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Solar Jars

We need a solar jar for a range of purposes but the main purpose is to carry water so that it can generate energy. If you are looking for a solar jar and don't know where else to look, Giftwrap offers the consol solar jar. The consol solar jar is a solar powered LED jar that allows you to safely store 1 liter of water. The jar then works to store the energy during the day when it is placed in the sunlight and it then works to release the light during the night. Solar jars are not a common these days and for those who have been looking for a nice solar jar, the one at Giftwrap is an excellent choice for more than one reason. For starters, the size of this solar jar is ideal so you can place it wherever you want and carry it with ease too. Secondly, the solar jar is quite affordable so buying it won't be a problem either. For anyone who has wanted to carry a solar jar with them, this is an excellent choice.