminder to support a company. No amount of advertising can work half as well as having corporate gifts, especially if you have made sure that your promo items serve a purpose beyond advertising. The power lies with how often a person will use the gift that you have given as well as how long they will own the gift. A corporate gift with staying power can work like magic with the right marketing strategy in place.

Every company should have a workable marketing strategy in place and when combining their existing efforts with the right promotional products, the chances of seeing their profits increasing over time is almost a guarantee. Promotional giveaways are not just great for those who receive them, they are also great for being conversation starters. The more talk that your promo item can generate, the more interest your company is likely to receive from the public. This is exactly what you should aim to achieve when you have promotional products.

Attracting attention to your business and serving as a very effective reminder about your company are the two biggest reasons why you should be considering the corporate gift. But there is more power in a promotional gift that just that.

Branded items receive the most attention!

And why shouldn’t they? When an item has been branded you are likely to draw attention and if the branding is done just right, a corporate gift can become truly memorable. The right branding is all about making sure that the gift that you give makes that immense impact, an impact that will become even more outstanding when the gift that is given is interesting. Since branding is what makes the gift a promotional one, here is why you need to make sure that you get it done right the first time:

  • You can build up your reputation with the right item

The thoughtfulness and generosity associated with giving any gift are what is going to instantly have people thinking about your company a little differently. You want people to know that yours is a generous and reliable company and this is a message that you can convey when you give corporate gifts. If you are looking to build up a good reputation with your clients and if you are looking to gain more popularity among your potential clients, you need to start with good branding. Many businesses have seen great success when they have used promotional items to market their brand and advertise what they have to provide. You want your company to become the trusted and preferred provider, and you can start that by making sure that your promotional items are building your reputation.

  • You become memorable

It is so easy to become lost in the jumble of companies doing similar work to yours. If you want to become memorable to your client and to your potential clients, you need to become unforgettable. Branded items have the immense power to do just that. A great promo gift is going to become a permanent reminder of the work that you do for as long as the item is kept. With the details of your company branded on your gifts, you will be memorable.

  • You get the competitive advantage

As a company owner, having the competitive advantage over other companies is exceptionally important in making sure that you are able to take the lead in your industry and reap the rewards of big profits. A branded gift can become your biggest ally in the efforts you are putting into your marketing. Branded corporate gifts are guaranteed to make you stand out from all of your competitors in the most positive way because you are making a big, positive impact when you are giving gifts that people can savour and appreciate.

  • You will open up the right kind of communication channels

Communicating with your clients is the most important part of having a company. When you make sure that you are starting out the communication process on a positive note, you are setting your company up for great success. Once you have given a gift, you are already opening the lines of communication which can set up the future success of your company.

  • You are bringing attention to your products

If you are looking for a way to instantly bring attention to your products, you can always give away a product. When you choose to give away promo items, you are instantly doing a great deal to place your company firmly into the spotlight. When giving such a product, be sure that it relates to your company. When you give products related to your company, you are improving the impact of your promo gift giving.

How to go about choosing the right gift for your marketing campaign

Plenty of thought is needed when you are selecting the right promotional gifts. If you don’t do your planning properly, you are likely to end up with a campaign that will not work well for you. Here are the things that you need to consider before you buy the gifts that will become promotional giveaways:

  1. Create your budget first

Before you start buying, you need to create a budget that is going to work in your favour. If you haven’t created a budget then you might find that you are wasting money instead of making money. The general idea is that you should buy your promotional items in bulk. Promotional products can be very expensive when you haven’t made the right decisions, so planning ahead and sticking to your budget is the best way to make sure that your campaign is off to a successful start.

  1. Make sure every gift has a purpose

When selecting your corporate gifts, you need to consider what purpose your gifts are going to serve. Will they provide a solution to a problem that your audience is facing or will the gift simply become another useless item that will be placed to one side once it has lost its appeal? You are guaranteed to be able to make a proper impact with your gift when you know that the gift will serve a helpful purpose. The more useful the gift is, the more often it will be used, and so the more often your branding will be seen.

  1. Don’t shy away from talking

Handing over a gift is the best conversation starter that you have available to you. Communication is very important when you are looking to improve your business and grow your client base. If you are looking to open that communication channel you will need to take the time to hand out your branded gifts to your audience and talk to them. People remember first impressions, so make sure that yours is a great one.

About our company

With many years of experience, our team at GiftWrap has built a company that is able to provide any and every promotional gift you could possibly imagine. And we know that our branded gifts work because we have seen many of the companies that support us, grow through the use of great, well thought out corporate gift marketing. Any product you can think of giving is likely to be in our supply of corporate gifts for sale. Our team can also give you the very best advice for how you should go about buying and branding your corporate gifts.

A massive selection of over 10 000 promotional items means that you have so many choices to go through. Each of our gifts is bought in bulk and they are affordable for every company either starting their first campaign as well as those who have been giving away gifts for years. Contact us today to find out more about how you can improve your marketing and give your company the exposure that will keep the customers coming.

Get in touch with the team at GiftWrap and we will help you get in touch with your audience.



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