A stuffed toy is the best promotional item ever! Here are 3 reasons why they are great

There is a lot of debate surrounding which promotional items are the best ones to give. Each company might have its own strategy surrounding the gifts that they give and each with their own ideas about which promotional items are the best to give. While promotional items need to be planned according to your market, your budget, your campaign and your image, there are simply some promotional items that work better than the rest. And some promotional gift experts are saying the best item to give is a stuffed animal.

A stuffed toy can become a great promotional gift
A stuffed toy can become a great promotional gift

Wait, what? Stuffed toys are the best items to give? Well yes, this is what some people are saying and they are saying it for 3 very good reasons. I know that the philosophy of corporate gift giving states emphatically that your corporate gift needs to be useful and relate to your business but stuffed toys have some of their own versatility that allows them to adhere to all of the rules for promotional marketing items:

Rule #1: The promotional item must have staying power

When was the last time you actually threw away a stuffed toy? Not gave away, but placed in a rubbish bag and put it out on the street. And if you have thrown away a stuffed toy, how many years did you hold onto it before it went into the dustbin?

Stuffed toys are cuddly, they are cute and they are usually made from a high-quality material that gives them a long life and thus much “staying power”. Even when the appeal of those gorgeous cuddly toys wears off, you are likely to either pass it onto a child in your family or donate it to charity. And when the toy is branded with a company’s information and logo, the promotional gift is likely to be a huge success.

A stuffed toy won’t be used up and thrown away like a box of chocolates or a pen and it is also unlikely to be misplaced. And finally the stuffed toy is not necessarily going to be hidden away in a cupboard, rather it will be put on display…with the promotional branding seen all the time.

Rule #2: The promotional item should be versatile

The usability of the promotional gift is not likely to be overly obvious and it is certainly not conventional. But it is rather powerful. Once the toy has been loved and is ready to go to a new owner, the toy can actually be sold, for charitable reasons. Or the plush toy can be sold brand new to raise funding for all sorts of reasons.

Their versatility makes them excellent gifts for brand building
Their versatility makes them excellent gifts for brand building

You can sell the plush toy at a reasonable price and still gain plenty of exposure for your company while you raise money for a charitable reason. This versatility is a win-win for everyone involved.

Rule #3: A promotional item should be able to be customised

Again it might be hard to imagine it, but the stuffed toy can be customised. You must have seen this before, a stuffed toy wearing a hat or a t-shirt, or perhaps even carrying something. The options available to those companies wanting to customise their toy and add a bit of branding are almost endless. A customised promotional gift is not only incredibly cute but it is also an eye catcher and a conversation starter.

Transform your promotional gifting strategy by including soft, plush toys and make an impact on your market.

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