Colourful promotional gifts and marketing done right with the Colour Run

The Colour Run has given companies a great platform from which to distribute promotional gifts and reach new markets.

The Colour Run has taken hold of South Africa and every town visited gets excited about running what they say is the happiest 5 KM on earth. Not only has it pulled people out of their homes this summer but it has had an impact on the way in which marketing is done and the way in which promotional gifts are given.

The Colour Run gives marketers a new way in which to distribute promotional gifts
The Colour Run gives marketers a new way in which to distribute promotional gifts

The Colour Run was first hosted in 2011 in the United States of America. The idea was driven forward by the desire to promote healthier and happier living, getting people active in what many will say is the most energetic and fun way possible. This is a running event like no other on the planet. A fun run rather than a race, runners are showered in bright, happy colours as they run past various colour stations. The Colour Run is now the single largest running series in the world with more than 200 runs hosted in around 50 countries. And around the world it has become a great opportunity for sponsors to do some innovative marketing.

Some say that the oldest form of marketing can be found right there in promotional items, and running events are not shy to use this fantastic form of marketing to draw in the sponsors. Each year companies will see millions of rands disappear into promotional gifts to be given at all sorts of events and used for other marketing opportunities.

What the Colour Run is all about

First and foremost, the Colour Run has nothing to do with conventional racing. That certainly takes the pressure off as there is no need to dash to the finish line. Runners need to wear white at the start line and at each kilometre mark they will be showered with colour, a different colour marking off each kilometre. Each event is finished off with a wonderful party for the runners where they are again covered in powdered paint.

The event caters to all people, including those who are not regular runners. This is the way in which the Colour Run promotes a healthier lifestyle. And right next to being healthy comes being happy and the Colour Run certainly ticks that box off, with runners unable to keep the grins off of their faces when they run through the first colour station.

And the organisers take the event one step further by giving some of the proceeds away to charity. Everything surrounding this event is linked to positivity and living a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. This makes it an attractive option for sponsors and their promotional gifts.

Powdered colour turns this run into a positive experience.
Powdered colour turns this run into a positive experience.

The Colour Run and Marketing

Attracting thousands all over the country, The Colour Run has given companies an incredible opportunity to gain the maximum amount of exposure in one of the most positive ways. The connotations surrounding the happiness of the event leaks over into the promotional gifts given by various sponsors and this is able to give the promotional items an extra positive boost. People link the happiness they experienced at The Colour Run with the promotional items they get.

This year South African Colour Runners are really being treated to an interesting gift pack. Each runner will get packets of their own colour powder, fake tattoos, sweatbands and T-Shirts. The race runners are also treated to a number of other sponsored goodies to enhance the experience and to give the sponsoring companies a marketing boost. Free samples of products are also included in the bag. This year’s Colour Run sponsors include Capitec Bank, Jacaranda FM, Nashua, MediHelp, Vanish and Rekord.

The Colour Run is first and foremost a happy, energetic event that encourages people to live life to the fullest. But the behind the scenes, delicate and positive marketing by sponsors shows you that promotional gifts don’t have to be boring or given away at boring events. Companies using promotional gifts the right way, and can make a positive and powerful impact, are more likely to be successful with this type of marketing.



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