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Promotional Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a must have in those households where wine is consumed. If you are looking for wine glasses, Giftwrap offers a unique collection of three. Available at Giftwrap are flute glass, red wine glass and white wine glass. The first can carry 200 ml of liquid and is available in a 6 per box setting, the second is a 350ml glass and finally, the last one is a 250 ml glass available in a pack of 6 per 48 carton box. We are all on the lookout for a nice promotional item every now and then. For someone who needs a nice promotional gift or item, try the ones at Giftwrap. Giftwrap offers a range of items including balls, binoculars, bells, balloons, bag hangers, badges, ashtrays, badge holders and others. You can use these items for day to day use or for a specific purpose, the choice is yours. Promotional Items are used for playing, for daily activities and others and if you are someone who has been looking for these, try the collection at Giftwrap and you won't be disappointed.