5 reasons why promotional items work

Reading this article means you have probably already come across the term promotional items and you want to know if making an investment is really worth your while. The truth is that finding the right promotional item can have a lasting effect on your business and the marketing that you do. Look around your work desk. Do you have a calendar with a company’s details on it? That right there is a promotional gift and the genius surrounding the gift of a calendar is that it is going to be sitting your desk for 12 months. That is 12 months of subtle marketing. And every promotional gift has the power to make a big impact.

Modern marketing is not just about advertsing copy. Giving away freebies is how to get in on the action
Modern marketing is not just about advertsing copy. Giving away freebies is how to get in on the action

Giving away gifts with your company details on it is always going to have an impact on your marketing. So before you splurge your entire marketing budget on that banner you were thinking about buying, read these reasons why promotional items work:

  1. The power to stay

Like the idea of your promotional gifts having staying power and continuously reminding the person who has received it about your business and your products. Promotional items have more staying power and thus make more of an impact than other forms of marketing. Not only are promotional gifts eye catching but they are also not likely to be thrown away in a hurry. The longer an item is kept, the more power they will have.

  1. Numerous opportunities to do impression advertising

When promotional marketing using items is done right you will find that you are getting more than your value for money. This type of marketing is going to carry on working for as long as it is around. Think about political campaign T-Shirts. They are given out at a rally and people continue wearing them for months or even years afterwards. And each time they are worn, people will be exposed to the message that the T-shirt is presenting. The right design is sure to get your company noticed again and again.

  1. Everyone loves getting something for free
A flash drive is one of the best items to give away.
A flash drive is one of the best items to give away.

Are you going to say no to a new flash drive? Of course not! They are so handy to have. They are so convenient to have both at home and at work. If the gift you are planning to distribute is creative and useful you will have no problem in getting the promotional item to really give out a fantastic message with staying power. If people are happy to be receiving the product then they will associate happiness and your business. This will have the power of bringing in new customers. And what is better is that once people receive the gift and make that happy association they will be telling their friends and family all about it.

  1. Bring in your charitable side

Everybody likes to hear about how a company is helping out the community and what better way to lend a helping hand than by donating a few promotional items to the cause. Before you think that this is a shameless way in which to promote your company, think about how useful your item is. After all, you should only be giving away useful items as promotional gifts. If you don’t want to donate items you can sell your promotional items and give the proceeds to a charity.

  1. Everyone else is doing it

If you have come across promotional items before, then you can be sure that your competitors have also discovered the power of giving this type of gift. And while you are reading this there is a very real chance that they have read this as well and they are now already placing their orders for unique promotional items.

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