Are you a non-profit looking to give promotional gifts? Read this to make sure you do it right.

As the leader of a non-profit, or as a non-profit marketer or donor officer, you know that the community holds immense power when it comes to fundraising. Once you have the community on your side, your funding battle is almost won as the community can be the most stable donor you will ever have.

With this knowledge, you have probably tried all sorts of methods and techniques to win the community over to your side. But have you tried giving promotional gifts?

Charities can get a boost in their support when they use corporate gifts to reach out
Charities can get a boost in their support when they use corporate gifts to reach out

Promotional gifts can be so easily overlooked by a non-profit because unlike a business, a non-profit has to work with a very specific budget that often doesn’t make allowances for marketing. But if you are a non-profit that is able to set money aside for promotional gifts, you are going to be giving your organisation the opportunity to truly stand out from all other similar organisations looking for donations. But the success of a campaign that includes promotional items lies with the non-profit making a few wise decisions regarding the items that they choose.

Top tips for non-profits looking to use promotional items

Know who your audience is

Certain age groups like to receive certain gifts, for instance, the younger generation might prefer to receive something electronic rather than stationary. This is one thing to consider when you start your research into promotional gifts. You should also consider the income groups of those who you will be giving the promotional items to. You want your promotional items to bring in some funding so targeting children with your products might not yield the results you need. Once you understand your audience and what types of items they would like to receive, you can start looking around.

Keep the purpose of the item in mind

Promotional items are used to build a brand and to ultimately encourage people to support your non-profit in all sorts of ways. Promotional gifts can be given to donors, fellow non-profits and supporters, to say thank you and to build your brand. Promotional items can also be given during campaigns, outreaches and community meetings.

A simple gift given can increase the awareness of your charity
A simple gift given can increase the awareness of your charity

You don’t have to give away the same gift at every event so your promotional items can change from event to event and serve a different purpose at each event.

Keep your vision, your mission and your non-profits values in mind

At the foundation of every non-profit, you will find the vision, the mission and the values of the organisation. These factors usually form the reasons why the non-profit was founded in the first place. The promotional items that you give should be in line with your vision, mission and values as well as be in line with the values of your supporters. This will drive home and reinforce your organisations need for support and commitment to the work that it does.

Be creative with the items you choose to give

To truly stand out you need to be creative and not give the usual, more common gifts unless you absolutely have no choice. Instead of stickers, badges and t-shirts, think about giving out awareness bracelets. One of the nicest, and most useful gift to give is a USB bracelet.

Your non-profit can really take marketing to the next level when you decide to use promotional gifts. To save money but still make an impact on your marketing, you should look for affordable promotional gifts.


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