A quick guide to corporate (promotional) gifts

Many companies give away gifts as a way to say “thank you”, as a way to start a conversation and as a way to gain interest and support. The sad thing is that many of these gifts end up being put away somewhere else, forgotten relics that are certainly working in no one’s favour. This is the best case scenario for a gift that is wrongly selected, the worst case scenario is the promotional gift gets thrown away. A promotional item always serves, at least, two purposes; to make a person give attention to the company and then to be a continued reminder of the company as the item gets used again and again.

Promotional gifts come in all styles, let these tips guide you to finding the right gifts
Promotional gifts come in all styles, let these tips guide you to finding the right gifts

The selection of the promotional gift is an important one. Choose the wrong corporate present and your money might as well have been spent on other marketing. Here are 5 tips to be your guide to choosing corporate gifts that will be a hit:

  1. Keep things within reason

The gift that you give is in many ways meant to be a thank you. You can use it to thank potential supporters for paying attention to your company or to thank your existing supporters for their ongoing support. Giving gifts that are too expensive means you will have to limit the amount you give and it can also backfire if people start thinking you are trying to buy their loyalty with expensive gifts. Don’t bankrupt yourself, give an affordable gift.

  1. Make sure your corporate gifts are useful

With every bit of advice that you read regarding promotional gifts, you will always come across this point. In every good piece of advice at least. People love to be given a gift that they can actually use. Always make sure that the gift you give actually has a purpose. When you give away gifts that make a person’s life easier or is able to solve a problem it is going to work in your favour. Simple, but useful gifts, will be incredibly appreciated. Trust me.

  1. Give some sales talk with the gift

There is no reason to give your gift without adding a few sugary sales talk telling the person receiving it why this gift, in particular, is being given. Tell them, within reason, why that gift, in particular, was selected. This can form part of some really necessary trust building that can, in turn, lead to bringing in some new customers. Business doesn’t have to be a cold interaction, you can bring some warmth to the table and your support base is sure to appreciate it.

Promotional gifts are great talking points
Promotional gifts are great talking points

4. Give a special gift

Receiving a gift when you least expect it is a lovely surprise and one that will be remembered. While it is the business norm to give promotional gifts during the festive season or during other holidays, giving away gifts randomly throughout the year shouldn’t be overlooked. Giving gifts during the holidays is a lovely gesture but think about the impact you will make by giving gifts through the year when least expected? Now that is a surprising gesture.

  1. Play by the rules

Before you give out gifts in all sorts of industries, find out if there are any industry rules against accepting the gifts. It is highly unlikely that you will have any problems, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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